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Pneumatic Radial Tire

A pneumatic tire for airplanes that assures a good high-speed durability and wear characteristics without its excellent durability against foreign object being impaired is provided. The number of plies of the main belt layer 26 is substantially continuously decreased from the crown center part P0 to the shoulder part, and if the circumferential rigidity in the crown center part P0 of the main belt layer 26 and the circumferential rigidity of the main belt layer 26 at the position P2 which provides ⅔ of the width of the main belt layer 26 are M0 and M2, respectively, the ratio M2/M0 between both is set at a value greater than 0.2 and smaller than 0.8, whereby, while the quantity of materials used for the main belt layer 26 being minimized, the amount of the tread rubber circumferential elongation in the tread central region at the time of air filling to a prescribed internal pressure and at the time of high speed revolution can be efficiently suppressed for suppressing the radial growth of the tire. Because the amount of circumferential elongation of the tread rubber layer 24 is suppressed, and thus the degree of tension of the tread rubber layer 24 is lowered, the resistance to penetration of a foreign object is increased, and even if a foreign object should stick into the tire, the growth of the crack can be suppressed.
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