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Corridor vanishing point rapid detection algorithm based on K-means method

ActiveCN104063711AGood real-time performanceStrong stabilityCharacter and pattern recognitionVanishing pointHistogram equalization
The invention provides a corridor vanishing point rapid detection algorithm based on a K-means method. The method is characterized by carrying out earlier stage processing comprising down-sampling, gray processing, histogram equalization and Canny edge detection after obtaining image data returned by a robot in real time; carrying out line extraction on the image obtained in the previous step by utilizing a probability Hough transformation algorithm; and finally, classifying the detected lines into four kinds by utilizing the K-means algorithm according to the slope, calculating the mean value of the midpoints of each cluster of lines, then, establishing four lines to replace the lines detected in the previous step by utilizing the slope obtained by cluster and the midpoint mean values, dividing the four lines into two groups randomly, calculating the intersection point respectively, and taking the midpoint of the intersection point as a vanishing point. The method can rapidly detect the position of the vanishing point, and then, the heading direction of the robot is corrected by utilizing the vanishing point, so that the navigation of the robot can be realized. Compared with the conventional vanishing point detection method, the vanishing point rapid detection algorithm in the invention has the advantages of being simple and efficient, good in real-time performance and high in stability.

Floating type multi-floater wave power generation device

The invention discloses a floating type multi-floater wave power generation device which comprises a floating type structure, a mooring system, a hydraulic transmission system and a power generation system. The floating type structure floats on the sea surface and is moored through the mooring system. Multiple floaters of the floating type structure are connected with a main floating body through swing arms respectively. The floaters move along with waves and resonate together with waves, the floaters which do the floating and sinking movement after being excited by waves drive the swing arms to swing around a fixed fulcrum, a piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder is driven to reciprocate, an oily medium in the hydraulic cylinder is pushed to enter a hydraulic system to form a circuit and to enter a hydraulic motor, the hydraulic motor rotates to drive an electric generator to generate electricity, and then power generation is achieved through wave energy. According to the floating type multi-floater wave power generation device, the multiple floaters which move up and down along with waves absorb sea wave energy, stability of the main floating body of the device in waves is improved through a damping type base plate and the mooring system which adopts the three-point horizontal mooring method, and the floating type multi-floater wave power generation device has the advantages of being high in conversion efficiency, stability and reliability.

Ethernet network data acquisition and transmission method and system

The invention relates to real-time data acquisition technology, in particular to a distributed, networking and expandable Ethernet data acquisition and transmission method and a distributed, networking and expandable Ethernet data acquisition and transmission system which acquire and transmit data in real time and are based on Ethernet and programmable controller PLC technology. The Ethernet data acquisition and transmission system takes a programmable controller as a control device for data acquisition and communication, is provided with an Ethernet controller, is in Ethernet communication with a host computer by adoption of an Ethernet/IP communication mode and a Modbus transport protocol, and also comprises an I/O module which is connected with the Ethernet controller and connected with a terminal module through a final level digital quantity output module; and the programmable controller receives digital quantity signals or analog quantity signals from a sensor through the I/O module, is communicated with the host computer through a system program, selects a working model, and transmits the digital quantity signals or the analog quantity signals to a controlled device. The Ethernet data acquisition and transmission system has strong communication ability, wide application scope and a plurality of acquisition points, and a data acquisition system capable of being suitable for complex operating condition requirements is an urgent requirement of industrial fields.

Indoor robot positioning and environment modeling method based on UWB (ultra-wide band) and multiple sensors

The invention discloses an indoor robot positioning and environment modeling method based on UWB (ultra-wide band) and multiple sensors. The method is characterized in that a UWB label transmits pulse data packets formed by ultra-wide-band pulses to UWB receivers, the UWB receivers transmits the time differences of the pulse data packets reaching the receivers to a central processing unit through a switch, and the central processing unit preliminarily determine the position of the UWB label through a trilateral weighted centroid algorithm; an electronic compass collects the current course angle information of the robot, ultrasonic sensors collect currently-returned ultrasonic signals, and the central processing unit acquires the position information of obstacles according to the signals collected by the ultrasonic sensors and a Kalman filtering algorithm and update an environment map; the central processing unit fuses the preliminarily determined position of the UWB label, the current course angle information and the position information of the obstacles according to a double-layer Kalman filtering algorithm to obtain the precise current pose information of the robot. By the method, positioning precision, instantaneity and stability are increased.

Method for producing compound microbial preparation serving as fodder

InactiveCN102067941AStrong stabilityImprove bowel functionFungiBacteriaNutrientProteases
The invention discloses a method for producing a compound microbial preparation serving as fodder, which comprises the steps of microbial inoculum production, material proportioning, bacillus subtilis medium preparation, beer yeast medium preparation and lactobacillus plantarum medium preparation. According to the method, bacillus subtilis, beer yeast and lactobacillus plantarum are bred to form compound strains, so that the totality of the compound thalli is increased, and the advantages such as high strain survival rate, strong stability and the like are achieved; the compound thalli are mixed with ball-milling chaff, bran and oligoisomaltose in a proper proportion, and the optimum compounding proportion is formed for the preparation; good conditions are created for the formation of the internal environment of intestinal canals of livestock and poultry, the aerobic bacillus subtilis interacts with yeast to generate more nutrient substances, amylase, protease cellulose and the like; and meanwhile, oxygen in the intestinal canals of livestock and poultry can be consumed, excellent growth environment is created for propagation of lactic acid bacteria, intestinal canal functions of livestock and poultry are improved, the fodder conversion rate is improved, and the microecological balance of the intestinal canals of livestock and poultry is improved.

