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Enhancement to the multi-band OFDM physical layer

This specification describes several improvements to the Multiband OFDM (MB-OFDM) Physical Layer. A new PLCP frame format that better supports interoperability between 3-band and 7-band modes is described. An expanded PHY header is described with more reserved bits for future enhancements, an even number of OFDM symbols for the PLCP header that better supports time spreading and that the information is limited to just 2 OFDM symbols. A zero prefix is used to eliminate ripe in the transmitted spectrum so there is no back off required at the transmitter. A length 160 hierarchical sequence for the packet synchronization sequence is used to help eliminate the artificial side-lobe that is created during the correlation process at the receiver with the current length 128 hierarchical packet synchronization sequence.

Sports Garment

A sports garment is disclosed for covering the lower torso, hips, crotch and behind of a wearer. The sports garment comprises: a first layer of material providing a front bodice panel, one or more backside panels and a gusset panel of the garment, and a second layer of material providing one or more pocket panels. The second layer of material extends across the entire back width of the garment so as to completely cover the backside panel, to thereby form at least one pocket opening towards the bottom of the garment.

Electronic palm-held hair trimmer

An electronic palm-held hair trimmer has an ergonomically curved head with a trimmer housing that fits within a use's palm and fingers during use. The ergonomically curved head allows the user's hand to hold the hair trimmer in a manner that is generally perpendicular to the plane of the hair trimming mechanism during use. A detachable strap can be attached to clips on either side of the head for attaching to a use's hand to better support the hair trimmer. An On / OFF power button on the head is reachable by an index finger or middle finger of a use's hand while holding the hair trimmer in the palm of a use's hand. A turbo button is located with the power button, and allows for variable speeds of the trimming blades when activated. Attachments are provided for varying the amount of hair and length to be cut. The trimmer may be operated with a power cord or may include a rechargeable battery that is used as a power supply.

Method for preparing isolated supporting point array between vacuum glass substrates by screen printing

InactiveCN101973693AGood supportImprove yield and mechanical strengthGlass reforming apparatusGlass productionEngineeringSurface plate
The invention discloses a method for preparing an isolated supporting point array between front and rear vacuum glass substrates by using screen printing equipment. The method comprises the following steps of: preparing low-melting glass powder into screen printing size, printing on the front glass substrate by using screen printing, and preparing the isolated supporting point array between vacuum glass panels by drying, sintering and other processes, wherein the diameter of each cylindrical point is 0.1 to 1.0mm; the thickness is 20 to 250 mu m; and longitudinal and transverse spacing between the points is 20 to 100mm. A sealing layer for sealing the edges of the vacuum glass is prepared on the rear glass substrate; the softening temperature of the used low-melting glass powder is 3 to 30 DEG C lower than that of the low-melting glass powder for preparing the supporting point array; and the thickness of the isolated supporting point is 1 to 20 mu m higher than that of the sealing layer on the edges of the vacuum glass. Under the action of the sealing temperature of the sealing layer on the edges of the vacuum glass and clamp pressure, the deformation of a supporting point sintered body is slightly lower than that of a sintered body on the edges of the sealing layer, and each supporting point in the supporting point array can be contacted with the front and rear glass substrates and is uniformly stressed on the premise of realizing edge airtight seal on the edges.

Shower curtain hooks

An improved shower curtain hook has two hook portions, wherein individual hook portions each extend through openings in a pair of aligned shower curtain sheets. The shower curtain hook has rollers that have a cylindrical outer surface to roll along a curtain rod as the shower curtain is moved between open and closed positions. At ends of the rollers there are curved surfaces, however, the central portion of the rollers is cylindrical.

