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Method for implementing file evidence storage and authentication based on blockchain

The invention discloses a method for implementing file evidence storage and authentication based on a blockchain. The implementation process is as follows: firstly, configuring a blockchain network; then, performing evidence storage: performing hash on an evidence storage file by using a hash algorithm to obtain a hash value, encrypting the hash value by using an asymmetric encryption algorithm, extracting evidence storage information as a data model, assembling an evidence storage data structure according to the data model, and writing the assembled data into the blockchain network; and finally, performing authentication: performing hash on the file by using the hash algorithm to obtain a hash value, querying evidence storage data on the blockchain according to the hash value, and verifying the signature. Compared with the prior art, the method for implementing file evidence storage and authentication based on the blockchain disclosed by the invention has the advantage of high security, and has the characteristics of data disclosure and prevention of tampering based on the blockchain technology; and the privacy is good, a source electronic file is not uploaded to the network andis only stored at a file owner.

Method for manufacturing fuel through straw quick thermal cracking and fuel product thereof

The invention relates to a method for manufacturing fuel through straw quick thermal cracking and a fuel product thereof. The method comprises the following steps: crushing straw materials; drying the crushed materials; carrying out thermal cracking of the dried materials; completing gas-solid separation of the thermal cracking products; condensing gaseous biomass oil; collecting low-boiling point biomass oil; and mixing and grinding biomass carbon obtained after gas-solid separation, condensed biomass oil, water and surfactant. The fuel product comprises the following components in percentage: 30 to 60 percent of the biomass carbon, 2 to 15 percent of the heavy biomass oil, 0.2 to 1 percent of the surfactant, and the balance of water. The method converts straw through quick thermal cracking and makes straw into the novel fuel product of the biomass oil, the biological carbon and the water; moreover, the method has the advantages of lower production cost, higher yield of biomass fuel and better control of quick thermal cracking conditions. The fuel product has the advantages that the product has high thermal value and low sulphur content and does not block up pipelines and burner nozzles frequently during combustion; moreover, the product has stable performance and is convenient for transportation and storage. Therefore, the fuel product can be widely used in thermal power plants, heating boiler rooms, and the like.

Preparation method and application of novel edible moisturizing nutritional ointment

The invention discloses a preparation method and application of a novel edible moisturizing nutritional ointment, and belongs to the technical field of cosmetic processing. The preparation method comprises the following steps: treating abelmoschus esculentus, treating propolis, preparing a liquorice root extract, extracting ginkgo leaf flavonoids, preparing fibroin protein, preparing perilla oil, preparing pine seed oil, and preparing an emulsifying agent. The preparation method specifically comprises the following steps: by taking an emulsion matter as a basic emulsion material, adding deionized water, fully stirring, and then adding 1-5% of an abelmoschus esculentus polysaccharide refined product in percentage by volume, 0.1-1.0% of a propolis viscous substance in percentage by volume, 0.1-1.0% of the liquorice root extract in percentage by volume, 0.1-1.0% of ginkgo leaf flavonoids in percentage by volume and 0.1-2.0% of fibroin protein in percentage by volume to obtain the moisturizing nutritional ointment. According to the preparation method and application disclosed by the invention, the safe and edible novel moisturizing ointment can be prepared by using abelmoschus esculentus, propolis, liquorice root, ginkgo leaves, fibroin, perilla oil, maize embryo oil, wheat embryo oil and pine seed oil, and the moisturizing ointment is suitable for being applied to the exposed skin which easily contacts with foods.

Special instrument container for chemical experiment teaching

The invention relates to the technical field of teaching equipment, and provides a special instrument box for chemical experiment teaching, which includes a box body and a box cover. The box body is equipped with a barrel groove, a retractable groove, a stepped groove, a straight pipe groove and a curved pipe groove, and the barrel groove There is a reaction barrel inside, a temperature sensor is set at the bottom of the reaction barrel, and a heating wire is set between the reaction barrel and the inner wall of the barrel tank; an activated carbon filling layer is set on the inner surface of the retractable tank; a sealing plug is set in the stepped tank, and a tube hole is set on the center line of the sealing plug ;The inner surface of the box cover is provided with a display, a transparent card bag and a stirring rod slot; the two sides of the display are provided with temperature setting buttons, the temperature sensor is connected to the microprocessor, the microprocessor is connected to the display, the temperature setting button and the control module, and the control module is connected to the electric heater Silk; the lower edge of the rear end of the box cover is connected to the box body through a hinge, and the lower edge of the front end is connected to the box body through a lock ring and a mechanical lock. The present invention improves the safety of chemical experiment teaching and facilitates the management and storage of chemical experiment equipment and reaction raw materials. Can provide more perfect chemical reaction conditions.

Risk avoiding table and chair

The invention discloses a risk avoiding table and chair. The risk avoiding table and chair comprises a tabletop, and a drawer plate is arranged below the tabletop; supporting leg plates are fixedly welded to the two sides of the lower end of the tabletop; the supporting leg plates are of a rectangular plate-shaped structure, guide holes are formed in the surface of the drawer plate, the supportingleg plates movably penetrate through the guide holes, sponge cushions are fixedly arranged on the lower surfaces of the drawer plates, air bag grooves are formed in the sides, close to each other, ofthe two supporting leg plates, and upper hinge plates and lower hinge plates are arranged above and below openings of the air bag grooves respectively. The risk avoiding table and chair can be quickly combined together, and a student can be accommodated in the table and chair; the table and chair is made of high-strength alloy and can resist the falling pressure of a wall body; the air bag is arranged in the table and chair, the internal space can be wrapped rapidly after the table and chair is impacted, safety is high, and an exhaust hole is reserved to guarantee breathing; and the GPS positioning chip is arranged in the table and chair and has a positioning function, and when the GPS positioning chip is activated, the accurate distance can be sent to the other end, so that the GPS positioning chip is convenient for search and rescue.
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