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Low-range piezoresistive pressure sensor for vacuum measurement and manufacturing method thereof

The invention discloses a method for manufacturing a low-range piezoresistive pressure sensor for vacuum measurement comprising the following steps: (a) providing a silicon wafer, covering a silicon oxide and a silicon nitride as a mask on the back of the silicon wafer, and etching the silicon oxide and silicon nitride as the mask by using RIE to form a membrane structure opening; (b) removing a photoresist and corroding or etching the silicon wafer so as to form a certain depth at the opening of the membrane structure; (c) photoetching an island structure, and etching the silicon oxide and the silicon nitride on the island structure by using RIE; (d) removing the photoresist and keeping on corroding or etching the silicon wafer, obtaining a pressure sensing film with the desired depth; (e) corroding the remaining silicon oxide and silicon nitride by using BOE; (f) providing a bonding layer, and fixing the bonding layer at the front of the silicon wafer, arranging a cavity communicated with the pressure sensing film and a stop block downwardly extending to the cavity on the bonding layer, and reserving a gap between the stop block and the pressure sensing film for limiting excessive deformation of the pressure sensing film; also comprising a step of making a plurality of piezoresistive bars which can connect a Wheatstone bridge at a stress concentration area of the pressure sensing film. The design of the stop block limits the maximum displacement of the pressure sensing film so as to realize the functions of ordinary pressure protection and overload protection of the sensor.

Packaging method for reducing poor insulation of soft package lithium battery

The invention provides a packaging method for reducing poor insulation of a soft package lithium battery. The packaging method comprises the following step of: S1, carrying out pit punching on an aluminum-plastic film to form a battery cell pit and an air bag pit; S2, coating the inner side of the aluminum-plastic film heat sealing region with a heat-resistant coating, and subjecting the heat-resistant coating to cross-linking curing treatment; S3, putting the welded battery cell into a battery cell pit, and carrying out top sealing and side sealing on the edge of the outer side of the heat-resistant coating to form a top sealing stamp and a side sealing stamp; S4, baking the battery cell, and performing primary sealing after liquid injection to form a primary seal; S5, performing batterycell formation, and performing air exhaust secondary sealing after aging to form a secondary seal; and S6, trimming and folding the battery cell. The inner side edge of the heat sealing region is coated with the heat-resistant coating, so that adhesion of an aluminum-plastic film PP layer in the heat affected region can be effectively prevented during heat sealing of the battery cell, the PP layeris prevented from being damaged during subsequent production and use of the soft package battery cell, and the proportion of poor insulation is reduced.

Circulating water treatment device and process using nanocrystalline titanium dioxide fiber photocatalysis reactor

The invention discloses a circulating water treatment device and a circulating water treatment process using a nanocrystalline titanium dioxide fiber photocatalysis reactor, which are used for treating organic pollutant waste water. Compared with the prior art, the reactor is innovative and has remarkable advantages in the aspect of structural designs: through unique water intake expanding and decelerating, uniform current distribution and a surrounding ring overflow water outlet structure at the upper port of an inner barrel, relatively high water flow rate is ensured and fiber breaking and loss caused by over high water current flow speed are avoided; an ultraviolet lamp is arranged at the axle enter position of the reactor, so that ultraviolet light is utilized to the maximum extent; a photocatalysis reaction is considered fully and treated waste water is sprayed and filled with oxygen; the device has a simple structure and low manufacturing cost and is convenient to assemble; and the photocatalysis circulating water treatment process has high efficiency, low energy consumption and important practical value and can perform high-flow continuous water treatment.

Packing container for liquid crystal display panel

The invention discloses a packing container for a liquid crystal display panel. The packing container comprises a chassis and an inclined container body which are used for placing the liquid crystal display panel with a driving circuit film and a PCB, wherein the top surface of the chassis is a first inclined surface; the inclined container body is aslant arranged on the first inclined surface, and comprises a second inclined surface and a limiting frame; the limiting frame is annularly arranged on the second inclined surface to form an accommodating space, and is wider than the liquid crystal display panel such that after the liquid crystal display panel is arranged in the limiting frame and fits the second inclined surface, the liquid crystal display panel is attached to the bottom of the limiting frame under the effect of self gravity, and has a preset distance from the top end of the limiting frame. Compared with the prior art, the packing container can effectively prevent the fragment phenomenon of the liquid crystal display panel in the transportation process to guarantee the transportation safety, and the sky side of the liquid crystal display panel does not need a support part, so that the packing container is simplified, and the cost is reduced.

Automatic weighing device for jelly

The invention discloses an automatic weighing device for jelly. The automatic weighing device comprises a shell; a feeding hopper is arranged at the top part of the shell, and a discharging groove isformed in the bottom part of the feeding hopper; a feeding transmission belt is arranged at the bottom part of the discharging groove, longitudinal partition plates are arranged at the top part of thefeeding transmission belt, and transverse partition plates are arranged among the longitudinal partition plates; a baffle is arranged on one side of the feeding transmission belt; a bearing disc is arranged at the bottom part of the baffle, a pressure sensor is arranged at the bottom part of the bearing disc, a connecting block is arranged at the bottom part of the pressure sensor, and a rotatingrod penetrates through the connecting block; a qualified product conveying belt is arranged on one side of the connecting block, and an unqualified product conveying belt is arranged on the other side of the connecting block; and a qualified product discharging port is formed in the top part of the qualified product conveying belt. According to the automatic weighing device, the discharge groove,the longitudinal partition plates and the transverse partition plates are arranged, so that the jelly is subjected to batch screening, labor is saved, the working efficiency is greatly improved, labor cost is reduced, and the high practicability is achieved.

Intelligent binding device for finance

The invention discloses an intelligent binding device for finance. The intelligent binding device comprises a sorting device, wherein a plurality of groups of conveying rollers are arranged inside thesorting device; rotating devices are arranged on two sides of the inner center of the sorting device; rotating shafts are arranged on the rotating devices; two groups of rotating plates are arrangedon the rotating shafts; scraping plates are arranged on the opposite surfaces of all the rotating plates; and rubber layers are arranged on the side surfaces of the scraping plates. According to the intelligent binding device, an atomization nozzle is utilized for the spraying onto wrinkles, as well as the extrusion and drying treatment is performed under the action of extrusion rollers and warm air pipes, so that the wrinkles on notes can be eliminated; the rotating plates are utilized for rotating on the upper and lower surfaces of the notes, the scraping plates are arranged on the corresponding sides of the rotating plates, and the rubber layers are arranged on the scraping plates, so that folded corners can be restored, the damage to the folded corners can be effectively avoided through the rubber layers, and then the notes can be sorted; and through the sorting of the notes one by one, the notes can be smoothly bound as well as the subsequent storage and use can be facilitated.
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