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Domestic garbage transformation technique, system and apparatus without conventional fuel for combustion supporting

The invention provides a process, a system and equipment for converting household garbage without support combustion of the prior fuels, which relates to a process and equipment for processing garbage. The process is characterized in that the household garbage is sent into a gasification furnace or an incinerator after separating, dehydrating by rolling compaction and air-drying treatment; garbage fuel is converted in the furnace by a mode of gasification or incineration, and is subjected to baking, pyrogenation, gasification and carbon residue burn-out in the furnace; the converted synthesis gas is used for cleaning energy; waste heat of incineration is absorbed by heat-exchange equipment for reclamation; garbage rolling liquid is sent into a digesting machine for anaerobic fermentation so as to produce biogas, the biogas is used as auxiliary fuel of the incinerator, and the digested residue and residual liquid are used for fertilizing crops; and inorganic substances separated from the garbage are used as raw materials to manufacture bricks, and clinker discharged from the incinerator or the gasification furnace is used for producing cement or fertilizer. The process, the system and the equipment comprehensively utilize the garbage so as to achieve complete dissolving treatment, and the equipment has a simple structure and low investment cost, and is easy to popularize..

Combustion feedforward and feedback composite optimization controlling method for pulverized coal fired boiler

InactiveCN102425807ACombustion regulationCombustorComposite optimization
The invention discloses a combustion feedforward and feedback composite optimization controlling method for a pulverized coal fired boiler. The method is used for realizing dynamic accurate proportioning of wind and coal under a full working condition and in the full combustion process. According to the technical scheme, the method comprises the following steps of: determining feedforward signals according to combustion adjusting experiment data or operation personnel experience, determining feedback signals according to the thermodynamic properties and laws of the boiler, and automatically and accurately adjusting the coal quantity proportion of each burner, the primary air quantity proportion of each coal mill, the outlet temperature of each coal mill and the secondary air quantity and burning-out air quantity proportion of each burner under different working conditions to keep the burning efficiency and the NOX discharge of the boiler in an optimal state. By the method, the advantage of coexistence of a plurality of independent adjusting means of the large pulverized coal fired boiler and the advantages of high dynamic response speed of feedforward control and high static precision of feedback correction control are fully exerted, the pulverized coal fired boiler is close to the optimal state under various working conditions, the burning efficiency of the boiler is improved, and the discharge of NOX is reduced.

Infrared humidification device and control method

The invention discloses an infrared humidification device and a control method. The device comprises a plurality of infrared light sources, a lampshade, a water storage structure, a water inlet structure, a water level switch and a controller. The water storage structure comprises a water storage tank, an overflow valve and a drainage pipe. The water inlet structure comprises a water inlet pipe, a water inlet electromagnetic valve and a water injection pipe. On-off of a power supply circuit of the multiple infrared light sources is controlled by the controller, a current transformer is arranged in the power supply circuit of the infrared light sources and used for collecting current values, and the current values are transmitted to the controller. According to the infrared humidification device and the control method, radiant energy of the infrared light sources is adopted for heating and evaporating water, the requirement for water quality is not high, and the application range is wide; the water storage tank is automatically cleaned, the daily maintenance workload is reduced, and the maintenance cost is reduced; and the current values are collected by the current transformer and transmitted to the controller, the controller controls on-off of the power supply circuit of the infrared light sources according to the current values, and the situation that the infrared light sources are burnt out due to abnormal current is avoided, so that the safety and stability of the whole device are improved.

Method for combusting fuel reburning low-nitrogen oxide

ActiveCN102252324AImprove the mixing effectLong reduction reaction timeCombustion apparatusLow nitrogenEvaporation
The invention discloses a method for combusting a fuel reburning low-nitrogen oxide and belongs to a clean combustion method for a coal-fired boiler. Secondary medium air is used as a powder conveying medium of a combustor on the upper layer of the main combustion area of the boiler, coal powder used as a reburning fuel is conveyed into the boiler, the secondary medium air is used as distributed air of the combustor, the secondary air of the combustor on the upper layer is reduced correspondingly, the distributed air in the reburning area is reduced correspondingly, low excess air combustion is formed, the distributed air in a hearth is not enough, and finally over fire air (OFA) complements the required air; and the mixed medium of air and fuel gas is used as the conveying medium of the coal powder of the combustor of the upper layer, and the coal powder with the conventional fineness is conveyed into the boiler from the combustor on the upper layer by using a coal mill and a powder making system and is re-burnt and denitrated, and is burnt out by OFA. The problem that the reburning fuel and the fuel gas are not mixed uniformly, the reduction time is short, and the denitration efficiency is low is solved, the original design working conditions of maximum continuous evaporation capacity of the boiler and the like are not influenced, transformation is easy to realize, and the running cost is low.

