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Method of purifying acid leaching solution by precipitation and oxidation

A method of purifying an acid leaching solution obtained by processing hydrometallurgically material that contains valuable metals and also Fe3+ and Fe2+, and possibly also arsenic in solution. The major part of the Fe3+-content and the arsenic is precipitated out in a first stage, by adding pH-elevating agent to the leaching solution. The precipitate formed in the first precipitation stage is extracted from the solution and removed from the process. The solution is oxidised in a second precipitation stage while adding a further pH-elevating agent for oxidation of Fe2+ and precipitation of resultant Fe3+ and any arsenic still present. The resultant precipitate and any residual solid pH-elevating agent are then extracted from the solution and returned in the process to more acid conditions, and the thus purified solution is then processed to win its valuable metal content in a manner per se. The pH is suitably raised during the first stage to a value in the range of 2.2-2.8, and in the second stage to a value in the range of 3.0-4.5. The oxidising process in the second stage is suitably effected by injecting air into the solution and by preferably using lime or limestone as the pH-elevating agent. Solid material extracted from the second stage is returned beneficially to the first stage. Some of the solid material taken from each precipitation stage can be recycled within respective stages as a nucleating agent.

Process for recovery of nickel and cobalt from laterite ore

A process for recovering nickel and cobalt values from nickel- and cobalt-containing laterite ores as an enriched mixed nickel and cobalt sulphide intermediate and for producing nickel and cobalt metal from the nickel and cobalt sulphide intermediate. The laterite ore is leached as a slurry in a pressure acid leach containing an excess of aqueous sulphuric acid at high pressure and temperature, excess free acid in the leach slurry is partially neutralized to a range of 5 to 10 g/L residual free H2SO4 and washed to yield a nickel- and cobalt-containing product liquor, the product liquor is subjected to a reductant to reduce any Cr(VI) in solution to Cr(III), the reduced product liquor is neutralized to precipitate ferric iron and silicon at a pH of about 3.5 to 4.0, and the neutralized and reduced product liquor is contacted with hydrogen sulphide gas to precipitate nickel and cobalt sulphides. The precipitated nickel and cobalt sulphides can be leached in a water slurry in a pressure oxidation leach, the leach solution subjected to iron hydrolysis and precipitation, the iron-free solution contacted with zinc sulphide to precipitate copper, the iron- and copper-free solution subjected to zinc and cobalt extraction by solvent extraction to produce a nickel raffinate, the nickel raffinate contacted with hydrogen gas to produce nickel powder and the cobalt strip solution from the solvent extraction step contacted with hydrogen gas to produce cobalt powder.
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