Excavator and bucket tooth connection assembly thereof

The invention provides an excavator and a bucket tooth connection assembly thereof. The bucket tooth connection assembly comprises a tooth top, a tooth holder, a pin bush and a tooth pin, wherein the tooth top is provided with an inner cavity and a first mounting hole; the first mounting hole is formed on the wall of the inner cavity; the tooth holder is provided with a head part and a second mounting hole; the second mounting hole is formed in the head part; the head part is matched with the inner cavity; the pin bush is provided with a pin bush body, a reinforcing part, a hinge pin hole, a placement groove, a positioning groove and a guide part and is arranged in the second mounting hole; the tooth pin is provided with a pin body and a hinge pin; the hinge pin is provided with a convex tongue part; the tooth pin is inserted into the first mounting hole; the hinge pin is inserted into the hinge pin hole; the tongue part rotates the tooth pin after passing through the placement groove; the tongue part passes through the guide part to be clamped in the positioning groove so as to fixedly connect the tooth top and the tooth holder. The bucket tooth connection assembly provided by the invention can provide excellent support in the case of impact and vibration; technical difficulty is reduced when the tooth top and the tooth holder are made; matching accuracy is improved; the bucket tooth connection assembly is convenient to manufacture and is convenient to install and disassemble; meanwhile, the phenomenon that the tooth top is lost in the use process is avoided.

Universal safety strategy constituting method

A method for structuring universal safety policy includes dividing safety requirements to be a numbers of layers and correspondingly dividing safety policy to be the same numbers of levels, confirming protective object of each safety policy level, configuring safety element combination and safety algorithm for application server and applied mobile terminal i.e. configuring safety element combination listing for protective object according to each level of safety policy.

Mobile platform credibility payment system and method

The invention discloses a mobile platform credibility payment system and method. The system comprises a credibility operating system, an ordinary operating system, a virtual machine manager, a safety browser, a monitoring program and a hardware layer. The method comprises the steps that customized mirror image documents of the operating systems are stored into a storage card, and the mirror image documents are measured through a TPM chip every time before the operating systems are started; the mobile platform credibility payment system is named as the credibility operating system, the credibility operating system can be updated only through authorization of a third-party credibility mechanism, a user uses the ordinary mobile phone operating system at ordinary times, however, when detecting that the user wants to make payments, the credibility payment system can be automatically switched into the credibility operating system for carrying out the payment operation, and a website needed by the payment operation is encrypted after being verified by a payment website database and is loaded into the credibility operating system. The mobile platform credibility payment system provides the payment environment with the high safety protection for a user, and meanwhile the mobile platform credibility payment system can support hardware platforms of different frameworks due to the fact that the method is based on the virtualization technology.

Intelligent substation panoramic information comprehensive integrating and display method based on proxy

The invention discloses an intelligent substation panoramic information comprehensive integrating and display method based on proxy. The method includes: abstract categorizing is performed on comprehensive display data, data proxy deployed on a monitoring mainframe and data proxy deployed on a comprehensive application server access the comprehensive display data in a unified manner and then package and transmit the data, various abstracted data object unified access interfaces are provided, the data is transmitted to an information client deployed on an operator station, and the operator station provides a professional comprehensive display interface. The client performs image organization according professional display blocks and comprehensively integrates and displays various business data, intelligent substation panoramic information integration and comprehensive display are achieved, and efficient support is provided for power consumer monitoring and operation and maintenance.

Method of bone expansion and compression for receiving a dental implant using threaded expanders

A method and devices for bone tissue expansion and compression for receiving a dental implant are disclosed. The method includes the steps of creating an initial osseotomy site in the maxilla or the mandable using a pilot drill; screwing a first threaded expander into the site to expand the site laterally; and allowing the expander staying in the site for a short time to impress the interior wall of the osseotomy site; then retrieving the first expander. These steps are repeated using a second, and / or third threaded expander having an increasing outer diameter to further expand the osseotomy site to a final diameter which is complementary, but narrower than the diameter of the dental implant so that expanded osseotomy site enables uniform engagement of the implant with the bone tissue. A preparation drilling to extend osseotomy site only at cortical level can be incorporated for hard bone and larger implants.

