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Cooling method. [′kül·iŋ ‚meth·əd] (thermodynamics) A method of determining the specific heat of a liquid in which the times taken by the liquid and an equal volume of water in an identical vessel to cool through the same range of temperature are compared.

Cooling methods

A superconducting system comprises a superconducting coil (3) mounted in a support (12). The coil is surrounded by a cryogen chamber (17) which is located radially outwardly from the coil (3) on the other side of the support (12). The cryogen chamber is in fluid communication with a cryogen recondensing unit (33) whereby vaporized cryogen may flow from the cryogen chamber (17) to the cryogen recondensing unit (33) to be recondensed in use before returning to the cryogen chamber. Thermally conductive means (25) is arranged to facilitate heat transfer from the superconducting coil (3) to the cryogen chamber (17) to vaporize cryogen contained therein in use and thereby remove heat from the coil. The thermally conductive means (25) is highly thermally conductive at cryogenic temperatures. In use, the highly thermally conductive means (25) facilitates transfer of heat from the coil (3) to the interior of the cryogen chamber (17) to vaporize cryogen located therein. A thermal conduction path is therefore used to transfer heat from the coil to the cryogen in the cryogen chamber. Cryogen vaporized in the cryogen chamber then flows to the cryogen recondensing unit (33) to be recondensed before returning to the chamber, while the vaporized cryogen acts as the heat transfer medium over the longer distance between the cryogen chamber and the recondensing unit.

High-speed precise electric spindle cooling system

The invention relates to the technical field of an electric spindle, in particular to a high-speed precise electric spindle cooling system which comprises an electric spindle shell cooling part, an electric spindle core cooling part and a bearing spindle core lubricating/cooling part, wherein when the electric spindle works, the temperature rise change can be controlled within +/-1 DEG C. The concrete scheme is as follows: a ring sleeve type heat pipe cooling mode is arranged at the electric spindle shell part, and the heat of the shell is taken away quickly by increasing the cooling contact surface; the spindle core cooling part is provided with symmetrical bar-type heat pipes which are uniformly distributed on the spindle core, and the spindle core is cooled by use of the high-speed conductivity and homoiothermy of the heat pipes; and a spindle core liquid lubricating/cooling mode is adopted at the bearing lubricating/cooling part, and makes full use of the high rotation speed of the high-speed electric spindle to generate centrifugal force so that the lubricating/cooling liquid is uniformly distributed on the bearing roller. The temperature stability of the electric spindle can be ensured, the processing precision error caused by thermal expansion of the electric spindle is minimized, and the service life of the spindle and the spindle bearing can be prolonged at the same time.

Water quenching and cooling method and device for ultrahigh-strength strip steel

The invention has the purpose of providing a water quenching and cooling method and device for ultrahigh-strength strip steel. The device comprises an inlet tension roll (2), an outlet tension roll (16), and a water quenching and cooling tank (5), wherein water quenching nozzles (8) and a withdrawing and straightening machine (10) are arranged in the cooling tank; the cooling tank is connected with a gas sealing device (4), a gas circulating device (6), a water circulating device (9), a water sealing device (14), a drying device (15), a strip steel operating line centering device (3) and a tension control system (17); the multiple water quenching nozzles (8) in the front section of the water quenching and cooling tank eject high-pressure water to cool the strip steel when the strip steel to be cooled enters the water quenching and cooling tank (5) through the inlet tension roll (2); the steel plate passes through the withdrawing and straightening machine (10) arranged on the lower part of the water quenching and cooling tank (5) after being cooled to 250 to 350 DEG C; the shape of the strip steel plate is straightened by a mild straightening mode; the strip steel after being cooled and straightened is transferred out of the water quenching and cooling device through the outlet tension roll (16); and the rapid cooling can be realized and the ultrahigh-strength steel plate with a good shape can be obtained at the same time.

Heated wall surface cooling structure and gas turbine impeller vane with the same

The invention relates to a cooling structure of the heated wall surface and a gas turbine blade of the cooling structure; wherein, the cooling structure comprises a compact wall surface layer, and a plurality of discrete through holes for the coolant to pass through are arranged on the compact wall surface layer; a porous coating is covered on the heated side of the compact wall surface layer to enable the porous coating and the compact wall surface layer with a plurality of discrete through holes to form a structure of double-layer superimposition, and the outlet of the discrete through hole is communicated with the porous coating. The porous coating can be continuously covered on the compact wall surface layer, and also can be covered on the local areas of the outlet of the discrete through holes. The invention has the advantages of synthesizing the characteristics of gas film cooling and transpiration cooling, fully combining the advantages of two cooling ways, effectively improving the cooling efficiency of the wall surface, reducing the geothermal gradient of the wall surface, and avoiding the continuous increase of the heat stress of materials. Simultaneously, the intensity of the cooling structure of the invention is enough to be used for common impeller machinery.

Cooling structure, electronic device using same, and cooling method

A maintenance-free cooling structure is provided which, by removing bubbles produced on a boiling surface utilizing an action other than buoyancy, heat change (heat transfer) is effectively brought about on the boiling surface, thus enabling efficient cooling and its miniaturization and low power consumption. The cooling structure has an evaporation chamber 11 connected through a vapor pipe and a liquid return pipe to a condensation chamber to allow a phase change to occur from a vapor phase coolant V to a liquid phase coolant L. In the evaporation chamber, as a result of contact of the liquid phase coolant L with the boiling surface of a base plate 21 and/or with plate-shaped fins, the phase change occurs from liquid to vapor. The evaporation chamber has an aperture operating as a vapor port 25 for the vapor pipe which is formed in a neighboring position along an inner circumferential surface 23a of a cylindrical plate 23 in a ceiling surface 22a and an aperture operating as a liquid return port for the liquid return pipe which is formed in a position neighboring to an end edge along the boiling surface on an inner circumferential surface on a side opposite to the vapor port 25, so that the flow-in direction of the liquid phase coolant is in parallel to the boiling surface.
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