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Semiconductor apparatus and method of producing the same

A semiconductor apparatus including: a semiconductor substrate having a through hole; an electrode pad provided on a first surface of the semiconductor substrate so as to cover the through hole; an external connection terminal provided on a second surface of the semiconductor substrate; a conductive wiring passing through the through hole and allowing conduction between the electrode pad and an external connection terminal; a first insulating film provided on the first surface of the semiconductor substrate; and a second insulating film provided on a second surface of the semiconductor substrate and on an inner surface of the through hole to insulate the semiconductor substrate from the conductive wiring; the conductive wiring being connected to the electrode pad via the connection opening formed in at least one of the first insulating film and the second insulating film that are formed in such a way that at least a part of the first insulating film and a part of the second insulating film overlap, in a direction vertical to the first surface of the semiconductor substrate, the bottom surface of the through hole, and the connection opening being formed so as to avoid a periphery of the bottom surface of the through hole. This provides a semiconductor apparatus with a highly-reliable through electrode and a method of producing the apparatus.

Enzyme Laiyang pear paste and preparation method and application thereof

The present invention discloses enzyme Laiyang pear paste and a preparation method and an application thereof. The disclosed Laiyang pear paste is prepared by low-temperature fermentation of 7-14 jin of Laiyang pears and 1 part of traditional Chinese medicine decoction, and low-temperature and negative-pressure distillation and concentration. The enzyme Laiyang pear paste is characterized in that, the 1 part of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction is prepared by boiling the following medicinal materials: 8-13 grams of each of liquorice, dried gingers, red dates, buckwheat, radix puerariae, haws, smoked plums, wrinkled gianthyssop herbs, fructus amomi, poria cocos, Chinese wolfberry fruits, chrysanthemums, and fructus momordicae, 4-8 grams of semen sterculiae lychnophorae, 2-5 grams of each of rhizoma imperatae and bulbus lilii, and 5-9 grams of radix platycodonis. The present invention also discloses the preparation method of the Laiyang pear paste. Compared with the prior art, the active plant enzymes of the pear paste has effects of moistening lungs and stopping cough, clearing and benefiting throats, reducing fire and promoting salivation, harmonizing stomach and reducing phlegm, beautifying features and nourishing skins, preventing and treating haze syndromes, relieving toxins, lowering blood lipids, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and more effectively preventing and curing cancers, liver and kidney diseases, etc.
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