Method for achieving container supporting file system expansion

The invention relates to the technical field of cloud computing, in particular to a method for achieving a container supporting file system expansion. The method includes the steps that firstly, a block device is established and mapped to a container node; secondly, the block device is formatted and mounted to a container catalog; finally, a system is injected into the container catalog, and the container is started. The container established with the method can dynamically expand the file system in the following use process, and can also be conveniently migrated; the method can be used for providing a container for isolating running space for an application.

Solid gel cushion

Disclosed is a solid gel cushion. The solid gel cushion includes at least one first elastic quadrilateral body with four elastic side walls, wherein the bottom surface and the top surface of each first elastic quadrilateral body are open. A second elastic quadrilateral body with four elastic side walls is connected to the four elastic side walls of each first elastic quadrilateral body. Two elastic supporting ribs staggered in a crossed way are formed in the second elastic quadrilateral body. The bottom surface of the second elastic quadrilateral body is a closed surface and the top surface of the second elastic quadrilateral body is open, which allows each first elastic quadrilateral body to be surrounded by four second elastic quadrilateral bodies. When a user sits or lies or leans on the top surface of the solid gel cushion, the top surface of each second elastic quadrilateral body is sealed by the user's body. The air in each second quadrilateral body is compressed to allow the pressure to become high and the volume to expand, which results in that the four side walls of each second elastic quadrilateral body expand to the inner space of each first elastic quadrilateral body, thereby realizing support effect. The inner space of each first elastic quadrilateral body is reduced and the air is discharged through a hollow channel of the space of each first elastic quadrilateral body, thereby realizing heat dissipation effect.

UV photo-cure 3D rapid forming system and printing method thereof

The invention provides a UV photo-cure 3D rapid forming system and further provides a printing method of the UV photo-cure 3D rapid forming system. The UV photo-cure 3D rapid forming system comprises a printing curing device, a printing bin and a powder supply device. The printing curing device comprises a UV lamp curing unit and a UV glue bonding unit, the printing bin is provided with a work table for bonding and curing forming of printing powder, and the powder supply device is used for storing and conveying the printing powder to the printing bin and comprises a powder supply bin body and a powder laying roller. The UV photo-cure 3D rapid forming system and the printing method thereof have the advantages that according to the system, the UV photo-cure technology is applied to three-dimensional printing, the problems that a three-dimensional-printing forming workpiece is low in strength and needs secondary curing aftertreatment, for example, the workpiece is steeped by glue again are solved, the input cost is reduced, the production period is shortened, and the production efficiency is improved; operation is convenient, and the powder laying efficiency is high; and a powder layer is subjected to primary curing before UV curing and thus is better in supporting intensity than loose powder, the supporting effect on the subsequent cured workpiece is better, and forming is facilitated.

Long shaft part center adjustable quick clamping and machining device and operation method thereof

PendingCN109848735AGood supportReduce processing size and shape errorsChucksPositioning apparatusDrive motorCam
The invention provides a long shaft part center adjustable quick clamping and machining device and an operation method thereof. The device comprises a chuck, a fixture and a force applying device. Thechuck is used for fixing one end of a shaft part. The fixture comprises two V-shaped rods used for clamping the other end of the shaft part. The V-shaped rods are fixedly connected through a spring.The tail ends of the V-shaped rods are provided with rolling wheels. The force applying device comprises a cam, a bevel push block and a driving motor. The two bevels of the bevel push block are arranged in an inverted-V shape. The upper end of the bevel push block is arranged in the space formed by connecting the spring and the V-shaped rods. The lower end of the bevel push block is connected with one side of the cam. The driving motor is arranged on the other side of the cam. The long shaft part center adjustable quick clamping and machining device provided by the invention can implement quick clamping and dynamic clamping and machining on different diameters of shaft parts, is fast and convenient to operate, firm in clamping, integrates the functions of centers and follow-rest devices during traditional shaft part machining, saves the cost and optimizes the machining process.

