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Built-in intelligent fault diagnosing device based on data inosculating pattern recognition and method thereof

The invention discloses a built-in intelligent failure diagnosis device based on data fusion mode recognition in the technical field of intelligent diagnosis of rail transport failure, which comprises a hardware structure and a software structure. The diagnosis device adopts high-speed DPS microprocessor and forms a distributive monitor processing system, that is, a two-level microcomputer structure with a supervisory machine and a subordinate machine with the help of a multiple-stage buffer and streamline mechanism in the high-speed data processing of the former. Besides, in coordination with sensor group information based on data fusion mode recognition and with the help of multiple neural network partial diagnosis and a decision-making level fusion mode recognition and intelligent diagnosis mechanism, the invention is able to realize the data storage, image display and long-distance data transmission, so as to complete the task of failure diagnosis. Therefore, the invention is able to detect the potential failure of key equipments for train, ensure the safety and reliability for the operation of key equipment in train and improve the operation efficiency and safety guarantee to the maximal extent.

System for automatically generating television program labels

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The invention provides a system for automatically generating television program labels, which comprises a program information obtaining module used for grasping pages relevant to each program, pruning and filtering the pages and obtaining subject content of the program information, an information keyword extracting module used for summarizing the subject content and extracting keywords from the subject content, a knowledge base module used for establishing network relationships among entries and expanding the obtained key words, a keyword expanding module used for expanding the keywords to obtain a larger entry set by utilizing a network provided by the knowledge base module, and a label generating module used for processing the obtained key entry set of the keywords, filtering noise of the key entry set, computing the score of the key entry set and generating program label sets. The system has the advantages that the blank in the systems for automatically generating television program labels is filled; due to the introduction of a knowledge base, the system is not restricted to the network pages, has high expansibility and can better find out the labels; and the knowledge base can be established in an off-line manner, and a label generating algorithm is concise, so that the efficiency of the system is high.

Meteorological monitoring system

The invention discloses a meteorological monitoring system, and relates to the technical field of meteorological monitoring equipment. The meteorological monitoring system comprises a data acquirer for acquiring various types of detectors, wherein the data acquirer transmits signals acquired by the detectors to a command central station through communication equipment; the data acquirer adopts two power supply modes, namely an alternating current power supply mode and a storage battery intelligent power supply mode; and the data acquirer is connected with a rainfall and snowfall detector, a visibility detector, a temperature and humidity detector, a wind direction and wind speed detector and an infrared remote sensing pavement temperature measurer through RS485 interfaces respectively and can perform data acquisition and analysis on sand and fog on a high-speed road, the visibility parameter, the pavement temperature, the wind direction, the wind speed, the rainfall factors and the snowfall factors and transmit analysis results to the command central station, so that a site actual situation can be monitored in real time. The meteorological monitoring system can detect all items and detect the sand and the fog on the high-speed road, the visibility parameter, the pavement temperature, the wind direction, the wind speed, the rainfall factors and the snowfall factors in real time.

Method for realizing routing of wireless mesh network and wireless mesh network node

The invention discloses a method for realizing the routing of a wireless mesh network, which comprises the following steps: A. a source node sends a route request message to a surrounding intermediate node, wherein the route request message carries initial route criterion information which is provided by the source node and used for choosing routes; B. after receiving the route request message, the intermediate node updates the received route criterion information according to the network data of the intermediate node, and sends the route request message to the next node, wherein the route request message carries updated route criterion information; C. after receiving the route request message sent by the intermediate node, a destination node obtains the route criterion information of the route, and returns a route response message to the source node according to an original route, wherein the route response message carries the route criterion information of the route; and D. the source node chooses appropriate routes according to the types of services and the route criterion information of each route in the route response message returned by the surrounding intermediate node. The method for realizing the routing of the wireless mesh network and the wireless mesh network node of the invention are used for realizing service-based routing.

Radiographic testing weld image management system and auxiliary film viewing method

The invention relates to a radiographic testing weld image management system and an auxiliary film viewing method which belong to the methods of assessing welding quality by utilizing computers. The image management system is deployed on a server system, the system is visited through a client computer; the image management system comprises a function module, the function module adopts the design of a B/S four-layer architecture comprising a presentation layer, a business logic layer, a persistence layer and a database layer and further supports the functions of remote browsing and film viewing; and the function module comprises an image acquisition module, an image parameter acquisition module, an image processing module, a film viewing management module, a query statistics module and a system management module. The management system and the film viewing method are applied in a network environment, can register a digitalized radiographic testing film and the related parameter specification in an image database and can query and carry out the classified statistics; the coarse support vector machine classified modeling method is adopted for classified recognition and extraction of welding defects, thereby making the corresponding assessment of the welding quality according to standards.

MVC (model view controller) mode-based language transformation method and equipment for program

The invention aims to provide an MVC (model view controller) mode-based language transformation method and equipment for a program. The transformation equipment, after determining the initial programming language adopted by the to-be-transformed initial program, analyses encoding structure of initial program according to an MVC mode so as to determine the transformation content and non-transformation content during encoding, language transformation is performed on the transformation content according to the target programming language by combining the transformation content, so as to generate one or more target encoding files, and frame transformation is finally performed on the non-transformation content and the target encoding file so as to generate a target program corresponding to the initial program. Compared with the prior art, the MVC (model view controller) mode-based language transformation method and equipment for the program can support the transformation among a plurality of languages, and support continuous increasing of language and frame editions; the expansibility is better; by adopting the method and equipment, the program transformation efficiency is improved, and the development time and resource consumption are reduced.

Microgrid system and control method

The invention discloses a microgrid system and a control method. The microgrid system comprises a plurality of energy storage converters connected in parallel between a DC bus and an AC bus; the AC sides of the energy storage converters are connected in parallel through an AC bus and then connected with the grid-connected or parallel control cabinet; the grid-connected or parallel-connected control cabinet receives an instruction of a coordination control device of the microgrid and controls the microgrid to work in a grid-connected mode or an off-grid mode; the grid-connected or parallel-connected control cabinet obtains a current component reference value of a current inner loop through outer loop control, and sends the obtained current component reference value to each energy storage converter connected in parallel; and each energy storage converter performs current inner loop operation according to the received current component reference value to obtain a driving signal for driving the switching tube of the energy storage converter to be switched on and switched off. According to the method, the information processing speed of the microgrid during information processing can beincreased, Meanwhile, the problems of respective sampling of each energy storage converter in the microgrid energy storage system and imbalance of outer loop calculation errors can be effectively eliminated.
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