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Sorting method and system with dynamically re-allocated sortation bins

A sorter system includes a plurality of sortation bins with a feed path connected to the plurality of sortation bins for transporting media items to destination sortation bins. A controller is connected to control the plurality of sortation bins and is operable during a sortation process to reassign the destination sortation bin into which a media item is sorted. The system operation may employ a method for sorting media items where a plurality of media items are fed onto a transport system for sortation. Each media items is sorted into a destination sortation bin of a plurality of sortation bins connected to said transport system. Destination sortation bins for media items are dynamically reassigned based of the determined status of the media items in the sortation bins. The status of media items is sensed in each of said plurality of sortation bins may be determined based on sensors associated with the equipment or tracked by a controller or other techniques which track the mail pieces being processed. Destination sortation bins may be assigned to accommodate overflow capacity from existing bins thereby creating larger effective bins. They may also be assigned to allow the reuse of existing bins thereby creating a sortation system with a greater effective number of sortation bins.

Video enhancing method based on video frame self-adaption and video enhancing system applying the video enhancing method based on video frame self-adaption

The invention discloses a video enhancing method based on video frame self-adaption. The method comprises video frame self-adaption parameter adjustment and video frame enhancing processing. The invention also discloses a video enhancing system. The system comprises a parameter adjusting module and an enhancing processing module. According to the video frame self-adaptive video enhancing method based on an airspace point algorithm and the video enhancing system built based on the method, through starting from a performance and a video continuous frame enhancement flexibility, the performance is ensured; moreover, adjusting parameters are selected according to the video contents self-adaptively; the problem of video frame distortion resulting from excessively improving too dark images or excessively reducing too bright images by directly using conventional methods such as histogram equal saturability enhancing is solved; the enhancing of the processed video under various environments such as indoor, outdoor, low illumination and high illumination environments, is more flexible; and compared with the original video, the processed video is more clear in detail and more abundant in contrast and saturability and has better eye watching feelings.
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