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Software architecture and design for facilitating prototyping in distributed virtual environments

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The invention is a data-handling architecture that exploits the technical advantages offered by object-oriented techniques, classes, data containers, component software, object frameworks, containerization, design patterns, and a central runtime data repository. The architecture is based on the Common Object DataBase (CODB), frameworks, components, objects, information streams, and containers. The software exploits the Extensible Markup Language (XML), employs software gauges, and uses intelligent agents to aid in assembly, diagnosis, evaluation, composition, and re-configuration of a DATE-based application. The architecture of the present invention is defined by highly-modular components where interdependencies are well-defined and minimized. Components define the major aspects of the inventive architecture, objects are used to flesh out the specification, design, and implementation of the components. The invention's architecture can support the dynamic loading of any of the components or major objects in any component required without re-linking or recompiling software. Within the architecture, data is transmitted between components only along information streams within containers using the Extensible Markup Language (XML).
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