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Method for producing alcohols by hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds

A method for preparation of alcohols by catalytic hydrogenation of carbonyl compounds with hydrogen or hydrogen-containing gases in the presence of a hydrogenation catalyst of Raney type, where the catalyst is used in the form of hollow bodies, Preferred as catalytically active components are nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, platinum, palladium or ruthenium.

Effective use of dispersants in wallboard containing foam

InactiveUS20060278128A1Without decreasing slurry fluidityImprove setting timeCeramicwareSlurryGypsum
Effective use of dispersants in wallboard containing foam results from a method where stucco is mixed with a first dispersant and a first quantity of water to form a gypsum slurry. A soap is blended with a second dispersant and a second quantity of water to make a foam. Subsequently, the foam is combined with the slurry. Choice of different first and second dispersants and their relative amounts allows control of the size distribution of the foam bubbles in the slurry and the resulting voids in the gypsum core. Use of the same dispersant in both the mixer and the foam water provides a boost in efficacy of the dispersant.

Seat lifter with ratchet-type lever mechanism

A seat lifter for height adjustment of vehicle seat, which has a lifter linkage for vertical movement of the seat and a drive mechanism therefor. The lifter linkage includes a pair of links, a bell crank portion formed in one of the two links, and a rotation transmission link element including a sector gear which is operatively connected with the bell crank portion. The drive mechanism comprises a ratchet-type lever mechanism operatively connected via a brake unit with the lifter linkage, the arrangement of which ratchet-type lever mechanism is such that only one-stroke operation of a lever causes a ratchet pawl member to rotate so as to bring a selected one of its two toothed ratchet pawls to meshed engagement with a mating one of two ratchet gear wheels, thereby allowing for automatically selecting a desired operative direction without any switch-over operation and then continuously transmitting a certain amount of rotation force to the lifter linkage, so that the vehicle seat can easily be raised or lowered to a certain level.

Ultra thick bamboo-wood composite panel, ultra thick solid wood composite panel and manufacturing methods thereof

The present invention provides ultra-thick bamboo / wood and solid wood composite panels, comprising core board, surface board and back board; said core board is composed of ultra-thick peeling veneers with the thickness of 6 to 12 mm, both said surface board and back board are made of bamboo or wood; said core board comprises several layers of said ultra-thick veneers, and the veneers of contiguous layer are assembled with parallel structure; glue layer is arranged between contiguous said veneers, the adhesive in the glue layer is the aqueous macromolecule isocyanate adhesive; said ultra-thick veneers of the core layer are the veneers with stress degradation treatment, i.e., punctate or line segment cracks are formed along the grain of said veneer loose side in each layer. The glue spread amounts of said composite panels are obviously less than that of the existing composite panels with the same thickness, and the composite panels are without warping or deformation. The present invention also provides the manufacturing method of the above composite panels.

Distributed paint manufacturing system

InactiveUS20050038557A1Less viscosity fluctuationReduce ingredient inventoryPigmenting treatmentTransportation and packagingHybrid systemSystem configuration
A paint manufacturing method includes receiving each of a group of fluid prepaints at different inputs of a fluid component mixing system, determining at a computer system a first fluid prepaint ratio, and mixing the fluid prepaints in accordance with the first ratio to form a base paint at an output of the mixing system. A paint manufacturing system includes a computer-controlled prepaint mixing system. The prepaint mixing system includes multiple fluid inputs providing for computer-controllable flow of prepaints into the mixing system. The computer system includes a memory storing software instructions that configured the computer system to receive user input selecting a base paint to be produced, determine a ratio of fluid prepaints needed to produce the base paint, and regulate each fluid flow control to establish, in the determined ratio, a flow of fluid prepaints entering the fluid mixing system. A paint manufacturing system includes multiple paint manufacturing sites that can each produce paint products. Each manufacturing site includes a site control computer to control a paint manufacturing process at the site and the system also includes a coordinating computer system that can exchange manufacturing operations data with each of the site control computers.

Methane separation method, methane separation apparatus, and methane utilization system

A methane separation method of the present invention at least includes: mixing the biogas and an absorbing liquid that absorbs carbon dioxide in a mixer so as to form a mixed fluid of a gas-liquid mixed phase; introducing the mixed fluid into a first gas / liquid separator so as to separate the mixed fluid through gas / liquid separation into methane and a CO2-absorbed liquid formed due to an absorption of the carbon dioxide by the absorbing liquid; recovering methane separated in the first gas / liquid separator; and supplying the CO2-absorbed liquid through a supply port of a membrane module comprised of a container and a plurality of hollow fiber permeable membranes built therein to inside of the membranes so as to make the CO2-absorbed liquid permeate the permeable membranes, and lowering a pressure outside the permeable membranes to a level lower than that inside the permeable membranes.
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