Processing method of warp knitting plush fabrics with burning out printing terylens

The invention relates to a processing method of warp knitting plush fabrics with burning out printing terylens. The processing method comprises the following steps of: materials selection: selecting DTY (Draw Textured Yarn) terylen low stretch yarns from 75 D to 150 D as felted yarn materials and selecting FDY (Fully Drawn Yarn) semi-dull polyester yarns from 50 D to 100 D as ground yarn materials, wherein the DTY terylen low stretch yarns account for 60-80% of the fabrics by weight percent, and the FDY semi-dull polyester yarns account for 20-40% of the fabrics by weight percent; weaving or slitting after weaving; thermally forming or pretreating after thermally forming; brushing and cropping the front surface or brushing and cropping the back surface, cropping the back surface and pilling; post-forming; burning out printing: carrying out burning out printing on grey fabrics subjected to the post-forming by using a burning out printing alkali slurry; steaming; post-treating; and forming a finished product. By the technical scheme, the fabrics can achieve the advantages of strong third dimension of patterns, ideal sculptured pattern effects and favorable shininess, residues does not generate in the weaving process, which is beneficial to protecting warp knitting machines.

Hand-operated power supply plugging connecting device

The invention discloses a hand-operated power supply plugging connecting device. The hand-operated power supply plugging connecting device comprises a power supply body and a plug connected with the power supply body in a cooperated way. The power supply body comprises two plugging grooves, which are in a left-right symmetric arrangement, and have openings facing forwards; and a power supply groove, which is disposed between the two plugging grooves, and has an opening facing forward. The rear end wall of the power supply groove is provided with a power supply contact connected with a power supply. The rear ends of the two plugging grooves are communicated with a sliding groove, A sliding block capable of sliding forwards and backwards is disposed in the sliding groove. The hand-operated power supply plugging connecting device is advantageous in that a structure is simple, production costs are low, power supply is safe and stable, and connecting and disconnecting operation steps are simple, and therefore electric shock accidents in a daily life are effectively reduced, life safety of users is guaranteed, occurrence of electrical equipment power-off accidents caused by wrong kicking and wrong colliding is prevented, the burn-out rate of the electrical equipment is reduced, and popularization and application are facilitated.

Method for testing interfacial bonding strength of ceramic fiber-reinforced resin matrix composite material

ActiveCN104122202AImplement statistical measurementsSolve the fragileUsing mechanical meansMaterial analysisAdhesivePaperboard
The invention discloses a method for testing the interfacial bonding strength of a ceramic fiber-reinforced resin matrix composite material and relates to ceramic fibers. The method comprises the following steps: bonding the ceramic fibers to a hard paper frame by virtue of an instant adhesive, for straightening and solidifying the ceramic fibers; preparing an embedding mold, putting the ceramic fibers and the hard paper frame into the embedding mold, and introducing resin into the embedding mold; after the resin is solidified, cutting an embedded end together with the embedding mold so as to obtain a sample, and polishing; when the embedding depth of the sample is lower than 1mm, bonding the embedded end with a primary cut part by virtue of quick-dry resin after the polishing process; burning out two sides of the paper frame at an un-embedded end by virtue of naked flame, averagely cutting the upper end of the paper frame according to the quantity of the ceramic fibers, and bonding and reinforcing the paper frame by virtue of a hard paperboard with area equal to that of the cut paper frame; firstly fixing the embedded end at a lower clamp of a testing machine, and then fixing a reinforcing section to an upper clamp of the testing machine; carrying out a single-filament draw-out experiment; recording each withdrawal force value given by a testing machine; observing the shape of an withdrawn end, and measuring the maximal withdrawing length of the single fiber; and calculating the interfacial bonding strength between the fiber and the resin.

System capable of identifying charging capability of charger and charging method thereof

The invention discloses a charging method capable of identifying the charging capability of a charger. The charging method comprises the following steps of: when a universal serial bus (USB)/charging multiplexing interface of electrical equipment generates a plugging interrupt signal, judging whether the charger is plugged into the multiplexing interface or not; if a judgment result indicates that the charger is plugged into the multiplexing interface, acquiring the charging capability detection voltage of the charger; querying a preset charging capability detection voltage-charging current comparison table according to the charging capability detection voltage of the charger to determine the charging capability of the charger; and correspondingly setting the charging current of the electrical equipment according to the charging capability of the charger. In addition, the invention discloses a system capable of identifying the charging capability of the charger. By the system and the charging method capable of identifying the charging capability of the charger in such a way, the charging capability of the charger is identified, and the charging current of the charger is further set properly to fully charge a battery and avoid the charger being burnt out.
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