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Automatic container system

InactiveCN103738640AFlexible layoutComfortable shopping experienceStorage devicesTruckStandard cell
The invention discloses an automatic container system. The system comprises a rail frame, a plurality of containers, at least one container moving device, a connecting device, a movement device drive unit, a connecting device drive unit and a control unit, wherein the plurality of containers are movably arranged on the rail frame, at least one space which is used for moving and switching the container and is not less than the size of the container is left; the connecting device is used for connecting the container moving device with the container and drives the container to move. According to the automatic container system provided by the invention, the intensive arrangement of a plurality of rows of the containers without space can be realized by switching the positions of the containers, so that half of storage content can be promoted in comparison with a traditional technology; the automatic container system is matched up with an unloader so as to move out or in goods in any cell of any container, so that automatic goods entry and exit and refined goods management can be realized; and the containers and the rail frame can be freely spliced and assembled by adopting a standard cell design, so that the layout is flexible. The automatic container system is suitable for intensive storage centers, automatic storage racks in supermarkets, automatic storage cabinets, three-dimensional parking buildings, automatic container trucks, vending machines, automatic post cabinets and the like.
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A polishing disk with internal circulated cooling

The present invention discloses a polishing disk with internal circulated cooling, which pertains to the technical field of polishing equipment. This polishing disk mainly comprises combined polishing disk, swivel joint, internal piping system and external piping system. The combined polishing disk consists of upper disk and lower disk. On the lower disk, circular and spiral grooves are arranged, including solution feeding spiral groove and solution returning spiral groove. The two grooves are interleaved and centrally symmetric and converge on the outermost circle. At the starting point of the solution feeding spiral groove, a through threaded hole is arranged as water inlet. At the starting point of the solution returning spiral groove, a through threaded hole is arranged as water outlet. The lower disk and upper disk are connected with bolts on outer edge. Circular grooves are formed inside the combined polishing disk. The spiral circular grooves in the present invention are easily processed. As the grooves adopt a centrally symmetric structure, the dynamic equilibrium is not affected. The inlet and outlet of the cooling groove are both in the middle of the polishing disk to realize the circular cooling of the coolant that enters and leaves the polishing disk from its middle part, creating convenience for the arrangement of the piping system.

Twelve-degree-of-freedom four-footed walker with hybrid leg structure

ActiveCN102390460AIncreased bearing capacity and flexibilityFlexible layoutVehiclesKinematicsGait
The invention provides a twelve-degree-of-freedom four-footed walker with a hybrid leg structure. The twelve-degree-of-freedom four-footed walker comprises a rack and four hybrid legs which are symmetrical in structure; each hybrid leg comprises three straight-line drivers, a leg rack, a front swing rod, a back swing rod, a connection rod, shanks and feet; each hybrid leg is provided with three driving degrees of freedom; the first straight-line driver drives the whole leg to carry out side swing movement; and the second straight-line driver and the third straight-line driver are capable of cooperatively driving the feet to carry out plane parallel movement output in the plane of a leg mechanism. The feet are connected through buffering so that vibration absorption, energy storage and reutilization can be finished in a striding period. Four legs of the leg rack are symmetrically or equidirectionally distributed and the whole body is provided with twelve degrees of freedom, so that an omnibearing movement of a robot can be realized through a certain tread output. The twelve-degree-of-freedom four-footed walker provided by the invention is simple in structure, easy to control and high in kinematic accuracy, has a high-speed response capability and a high bearing capability, and is applicable to high-speed and high-load transportation work and dangerous environment work under complicated non-structure topographic conditions in the wild.

