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Quick insertion and removal fastener

InactiveUS6712574B1Improve overall strengthImproved configurationNutsBoltsFastenerLeaf spring
A quick insertion fastener has an internally threaded first member ("nut") adapted to be quickly attached and tightened on an externally threaded second member ("bolt"). The nut is formed with a casing with an internal frusto-conical front surface, a plurality of threaded shell segments contained in the casing having external frusto-conical front surfaces which abut the front surface of the casing, a spring member positioned at a rear part of the casing which elastically holds the rear ends of the shell assembly together, and an end retainer provided at the rear part of the casing having a taper for engaging the rear ends of the shell assembly and displacing them radially apart when the shell assembly is displaced axially toward the end retainer by insertion of the bolt. This allows the bolt threads to move without interference past the internal threads of the shell segments. When the insertion force of the bolt is released, the spring member urges the shell segments together so that the internal threads of the shell assembly become engaged with the bolt, and the nut can be tightened on the bolt. The spring member may be a radial spring or O-ring, or in the alternatively may be a wave compression spring, segmented spring, circumferential or axial leaf springs, or a flexure spring formed integrally with the end retainer. The nut may also be configured with an external sleeve member for pulling the shell assembly back relative to the nut casing for quick disengagement from the fastener.

Construction method of geogrid reinforced clay edge-covered tailing subgrade

ActiveCN104631254AImprove overall strengthImproved deformation and failure characteristicsRoadwaysCapillary waterSubgrade
The invention discloses a construction method of a geogrid reinforced clay edge-covered tailing subgrade and belongs to the technical field of subgrades in the civil engineering. The construction method comprises the following steps: foundation treatment, sand gravel underlayer construction, laying of a two-way geogrid and water-permeable geotechnical cloth, feeding laying operations of clay edge-covering layers on the two sides of the subgrade and a tailing subgrade main body layer by layer, rolling construction, one-way geogrid construction between the tailing subgrade main body and the edge-covering clay to a designed elevation, and finally, the construction of an ash doped clay sealing layer. As the one-way geogrids are laid between the clay edge-covering layers on the two sides of the subgrade and the tailing subgrade main body, the defects such as differential settlement, poor subgrade stability and the like between the two fillers, namely the clay and the tailings, are reduced. The construction method has the advantages of simple structure, low cost and convenience for construction; besides, the consumption of the tailings and the overall stability of the subgrade can be increased, the differential settlement and the usage of the earthwork of the subgrade are reduced, rainfall infiltration and capillary water rise are decreased, and the internal drainage performance of the section of the subgrade is improved.

Leg fitness equipment motion guide

A leg fitness equipment includes two cranks respectively connected to both sides of a transmission shaft of a transmission wheel; each crank being inserted to a transmission bracket; each transmission bracket being pivoted to a pull rod; a pedal being provided to each pull rod; a terminal of each pull rod being pivoted to a guide pulley bracket containing a guide pulley or pulley; both guide pulleys or pulley striding over two sidetracks provided to both sides of a base of the fitness equipment; a user stepping on the pair of pedals to alternatively stamp thereon for both pull rods to slide back and forth on the guide track by means of the guide pulley; each pull rod follows the turning of the cranks at one end of the crank to be driven to its ascending and descending positions while reciprocally traveling by following expansion or reducing of the guide track; both pull rods drive the pair of pedals to produce oval turning; a reinforced section defined by a link between both terminals of two sidetracks to prevent the guide track from shaking and deformation due to torsion applied by the pair of pedals; and a user may stamp the pair of pedals in a position either facing or facing away from the transmission wheel of the fitness equipment to select travel motion in a toe-out or toe-in fashion in exercising stable simulation of roller/in-line skating, skiing, treading, walking, or twisting motion for achieving fitness purpose.

Prestressed concrete solid square pile and making method thereof

ActiveCN102966101AImprove overall strengthLower connection costsBulkheads/pilesCarbon steelRebar
The invention discloses a prestressed concrete solid square pile and a making method thereof, wherein the square pile comprises a steel reinforcement cage, four non-prestressed additional main reinforcements, a pile tip, a pile end mesh sheet and concrete, wherein the main reinforcements of the steel reinforcement cage use prestressed concrete steel rods; the steel reinforcement cage comprises an internal cage body and an external cage body; the external cage body is square; the internal cage body is in the form of a quadrangle with four arch edges; the internal cage body and the external cage body are respectively welded with each other through a stirrup in a spirally sliding way; the four non-prestressed additional main reinforcements use ordinary steel reinforcements and respectively positioned at four corners of the external cage body at the pile end; the pile end mesh sheet is put at the top end of the pile; and the steel reinforcement cage, the non-prestressed additional main reinforcements, the pile tip and the pile end mesh sheet are integrally cast by using high-strength concrete to form a whole solid square pile. According to the invention, as the pile main reinforcements use prestressed high-strength steel reinforcements, the stirrup is molded through mechanically rolling and welding high carbon steel wires and the pile tip and a pile body are connected and integrally cast, the integral strength of the pile can be enhanced, the cost of the connection between the pile tip and the pile body is reduced and the rock penetrating capacity of the square pile is enhanced.

Dump barrow

InactiveCN101475020AImprove overall strengthGuaranteed overall stabilityHand carts with one axisSteel tubeSteel frame
The invention relates to an easily-detached and conveniently-folded trolley dumper with high dumper strength made of the same material as a trolley handle bar and a trolley side beam. Dumper wheels are connected with a trolley frame chassis, a dumper hopper is positioned on the trolley frame and can be turned over. Side beams of two steel pipes of the trolley frame are bent and molded with the same steel pipe as the two handle bars of the trolley respectively. Both ends of a front steel pipe beam and a back steel pipe beam between the side beams of the two steel pipes of the trolley frame are welded with the side beams of the two steel pipes respectively, and both ends of a core beam of a steel pipe frame of the trolley are welded with the front steel pipe beam and the back steel pipe beam. The lower part of the front part of both sides of the dumper hopper is connected with the front steel pipe beam of the trolley frame through a connecting lug and can be rotated, and a hopper port of the dumper hopper is welded with a corner-shaped reinforced edge. The trolley dumper has the advantages that the integral strength of the trolley frame is high, and the stability is good; the trolley dumper can be disassembled, a plurality of dumper hoppers can be stored by folding so as to be convenient for transport and storage, and the transport cost and storage cost are low; and the peripheral corners of the hopper port of the dumper hopper cannot be shoved off, and the strength of carriage plates is reinforced.
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