Stent devices for support, controlled drug delivery and pain management after vaginal surgery

InactiveUS20130138134A1Good supportControl drug deliveryStentsBalloon catheterVaginal epitheliumControl drugs
Stent devices comprising an inflatable inner balloon defined by an envelope and an outer balloon surrounding the inner balloon concentrically, the outer balloon serving as a therapeutic agent reservoir used for controlled therapeutic agent delivery. In some embodiments, the outer balloon has two separate walls which define its volume and is independently inflatable. In some embodiments, the two concentric balloons form a substantially cylindrical structure which has a proximal end and a distal end. A catheter carrying inflation and drainage lumens extends outward from the proximal end. In some embodiments, the distal end includes an embedded cervix accommodating tip or has a non-embedded cervix accommodating tip attached thereto. The stent devices can be used to maintain the integrity and placement of vaginally placed mesh or graft after reconstructive procedures, prevent vaginal hematoma formation and bleeding, provide pain control after surgery and deliver antibiotics or hormones to the vaginal epithelium.

Condensation-adsorption combined process capable of improving the service life of oil vapor recovery system equipment

The invention provides a condensation-adsorption combined process capable of improving the service life of oil vapor recovery system equipment, wherein the condensation-adsorption combined process has multiple treatment and recovery ways and good treatment and recovery effects. The condensation-adsorption combined process capable of improving the service life of oil vapor recovery system equipment provided by the invention comprises an inlet end, an exhaust fan, a primary condensing unit, a secondary condensing unit and an active carbon adsorption tank which are connected with one another sequentially; the active carbon adsorption tank comprises a first active carbon adsorption tank and a second active carbon adsorption tank which are connected in parallel; and a vacuum pump is connected between the exhaust fan and the active carbon adsorption tank. Due to adoption of coal based active carbon, the condensation-adsorption combined process has good mechanical property, excellent wearable effect and support force, and the stacking height being in a range of 30m. The sensibility of the coal based active carbon is lower than that of the active carbon fibers, so that the coal based active carbon can be used without a special filter system; and as the desorption temperature of the active carbon is normal temperature, mechanical wear caused by repeatedly increasing and reducing the temperature is avoided, and the utilization rate and the service life of the active carbon are improved.

Stretcher for spine surgery

The invention discloses a stretcher for spine surgery. The stretcher comprises a device main frame, wherein both sides of the device main frame are hinged with side frames by virtue of hinges; a group of limiting plates are arranged at the lower sides of the side frames; a group of mounting frames are arranged at the lower side of the device main frame; a group of rotating shafts are arranged on the mounting frames; the rotating shafts are matched with rotary square sleeves in rotary mode; the rotary square sleeves are connected to supporting legs by virtue of supporting springs; universal wheels are arranged at the lower ends of the supporting legs; an air cushion is arranged at the upper side of the device main frame; an inflator, which is matched with the air cushion, is arranged at one end of the device main body; a group of handles are arranged at each of two ends of the device main frame; and clamping block sliding buttons and pull arm sliding buttons are arranged on the handles in a sliding mode. The stretcher for the spine surgery is convenient to operate, and the stretcher, when used, can relieve burden of medical personnel, so that the medical personnel can carry a patient with lower physical power consumed; meanwhile, the patient can be protected well; and the stretcher can effectively prevent the body of the patient from getting displaced, so that the occurrence of secondary injury can be prevented.

Three-section type memory pillow inner

InactiveCN101756574AGood supportComply with head and neck engineeringPillowsVertebraEngineering
The invention relates to a three-section type memory pillow inner, which comprises a pillow inner body made of memory foam material. The pillow inner body comprises two skeletons positioned at the left side and the right side and a supporting concave part arranged between the two skeletons; and the two skeletons and the upper surface of the supporting concave part are connected to form a cambered surface which is in accordance with the head and neck ergonomics. The supporting concave part is provided with a neck supporting part and a head supporting part along the back-and-forth direction; the neck supporting part is higher than the head supporting part; the arc structure can ensure that the head of human body can be positioned on the head supporting part; when the pillow inner is applied to a pillow, a cervical vertebra supporting groove is used for accommodating a connecting transitional part of the shoulders and the neck; a three-section type S-shaped curved surface formed by the head supporting part, the neck supporting part and the transitional part fits with the curve of the spondyle of the human body, and plays good supporting and protecting effects on the head, the neck, the shoulders and the spondyle of the human body.

