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Method and application of a self adhesive splint

InactiveUS20050228323A1Reduce elasticityReduce abilityFeet bandagesNon-surgical orthopedic devicesMedian nerveSkin elasticity
The device is a thin, self-adhesive non-stretch splint, having the capability to flex. This device is intended for the treatment of repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with elements that provide user adjustable limitation of movement within acceptable medical parameters. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms include pain and numbness in the thumb, index, and middle fingers, that are aggravated by compression of the median nerve. This device limits flexion, extension, ulnar and radial deviation movements of the wrist without compressing the median nerve The device limits movement by reducing skin elasticity on the surface skin above or below the wrist and up the forearm. The application provides biomechanical feedback to the wearer in the form of the tugging sensation on the skin around the perimeter of the device assisting the user in maintaining a more neutral wrist position without imposing wrist immobilization. The design elements allow the use of the device in such a manner that produces no additional pressure to the median nerve while in use. Furthermore the method of application provides a means for the user to regulate the amount of wrist movement to provide a greater comfort level while still limiting movement within medically proven parameters. The adhesive nature of the device eliminates the need for external straps that normally wrap completely around the forearm and hand to hold a splint in place. The application of the device limits movement by greatly reducing the ability of the skin to stretch by placing a self-adhesive non-stretch splint directly on the skin. The device, and how it is placed utilizes the wearers skin elasticity to provide biomechanical feedback to the user to promote better wrist posture.

Pharmaceutical composition, substrate comprising a pharmaceutical composition, and use of a pharmaceutical composition

The invention relates to the use of a pharmaceutical composition for the local treatment or prevention of a tissue infection at an infection site, the pharmaceutical composition comprising at least two different antibiotics of group A or pharmaceutically acceptable derivatives thereof, or an antibiotic of group A and at least one antibiotic of group B or pharmaceutically acceptable derivatives thereof. Group A comprises primarily intracellular active antibiotics working as inhibitor of bacterial RNA polymerase; as inhibitor of gyrase; or as inhibitor of bacterial protein synthesis. Group B comprises primarily extracellular active antibiotics working as inhibitor of bacterial cell wall synthesis; or inhibitor of bacterial protein synthesis; or by direct destabilisation or rupture of the bacterial cell wall.
The invention further relates to a pharmaceutical composition for treatment of extracellular and/or intracellular microbial infected cells and/or for the prevention of microbial cell infections comprising at least one antibiotic acting as an inhibitor of bacterial RNA polymerase and/or at least one antibiotic affecting the bacterial cell wall or its synthesis, and a substrate carrying a pharmaceutical composition.
The invention also relates to the use of a combination of at least one antibiotic acting as an inhibitor of bacterial RNA polymerase and at least one antibiotic affecting the bacterial cell wall or its synthesis as anti-adhesive against microorganisms on surfaces.
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