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Water-base joint grouting glue for normal temperature road

InactiveCN101643636AAct as a seam sealStrong viscosity and permeabilityMonocarboxylic acid ester polymer adhesivesOther chemical processesWater basedAdhesive
The invention relates to water-base joint grouting glue for a normal temperature road, namely an environment-friendly joint grouting and joint sealing material having high viscosity, high cementing power and high adhesive property, which is formed by special processes of copolymerizing water, a water-base adhesive, bitumen and a dispersing agent, then modifying a macromolecular water-soluble resinand a rubber latex, and adding the auxiliary agents of a stabilizing agent, a thickening material and the like, and can be used for treating and sealing various types of cracks of bitumen and cementroad surfaces and joint seams of cement road surfaces and bridge surfaces. The joint grouting glue is in a gel state at normal temperature, can be stirred but cannot flow, thus the joint grouting gluecan enter joints directly without slotting and cannot infiltrate downwards so as to play a role in sealing the joints; and simultaneously the joint grouting glue is soluble in water; therefore, the joint grouting glue can be mixed with water to prepare strong-permeability joint grouting materials with any viscosities, and can be effectively poured into deep parts of the cracks of road surfaces without slotting. The joint grouting glue combines the advantages of slotting and non-slotting repairing methods, and simultaneously avoids the disadvantages of the two methods.
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Single-component polyvinylacetate binding agent and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a single-component polyvinylacetate binding agent and a preparation method thereof. The single-component polyvinylacetate binding agent comprises the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 48 to 52 percent of deionized water, 3 to 5 percent of polyvinyl alcohol, 25 to 40 percent of polyvinylacetate, 5 to 10 percent of butyl acrylate, 2 to 3 percent of hydroxyethyl acrylate, 1 to 3 percent of methyl acrylic acid, 10 to 15 percent of organic silicon, 2 to 3 percent of composite emulsifier, 0.1 to 0.9 percent of initiator, 0.1 to 0.3 percent of pH regulator and 5 to 10 percent of plasticizer. The binding agent of the invention is modified waterproof and high temperature-resistant white latex prepared by acrylic ester and organic silicon modification with polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid and polyvinylacetate as a base stock. All technical indexes of the binding agent are beyond standards of chemical industry, the waterproof performance and high temperature resistance of the binding agent are high, the production process of the binding agent is simple, the cost of the binding agent is low, and thus, the binding agent is a safe and environmentally-friendly product.

High-strength double-component laminating glue, and preparation method thereof

The invention belongs to an environment-friendly type laminating glue, and particularly relates to a high-strength double-component laminating glue and a preparation method of the high-strength double-component laminating glue. The high-strength double-component laminating glue comprises a host agent and a curing agent; the host agent comprises 40-60% of vinyl acetate emulsion, 2-4% of polyvinyl alcohol, 1-5% of functional monomer, 0-1.5% of plasticizer, 15-25% of inorganic filler, 0.05-0.2% of dispersing agent, 0.05-0.2% of de-foaming agent, 0.05-0.2% of fungicide, and 5-30% of de-ionized water; the curing agent is poly-methylene poly-phenyl poly-isocyanates; the preparation method is as follows: adding the vinyl acetate emulsion, the functional monomer, the dispersing agent and the de-foaming agent in a high-speed dispersing kettle in sequence, slowly adding the inorganic filler, stirring with high speed, thereby obtaining flowable pulp-shaped mixture, then adding polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solution, a plasticizer and fungicide, thereby obtaining the high-strength double-component laminating glue. The high-strength double-component laminating glue excludes organic solvent, so that the glue belongs to environment-friendly type glue product, the product spliced wood is high in strength and excellent in waterproofing property.

Dry-type compound aqueous paper/plastic laminating emulsion adhesive and preparation method thereof

The embodiment of the invention provides a dry-type compound aqueous paper/plastic laminating emulsion adhesive and a preparation method thereof; the laminating emulsion adhesive is composited by the following raw materials by weight percentage: 5-20 percent of vinyl acetate monomer- ethylene copolymer, 25-40 percent of acrylic monomer, emulsifying agents accounting for 1-3 percent of total weight of the acrylic monomer, polymerization initiator accounting for 0.4-0.8 percent of total weight of the acrylic monomer, post-elimination initiator accounting for 0.2-0.6 percent of total weight of the acrylic monomer, 1-3 percent of wetting agents, 1-3 percent of defoaming agents, 0.1-1 percent of preservative, and the remaining is deionized water. By utilizing the formula, acrylic monomer pre-emulsification, VAE emulsion treatment, VAE/PA compound emulsion preparation and post-treatment steps are carried out to obtain the compound emulsion which is used as the dry-type compound aqueous paper/plastic laminating emulsion adhesive. The laminating emulsion adhesive has economical efficiency of VAE emulsion and good bonding performance of polyacrylic emulsion, and the performance of the laminating emulsion adhesive is superior to the VAE emulsion and is equivalent to the polyacrylic emulsion; the peel strength of the laminating emulsion adhesive has no obvious recession and can be kept more than one year, so as to avoid delaminating risk of the laminating products.

Modified starch adhesive and method for preparing same

The invention discloses a modified starch adhesive and a method for preparing the same. The modified starch adhesive comprises the following components by weight: 30-50 parts of corn starch, 80-120 parts of deionized water, 25-40 parts of sodium hypochlorite solution, 0.5-2 parts of epichlorohydrin, 30-70 parts of polyvinyl acetate emulsion, 10-30 parts of epoxy resin, 2-7 parts of tertiary amine catalyst, 5-15 parts of filler, 0.2-1 part of surfactant, and 0.2-0.6 part of preservative, wherein the sodium hypochlorite solution serves as the oxidant, the polyvinyl acetate emulsion serves as the high-cohesive-energy reinforcement component, and the epoxy resin servers as the water-tolerant modified component. The method for preparing the modified starch adhesive comprises the following steps: mixing the oxidized starch emulsion prepared in advance, the polyvinyl acetate emulsion and the epoxy resin according to proportion uniformly, adding the catalyst, the filler and the preservative, and stirring quickly and uniformly. The modified starch adhesive disclosed by the invention has the advantages of high shear strength, high water-tolerant shear strength, moderate viscosity, good liquidity, moderate primary drying time, low cost and excellent integrated performance.
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