Elder fall-down intelligent detection and positioning active and passive alarm system and method

The invention discloses an elder fall-down intelligent detection and positioning active and passive alarm system and method, and mainly solves the problems in the prior art that detection efficiency and accuracy are low and automatic alarm cannot be performed. The system comprises an elder fall-down detection module (1), a cloud server (2) and a client side (3). The elder fall-down detection module (1) is arranged at the waist part of an elder to acquire state data including position information and safety information and intermittently transmit the state data to the cloud server (2) or transmit the state data to the client side (3) in a point-to-point way. The cloud server receives the state data of the elder fall-down detector to store in a database and transmits the state data to the corresponding client side according to the control command of the client side. The client side transmits the control command to the cloud server or the elder fall-down detector and receives and processes the feedback state data. The success rate of fall-down detection is high, automatic alarm can be performed and short messages and a data network can be simultaneously used for communication so that stability is high, and the system and the method can be used for solving elder lost and fall-down rescue.

Data synchronization method and data synchronization firmware platform

The invention is suitable for the field of data synchronization, and provides a data synchronization method and a data synchronization firmware platform. The method comprises the following steps of monitoring on-line states of databases, wherein different databases may be located in different networks; receiving device positioning information uploaded by an on-line database, and transmitting the device positioning information to a background management terminal to be displayed; remotely receiving a set synchronization mechanism and synchronization configuration information, which are sent by the background management terminal; according to the synchronization mechanism, receiving data uploaded by a source database, and outputting the data to a target database after performing format conversion. The invention is a synchronization system platform which may be used among a plurality of database platforms and also may be used for database remote backup; just by simply setting a connection between the source database and the target database and setting corresponding synchronization mechanism, data synchronization between two databases can be realized; works of data extraction and resource information acquisition are realized conveniently; and the method and the platform provided by the invention are suitable for the work environments, such as data hot standby, data extraction and resource integration.

Partially hydrolyzed acrylamide water-soluble polymer with utlralong hydrophobic long chain, preparation method therefor and application thereof

The invention discloses a partially hydrolyzed acrylamide water-soluble polymer with an utlralong hydrophobic long chain, a preparation method therefor and an application thereof. A structural formula of the partially hydrolyzed acrylamide water-soluble polymer is as shown in formula II. The preparation method for the polymer as shown in formula II provided by the invention comprises the following steps: (1) under an inert atmosphere, dissolving acrylamide and docosyl polyoxyethylene ether methacrylate into water to obtain a solution I; (2) under the inert atmosphere, dissolving acrylic acid into water to obtain a solution II, and adding NaOH into the solution II to regulate the pH value of the system to 6-7; and (3) mixing solutions I and II obtained in the steps (1) and (2), and adding an initiator into the mixed solution to carry out a polymerization reaction, thereby obtaining the polymer. According to the preparation method provided by the invention, raw materials are easily available, preparation is simple, yield is relatively high, use is safe and storage is convenient. The partially hydrolyzed acrylamide water-soluble polymer with the utlralong hydrophobic long chain can be directly used, and has an extensive potential utilization value in the fields of oil exploitation, paint, medicines, daily use chemicals and the like.

Fluorescent two-dimensional code security identification method based on nano particles

The invention provides a fluorescent two-dimensional code security identification method based on nano particles, which comprises the following steps: establishing a security database; taking a picture of a sample under test; and extracting an identification code in the picture of the sample under test, and comparing the identification code in the picture of the sample under test with the information in the security database to get a security identification result. The establishment of the security database includes the following steps: preparing a fluorescent material; making a security substrate; making a security pattern; taking a security picture; extracting feature information; and carrying out encoding and storage. The method has the following beneficial effects: as the distribution of the fluorescent material on the substrate is completely random, the security pattern cannot be copied; full-automatic modeling and anti-counterfeiting is realized; as long as a picture of a sample is input, a security identification result can be obtained through real-time analysis; and the up-conversion fluorescent material is very stable and does not fade at high temperature so that a security sample can be preserved for a long time and is not easy to lose effectiveness.

Composite membrane bioreactor for mustard mustard wastewater treatment

The invention discloses a compound membrane bioreactor for treating tuber mustard waste water, which is an integrated reactor formed by combining a biomembrane process and active sludge process combined compound bioreaction area and membrane separation. The reactor consists of a membrane suspending area, a membrane piece area, a water feeding system, an aeration system, a water discharge system and self-control equipment. Attached growth biomembrane and suspended active sludge, which are two coexisting microorganisms, cooperate to remove the pollutants from the tuber mustard waste water; and the purified waste water is subjected to sludge and water separation by a membrane and is discharged after reaching standards. The sludge expansion in a salt-containing waste water active sludge treatment process is inhibited by means of filling a filler in the bioreaction area and using the membrane separation component in place of the conventional biological treatment. The reactor has the characteristics that: the microorganism concentration is high; the population structure is diversified; the food chain is long; the impact load resistance is high; the treatment organic load is high; the biological nitrogen and phosphor removal capacity is high; membrane pollution can be relieved and can be controlled easily; the quality of effluent is high; the project investment and operation cost arelow; and the like.
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