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Vehicle intellectualized management system

The present invention relates to an omnidirectional intelligentized remote networking system in automotive field, and is in particular suitable to an intelligentized management system in car maintenance. The present invention mainly comprises three subsystems that are running condition detecting system, condition decoding system and fault early warning notice system of the car, wherein, the running condition detecting comprises an OBD vehicle automatic diagnosis module and an additional inspection module, the additional inspection module uses an optical fiber to transmit the inspection result data, which is transmitted to a condition decoding module together with a data output by the OBD vehicle automatic diagnosis module; the condition decoding module unscrambles an OBD fault code and an additional detection sensing detecting data, the fault code is transmitted to the fault early warning notice system, and the control center and users are informed through mobile communication network by utilizing a GSM/GPRS module chip. Compared with the prior art, the present invention has the functions of remote self-check diagnosis and fault early warning for vehicle fault, thus realizing that the fault detection and the fault resolution are real time, accurate and effective, and offering the potent assurance to the daily maintenance work of vehicles, the personnel safety of the owners of the vehicles, and the unimpeded transport of urban and rural road.
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Trench-defined silicon germanium ESD diode network

InactiveUS6396107B1Harmful voltageHarmful current spikeTransistorSemiconductor/solid-state device detailsDopantSingle crystal
A silicon-germanium ESD element comprises a substrate of a first dopant type coupled to a first voltage terminal and a first diode-configured element. The first diode-configured element has a collector region of a second dopant type in the substrate, a SiGe base layer of the first dopant type on the collector region, with the SiGe base layer including a base contact region, and an emitter of the second dopant type on the SiGe base layer. Preferably, the SiGe base layer ion the collector region is an epitaxial SiGe layer and the second dopant type of the emitter is diffused in to the SiGe base layer. The ESD element of the present invention may further include a second diode-configured element of the same structure as the first diode-configured element, with an isolation region in the substrate separating the first and second diode-configured elements. The first and second diode-configured elements form a diode network. In each of the embodiments, the isolation regions may be disposed adjacent the collector regions of the diode elements and below a portion of the SiGe base layer of the diode elements. The SiGe base layer in the diode elements preferably comprises an active, single crystal layer in a portion directly over the collector region and a polycrystalline layer in portions directly over the isolation regions. The isolation regions may be shallow or deep trench isolations.
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