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Method and system for de-noising touch detection device

The invention is applicable to the technical field of touch control and provides a method for de-noising a touch detection device. The method comprises the following steps of: (A), synchronously sampling touch detection nodes which belong to the same group, and storing sampling data; (B), respectively comparing the sampling data with corresponding reference values, calculating difference data which serve as detection data, and replacing the original sampling data with the detection data; (C), counting the detection data which are obtained by replacement in the step B, screening effective data according to preset screening conditions, and calculating direct current offset components which represent noise components; and (D), respectively subtracting the direct current offset components which are obtained in the step (C) from the detection data which are obtained by calculation in the step (B), and thus obtaining the de-noised detection data. According to the characteristic that synchronous sampling values of the same group of detection points have the same amplitude and direction under the influence of an interference signal, the noise components in the sampling data serve as the direct current offset components and are filtered, and influence of an external interference signal on the detection performance of the touch detection device is weakened.

Visible light communication apparatus

InactiveUS20090245806A1Reduce product costStreamlined in constitutionClose-range type systemsSignal onBlu-ray disc
A visible light communication apparatus is constituted with a transmitter for illuminating and projecting visible light on which an information signal is superimposed from a lamp fitting and a receiver for receiving the visible light to take out the information signal superimposed on the visible light. The transmitter modulates a transmission information signal, driving a light projecting element of the lamp fitting so as to superimpose the transmission information signal on the visible light of the lamp fitting, thereby radiating white light containing a blue light component as visible illumination light. The receiver receives the white visible light containing the blue light component radiated from the transmitter and generates a receiving information signal from the light receiving signal on a receiving circuit. A blue light photodiode which receives blue light at the highest sensitivity to output a light receiving signal is used as a light receiving element of the light receiving unit. The lamp fitting for radiating the white light containing the blue light component on the side of the transmitter as visible illumination light and the blue light photodiode for receiving blue light on the side of the receiver at the highest sensitivity can be used to perform visible light communications at high speed, while illuminating by the white light.

Emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and lipid

InactiveUS20050064068A1Reduce product costEdible oils/fats ingredientsMilk preparationAdemetionineYeast form
Emulsified liquid shortening compositions comprising dietary fiber gel, water and lipid, as well as a method for making the compositions, are disclosed. According to the present invention, dietary fiber gel can be subjected to micro-particulation by high shear via homogenization and combined with water and lipid. These ingredients are mixed to form a mixture. The mixture can then be subjected to colloid milling or other equivalent methods of emulsification, for example homogenization and ultrasonification treatment, in the presence of food grade emulsifiers, for example lecithin, and the emulsified mixture can be pasteurized. Functional foods such as high omega three and omega six oils and pure omega three and omega six fatty acids, medium chain triglyceride, beta carotene, calcium estearate, vitamin E, bioflavonoids, fagopyritrol, polyphenolic antioxidants of vegetable origin, lycopene, luteine and soluble fiber, for example Beta-Glucan derived from yeast, and other soluble fibers derived from grain, flax seed, and other vegetable and fruit fiber sources can be added prior to mixing for additional health benefits. The compositions are suitable for use in formulated foods to replace all or a portion of fats, oils and liquid shortenings normally contained in the foods to yield lower calorie, lower fat formulations of the foods. The emulsified compositions can also be used on a prorated basis as a vector for the introduction of dietary fiber gels into formulated foods to partially and totally replace other hydrocolloids normally found in formulated foods, thus providing an effective means to reduce production costs of formulated foods.
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