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Digital Content Protection Method and Apparatus

<heading lvl="0">Abstract of Disclosure</heading> Before use, a population of tamper-resistant cryptographic enforcement devices is partitioned into groups and issued one or more group keys. Each tamper-resistant device contains multiple computational units to control access to digital content. One of the computational units within each tamper-resistant device communicates with another of the computational units acting as an interface control processor, and serves to protect the contents of a nonvolatile memory from unauthorized access or modification by other portions of the tamper-resistant device, while performing cryptographic computations using the memory contents. Content providers enforce viewing privileges by transmitting encrypted rights keys to a large number of recipient devices. These recipient devices process received messages using the protected processing environment and memory space of the secure unit. The processing result depends on whether the recipient device was specified by the content provider as authorized to view some encrypted digital content. Authorized recipient devices can use the processing result in decrypting the content, while unauthorized devices cannot decrypt the content. A related aspect of the invention provides for securing computational units and controlling attacks. For example, updates to the nonvolatile memory, including program updates, are supported and protected via a cryptographic unlocking and validation process in the secure unit, which can include digital signature verification.

Intelligent health management system based on elder-caring robot

InactiveCN107480851AMeet the needs of daily physical examinationEasy to integrateOral administration deviceDiagnostic recording/measuringDiseaseSound sources
The invention provides an intelligent health management system based on an elder-caring robot; the system comprises an elder-caring robot, a remote terminal and a cloud server; the elder-caring robot comprises a reminder and a detector mutually connected; the reminder starts path planning and mobile functions according to a preset medical solution, searches the elder according to a face recognition technology and a sound source positioning technology, communicates with the elder through a voice interaction technology, and broadcasts prompt contents; the detector monitors an intelligent medicine box opening state on the elder-caring robot, detects the elder complete conditions on the prompt contents through the image identification technology and the voice interaction technology, and synchronizes the detection result onto the cloud server; the cloud server sends the information to the remote terminal, thus returning feedbacks to children or medical personnel. The intelligent health management system can provide complete, professional, intelligent and safe one-stop intelligent health management services, so children can remotely monitor, track and detect elder living conditions in a long term, thus realizing disease types and risk predictions.

Online Anti-feedback system for a hearing aid

The invention relates to a hearing aid system comprising an input transducer, a forward path, an output transducer and an electrical feedback path, the forward path comprising a signal processing unit for modifying an electrical input signal to a specific hearing profile over a predefined frequency range, wherein the predefined frequency range comprises a number of frequency bands, for which maximum forward gain values IGmax for each band can be stored in a memory, the electrical feedback path comprising an adaptive filter for estimating acoustical feedback from the output to the input transducer. The invention further relates to a method of adapting a hearing aid system to varying acoustical input signals. The object of the present invention is to provide an alternative acoustic feedback compensation scheme. The object is fulfilled in that the hearing aid system further comprises an online feedback manager unit for—with a predefined update frequency—identifying current feedback gain in each frequency band of the feedback path, and for subsequently adapting the maximum forward gain values in each of the frequency bands in dependence thereof in accordance with a predefined scheme. This has the advantage of providing a diminished probability for disturbing feedback improved feedback cancellation. The invention may e.g. be used in digital hearing aids for use in a variety of acoustical environments.

Printing process control system

The invention relates to a system for controlling printing flow, and belongs to the technical field of printing management. A controlling method for preventing and correcting errors of the printing flow by a system server comprises the following steps: generating bar codes before printing; transporting the generated bar codes to a plate room for plate burning; receiving plates and comparing the bar codes; comparing the bar codes of four color plates before printing; printing; carrying out foldout online bar code comparison after completing the printing; according to the flow selection, carrying out riding online bar code comparison, cementing online bar code comparison or locking wire online bar code comparison; carrying out production inspection, and packaging; and printing and sticking a carton sticker with the bar code and entering a warehouse. By utilizing a bar code identification method and the image bearing property of the printing industry, exerting a database management mode, and combining the whole production flow of a printing enterprise, the system prevents the errors, realizes the implementation and control of the whole flow, radically changes the trouble that the printing enterprise carries out posttreatment only after the errors are found out, and improves the risk prevention capacity and the product quality of the enterprise.

Assessment method for latent anchor damage caused by ships to submarine cables, and control system

InactiveCN105184480AEasy to identifyIncrease the evaluation dimensionResourcesRisk ControlControl system
The invention provides an assessment method for latent anchor damage caused by ships to submarine cables. The method comprises the following steps: identifying ships entering a preset monitoring scope, wherein the monitoring scope comprises a submarine cable protection area and a peripheral guarding area; monitoring the distances from the ships to the submarines and ship speeds, and calculating a plurality of speed variances when the ships navigate in the guarding area and the protection area; and according to the distances, the ship speeds and the speed variances, determining the base risk grades of the ships for the submarine cables. The assessment method provided by the invention combines the relative position relations between the ships and the submarine cables, the ship speeds and the ship speed variances together for assessing the base risk grades of the ships for the submarine cables, such that the dimension of risk identification and assessment is widened, and the ship speed variances and change trends should be key factors in predetermining ship anchoring risks; and the ship anchoring risks and submarine damage risks caused by ship anchoring are graded according to size so that formulation and implementation of risk control and emergency control strategies are facilitated.
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