Polyurethane foam with ultralow surface hardness and high press-to-sink ratio and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses polyurethane foam with ultralow surface hardness and a high press-to-sink ratio. The foam is prepared from a component A and a component B. The component A is prepared from 37-50 parts of polyhydric alcohol 1, 25-50 parts of polyhydric alcohol 2, 0-30 parts of polyhydric alcohol 3, 0-10 parts of polyhydric alcohol 4, 0-18 parts of polyhydric alcohol 5, 0.7-2 parts of surface active agent, 0.4-0.7 part of composite catalyst, 0-5 parts of amine-terminated polyether and 2.5-4 parts of foaming agent. The component B is prepared from 26-42 parts of isocyanate. Polyhydric alcohol 1 is oxirane and epoxypropane copolymerized polyhydric alcohol, polyhydric alcohol 2 is epoxypropane polyether polyol, polyhydric alcohol 3 is allyl alcohol polyether polyol, polyhydric alcohol 4 is vegetable oil polyether polyol, polyhydric alcohol 5 is oxirane end capped epoxypropane polyether polyol, and isocyanate is diphenylmethane diisocyanate. The polyurethane foam has ultralow surface hardness, extremely good supporting performance, the high press-to-sink ratio, and hydrophilia insensitive to temperature changes.

Multi-region logistics robot suitable for three-dimensional cultivation of plant factory, platform and operation method

InactiveCN110921168AImprove work efficiency and precisionGood supportStorage devicesObstacle avoidanceAgricultural engineering
The invention discloses a multi-region logistics robot suitable for three-dimensional cultivation of a plant factory, a platform and an operation method. The robot comprises a controller, a movable chassis, a holding-high lifting device and a translation inserting and taking device. The controller is responsible for motion of the platform and control over the pick-up and carrying operation. The movable chassis comprises a navigation obstacle avoidance device. The navigation obstacle avoidance device is responsible for driving the platform to perform walking, positioning and deskewing accordingto a preset path. According to the multi-region logistics robot, the platform and the operation method, the holding-high lifting device and the translation inserting and taking device complete lifting and translation of the inserting and taking device, and then the inserting and taking device performs the inserting and taking operation. The multi-region logistics robot, the platform and the operation method are mainly used for carrying out cross-region round-trip automatic taking and carrying operations on cultivation plates on a multi-layer three-dimensional cultivation frame between different operation regions of the plant factory, and the requirements of logistics automation and intelligent high-efficiency operation in the plant factory three-dimensional multi-layer cultivation mode are met.

EOF-based unmanned aerial vehicle signal identification system and method

According to an EOF-based unmanned aerial vehicle signal identification system and method provided by the invention, the problem that similar unmanned aerial vehicle signals are difficult to identifyis solved, the identification effect of unmanned aerial vehicles with similar signals can be effectively improved, and better support is provided for unmanned aerial vehicle identification managementand control. The method provided by the invention comprises the following steps: 1) firstly, carrying out preliminary identification on a received unmanned aerial vehicle signal through a characteristic parameter matching method; 2) carrying out FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) processing on the unmanned aerial vehicle signal which cannot be recognized through characteristic parameter matching, and then generating a corresponding time-frequency analysis graph; 3) adopting an empirical orthogonal function analysis method to decompose a video analysis matrix corresponding to the video analysis graphinto an EOF matrix reflecting signal common characteristics and a characteristic coefficient matrix reflecting signal difference characteristics; and 4) performing feature data extraction and BP neural network training on the feature coefficient matrix, constructing a corresponding unmanned aerial vehicle type classifier, and outputting an identification result.

