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Method of determining body orientations in space on the basis of two X-ray records

InactiveUS20080056552A1Good accuracyCharacter and pattern recognitionDiagnostic recording/measuringCotyloid CavityAnterior pelvic plane
A method for determination of the inclination angle and the anteversion angle of an acetabulum of a patient in an anatomical reference system whose orientation is determined by the pelvic bone of the patient, taking account of any pelvis tilt, the method comprising the following steps: a first image of the pelvic bone is provided, wherein the first image shows a frontal plane including the pelvic bone; a first inclination angle of the acetabulum is determined using the first image; a pelvis rotation angle is determined, which indicates the rotation angle of the pelvic bone about the normal to the frontal plane relative to an optimum patient location position; a second image of the pelvic bone is provided, wherein the plane of the second image is rotated by an image rotation angle relative to the frontal plane about a common section line of the two planes, preferably about the body longitudinal axis of the patient; a second inclination angle of the acetabulum is determined using the second image; a pelvis tilt angle is determined, which represents a rotation of the frontal plane of the first image relative to an anterior-pelvic plane in the optimum patient location position; a linear equation system is set up having at least two linear equations as a function of the previously determined angles; the normal vector no is expressed in polar coordinates of the anatomical reference system; the at least two linear equations are solved for the azimuth and polar angle of the normal vector no in order to determine the inclination and the anteversion in this way.

Feces analyzing device

The invention provides a feces analyzing device which comprises a turntable assembly. The turntable assembly comprises a turntable. A plurality of detection card case placement parts are uniformly distributed on the turntable, a detection card case is placed on each of the detection card case placement part, and detection cards are successively placed in the case bodies of the detection card cases from top to bottom; a card pulling assembly is arranged on one side of the turntable assembly, the detection cards are pulled out through the card pulling assembly and penetrate through a guide slot of a guide assembly to arrive at a sample application position, the sample application position is arranged on the front portion of a card conveying tray of a card conveying assembly, a specimen is subjected to sample application at the sample application position of each detection card, each detection card can be transferred to a reaction rack of a reaction rack assembly through the card conveying assembly and a rack feeding assembly to react, the reaction rack has a plurality of detection card placement parts, the card conveying assembly is located on one side of the reaction rack assembly, a photographing assembly is arranged on the other side of the reaction rack assembly, and each detection card can be pushed into a photographing tray of the photographing assembly through a rack feeding arm of the rack feeding assembly.
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