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Multifunctional efficient rice husking machine

The invention discloses a multifunctional efficient rice husking machine and relates to the field of cereal processing equipment. The multifunctional efficient rice husking machine comprises a rice husking machine body, a feeding hopper, a control box and a hydraulic cylinder, wherein the hydraulic cylinder is arranged above the control box, the top of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to a telescopic rod, the upper end of the telescopic rod is connected to a platform plate, a first motor is arranged on the platform plate, a first rotating shaft is arranged below the first motor, the upper end of the first rotating shaft penetrates through the platform plate and is connected to the output end of the first motor, the lower end of the first rotating shaft extends into the rice husking machine, a grinding cone is arranged in the rice husking machine, a grinding disc matched with the grinding cone is arranged on the inner wall of the rice husking machine, and discharge ports are formed in the side walls of the left and right sides of the bottom of the rice husking machine. The rice husking machine disclosed by the invention is high in grinding efficiency and good in grinding effect,and the degree of purity of ground white rice meets the using demand. The multifunctional efficient rice husking machine has a function of adjusting the grinding strength, and is simple to operate andhigh in working reliability.

Instrument break valve with lower valve stem non-rotation sealing structure

InactiveCN101368647AHigh integrity sealingHigh integrity operabilitySpindle sealingsOperating means/releasing devices for valvesSteel ballEngineering
The invention provides an instrument stop valve with a non-rotary lower valve rod seal structure, which is widely applied to the industrial pipelines and is characterized in that one end of the lower valve rod is the valve core; the other end is a hole; a plurality of pores are evenly distributed on the circumference of the hole; the ditch groove end of the upper valve rod is inserted into the hole of the lower valve rod; a steel ball is respectively loaded into the ditch groove through each pore and screwed into a thread guide sleeve to form the steel ball flexible connection structure; the filler, the mounted upper valve rod and the lower valve rod are mounted into the valve cover and screwed into the thread guide sleeve to push the filler cushion to enable the filler to be pressed tightly between the lower valve rod and the valve cover, so as to form the filler seal structure. The valve cover is threaded through the seal washer to be screwed into the inner thread of the valve body and tightly sealed; a handle or a hand wheel is mounted on the top part of the upper valve rod; the handle or the hand wheel is rotated to drive the upper valve rod to lift spirally; under the effect of the steel ball flexible connection structure, the lower valve rod is prevented from rotating and moving up and down in the sealed filler so that the opening and closing of the valve are executed accordingly.
Owner:江苏星河集团有限公司 +1

Method for increasing jetting gluing quality and gluing device

The invention discloses a method for increasing jetting gluing quality. The method comprises the following steps: performing degreasing treatment on the surface of an inner wall of a jetting chamber; performing roughening treatment: roughening the inner wall of the jetting chamber for improving the roughening degree of the inner wall of the jetting chamber; cleaning the inner wall of the jetting chamber; and then coating a polytetrafluoroethylene layer on the surface of the inner wall of the jetting chamber. When a high-viscosity glue solution moves relative to the smooth polytetrafluoroethylene layer, the pressure, including driving force, resistance, and the like, exists along the flowing direction. The polytetrafluoroethylene layer is arranged, so that the resistance of the glue drop along the flowing direction can be effectively reduced, the driving resultant force along the motion direction can be increased, the external force for driving the high-viscosity glue solution to flow can be effectively increased, the directions of the acting forces can be more consistently pointed to a jet orifice, the high-viscosity glue solution can be more easily, quickly and stably jetted, the gluing forming quality can be increased, and the jetting gluing efficiency can be increased. The invention also provides a gluing device capable of achieving the same technical effect.

Manufacturing technique of high wear-resisting polyurea elastomer spraying layer

The invention employs a special polyurea spray device with a reaction raw material volume ratio of VA to VB being 2:1, matching a manufacturing technique of high wear-resisting polyurea elastomer spraying paint, to prepare a high wear-resisting polyurea coating, which belongs to the technical field of new materials. The high wear-resisting polyurea coating is a lining wear-resisting layer material suitable for mine clastic rock transportation, vibratory screening and sediment-containing water pipe transportation as well as site operation. In the traditional related wear-resisting techniques, a polyurethane pouring process is used commonly; since the polyurea coating needs to be prefabricated and cannot be manufactured on spot under the restriction of shapes and assembly structure of wear-resisting components, the application on multiple complex occasions are limited. Currently, a universal type polyurea material is used, the spray device with the reaction raw material volume ratio of VA to VB being 1:1 is adopted for construction, the degree of chemical cross linking of the raw material is obviously lower than the polyurea pouring body, and an optimal wearing-resisting effect can not be achieved in the application of the high wear-resisting polyurea material due to the limitation of application device. In the invention, the polyurea spray device with the reaction raw material volume ratio of VA to VB being 2:1 and a matched polyurea material formula system are used to prepare the elsatomer coating, the used material has good wear-resisting property, and overcomes the defect of the universal type polyurea material in the aspect of high wear-resisting property and non-in-site construction of the pouring polyurea. Therefore, application field of polyurea spraying to the wear-resiting lining layer is broadened, and a new wear-resisting material application facilitating in-site construction is formed.
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