Packing powder for sintering ceramic core

ActiveCN104043770AGood wax removal ability and surface finishGood supportFoundry mouldsFoundry coresSurface smoothnessMass ratio
The invention aims to provide packing powder for sintering a ceramic core. The packing powder is characterized by being formed by mixing fine particle powder and ceramic balls, wherein the mass ratio of the fine particle powder to the ceramic balls ranges from (3:1) to (10:1). The packing powder has certain de-waxing capability in a biscuit de-waxing phase, has high supporting capability in a sintering process and guarantees that the finished product ceramic core has no gravity deformation and has certain surface smoothness; the yield in a production process of the ceramic core can be improved.

Cutter Bar Drive for a Multi-Section Header for Attachment to Harvesters

A header for stalk crop has a multi-part cutter bar with oscillatingly driven cutter bar parts. Cutter bar knives of the cutter bar interact with counter knives connected to header frame. A drive shaft ends in a first plane inside a gear housing arranged behind the cutter bar. An eccentric shaft supported in the gear housing carries a gear wheel arranged in a second plane above or below the first plane. The drive shaft drives the gear wheel through a bevel gear. First and second eccentric discs, arranged in third and fourth planes, respectively, are connected to the eccentric shaft; first and second eccentric levers are correlated therewith. First and second pivot levers are connected to the first and second eccentric levers and connected to stationarily supported pivot shafts. Crank arms connected to the pivot shafts, respectively, transmit their pivot movement to the cutter bar parts.

Auxiliary communication device for children with autism

InactiveCN107307865AIncrease communication interest and enthusiasmGood supportSensorsPsychotechnic devicesFacial expressionSpeech output
The invention provides an auxiliary communication device for children with autism. The device comprises an electroencephalogram signal processing module and an auxiliary communication robot, wherein the electroencephalogram signal processing module is connected with the auxiliary communication robot through a wireless communication module. The communication auxiliary communication robot includes a displacement judgment module, a sound pick up module, an expression recognition module, a behavior recording module, a voice output module, an emotion display module, a motion track module and a master controller. By processing and analyzing collected electroencephalogram signals, voice signals, facial expression signals and limb action signals, the auxiliary communication device carries out gradual inductive communication, and accurately expresses the true feelings of the children. A friendly human-computer interaction system, vivid expression display and customizable voice output improve the autistic children's communication interest and enthusiasm, improve the children's cognition, communication and learning abilities, and achieve a best auxiliary purpose.

UHPC lining structure used for tunnel and construction method of UHPC lining structure

The invention discloses a UHPC lining structure used for a tunnel and a construction method of the UHPC lining structure. The UHPC lining structure is a composite lining structure composed of anchor rod supporting bodies and a UHPC lining supporting layer. Each anchor rod supporting body comprises an anchor rod hole, an anchor rod and a UHPC hole channel grouting material. The UHPC lining supporting layer comprises a water draining blind pipe, an injection UHPC lining layer, a decoration layer and a tunnel outline light reflecting bar. The UHPC lining structure used for the tunnel and the construction method of the UHPC lining structure have the following beneficial effects that the UHPC injection concrete supporting layer has high pressure resisting strength, high bending resisting strength, high toughness, high durability and good microcrack self-healing capability, UHPC is adopted as the tunnel project lining material, the lining structure construction speed is high, the supportingperformance is good, the thickness of the lining structure can be reduced obviously, and therefore the practical excavation sectional area and the slag generation amount of the tunnel can be reduced effectively, and the construction difficulty is lowered; and compared with a traditional tunnel supporting structure, the arrangement of a reinforcement net, a waterproof layer and a steel frame can beomitted, the construction efficiency is effectively improved, and the manufacturing cost is reduced.
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