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Multi-Channel Flow Cells

A multi-channel flow cell can allow for reduced cross-contamination in sample loading and the ability to observe activity within the flow cell once the channels are loaded. A multi-channel flow cell includes a plurality of independently-addressable channels sandwiched between a two substrates. Each of the channels can be coated with a layer that facilitates support-binding of an analyte. Each of the channels terminates on one end in an inlet and on the other end in an outlet. A loading block having inlet ports that match the inlets of the channels can be mated to the inlets of the channels, and an outlet block can be mated to the outlets of the channels. Analytes can be introduced into the channels via the inlet ports of the loading block and are pulled through the channels by capillary action or by vacuum. Once analyte has been introduced into each of the channels, the loading and outlet blocks can be removed and the device turned over. Such a flow cell can be used for streamlining the process of reaction and interrogation of biochemical assays at the microfluidic level. Reagents can be introduced into each of the channels of the flow cell for chemical reactions therein, excess reagent being washed out through the channel outlets. Observation of optically-detectable moieties is then conducted. With such a flow cell optical labels associated with incorporation in a sequencing-by-synthesis reaction can be observed.

Capillary needle, and electro-spray ionization mass spectrometry analytical apparatus and method

The invention discloses a capillary needle. The capillary needle comprises a tube body, the two ends of the tube body are respectively provided with an inlet and an outlet for electro-spray, a part of the tube body is bent to form a sampling end, and the sampling end is provided with a sampling port communicating with a cavity in the tube body. The invention also discloses an electro-spray ionization mass spectrometry analytical apparatus applying the capillary needle. The invention also simultaneously discloses a method applying the electro-spray ionization mass spectrometry analytical apparatus for analytical detection. The analytical apparatus is high in integration, compact in structure, easy to control, small in size and low in cost; the sample consumption is greatly reduced, and the experiment cost is decreased; an integrated sample introduction method is employed, and an sample introduction end does not have to be repeatedly placed in a sample and blank solution, such that cross contamination is reduced, and more importantly, the analytical flux is substantially improved; and through combination with an automatic sample changing system, different samples can be automatically introduced, and therefore, the capillary needle, the apparatus and the method are quite suitable for such fields as high-flux screening, unicell analysis, mass spectrum imaging analysis and the like.
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