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Turbine engine using compressed air as working energy

The invention discloses a turbine engine using compressed air as a working energy. The turbine engine comprises a gas source system, a controlling system, a working system and a lubricating system, as well as a gas distributing mechanism, a transmission mechanism and an auxiliary mechanism, wherein the gas source system is supplied with a gas source by an air compressor and/or a compressed air storage container and is connected in series by pipelines; the control system is arranged between the gas source system and the working system and comprises an electronic monitoring device and a control valve; the working system comprises a shell and at least a group of air cylinder and piston arranged inside the shell; and the lubricating system comprises a lubricating oil duct, an engine oil pump, an engine oil filter and a valve arranged in the air cylinder. By using the compressed air as a working medium, the engine can create a working environment and condition that an absolute pressure difference between the pressure of the compressed air source and that of the non-working air in a working chamber exists. On the basis of further optimizing the structure of working and transmission systems, potential of the compressed air can be efficiently and adequately converted into turbine mechanical energy, and furthermore, mechanical work is output externally.

Safe and energy-saving automobile

The invention discloses a safe and energy-saving automobile. The safe and energy-saving automobile comprises an automobile shell, a signal indicating device, an automobile thermal insulating device and a solar semiconductor air conditioner. The automobile shell is composed of an automobile chassis, an outer shell, hubs and a frame. The outer shell, the hubs and the frames are made from titanium alloy materials. The signal indicating device comprises driving state indicating lamps arranged at the front end and the rear end of an automobile body and fog lamps arranged on the top and the two sides of the automobile. The automobile thermal insulation device is fixed to the inner side of the top of the automobile. The solar semiconductor air conditioner is arranged at the position of a lower sunshade of an automobile skylight. The automobile body is light in dead load, oil consumption is reduced, and corrosion resistance is achieved; due to the fact that the fog lamps are installed on the top and the two sides of the automobile, a more remarkable signal warning effect is achieved, and driving safety is improved; the structure and the appearance of the automobile are not damaged although the solar semiconductor air conditioner is arranged; and the problem that because an automobile with a skylight is irradiated by strong sunlight when parked, the in-automobile temperature is too high is solved while refrigeration is conducted.
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