Method for mounting dismountable steel trestle

InactiveCN102071647ALow site requirementsFlexible layoutBridge erection/assemblyStormShore
The invention relates to a method for mounting a dismountable steel trestle. When a bailey steel trestle is constructed in water, the construction steps are as follows: firstly, inserting and driving first span steel pipe piles by virtue of a floating crane in deep-water area; secondly, mounting a first span bailey beam truss and a bridge deck system; thirdly, lifting a crawler crane onto the constructed bridge deck by the floating crane; and fourthly, constructing the steel trestle in holes by adopting a method for mounting guiding beams and lifting and inserting the steel pipe piles by a guiding frame by virtue of the crawler crane; and when the bailey steel trestle is constructed on the shore, the construction steps are as follows: firstly, levelling the ground, and inserting and driving the first span steel pipe piles by utilizing the crawler crane to suspend a vibration pile driving hammer; secondly, mounting the first bailey beam truss and the bridge deck system; thirdly, lifting the crawler crane onto the bridge, inserting and driving the steel pipe piles for subsequent piers; and fourthly, erecting the subsequent steel trestle by the crawler crane. The invention has the advantages that the requirement on the site is low, mounting is convenient, the dependence of trestle construction to the operating environment is reduced, the influence of shallow water and oversized storm to work ships is avoided, the operation on water is changed into the operation on the shore, the construction progress is sped up, and the requirement on construction machinery is lowered, thus having high promotional value.

Hydraulic engineering driller

InactiveCN103225479AFlexible layoutOptimize equipment layout spaceConstructionsRotary drillingDrill bitPower transmission
The invention discloses a hydraulic engineering driller which adopts a drilling hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic motor driven drilling bit component for drilling; a drilling stroke is controlled by the drilling hydraulic cylinder through a pulley block; the drilling hydraulic cylinder is laid out relatively flexibly; the equipment layout space is optimized; the drilling component has a greater ascent and descent space fundamentally; the drilling stroke is prolonged; the drilling movement frequency is reduced, so that the drilling construction efficiency is improved; in addition, due to the optimization, the equipment layout space can be made full use of, so that the driller is compact in structure; with the adoption of a hydraulic driving structure and electrohydraulic control, a stepless speed regulation function is realized, and the driller can meet the drilling requirements of different stratums; a power head is driven by a hydraulic motor and can be combined with mechanical speed reduction, the power transmission reliability is improved further, and the adjustable scope of torque variation is wider; and when the equipment is in use, the labor intensity is reduced, the use cost and labor cost are saved, and the driller can be used for engineering pile hole construction and meets the technological requirements.

Testing site for whole scene parking calibration and constructing method thereof

The invention provides a testing site for whole scene calibration and a constructing method of the testing site for the whole scene parking calibration. The testing site for the whole scene parking calibration comprises a parking line, central axial lines perpendicular to the parking line and evenly dividing the parking line, a first calibration testing zone arranged in front of a vehicle and connected with the parking line, second calibration testing zones arranged at two sides of the vehicle respectively and a third calibration testing zone arranged behind the vehicle and keeping a preset distance away from the parking line. The first calibration testing zone comprises a plurality of first calibration points and a plurality of second calibration points. Each second calibration testing zone comprises second calibration points. The third calibration testing zone comprises a plurality of second calibration points and a plurality of third calibration points. A straight line parallel to the central axial lines is formed by the first calibration points, the second calibration points and the third calibration points, wherein the first calibration points, the second calibration points and the third calibration points are arranged at the same side of the vehicle. The first calibration points and the third calibration points are arranged on the central axial lines. Each first calibration point, each second calibration point and each third calibration point are respectively marked with a sequence number. The testing site is constructed according to positional relationship of the calibration points and the positional relationship of the calibration points, the parking line and the central axial lines in the testing site.

Dust fall system for urban long and narrow type support-free deep foundation pit excavation construction

The invention discloses a dust fall system for urban long and narrow type support-free deep foundation pit excavation construction. A foundation pit body is included. At least one of the two sides ofthe outer edge of an opening of the foundation pit body is provided with a shielding mechanism for pavement of dustproof net cloth towards the other side of the outer edge of the opening in the lengthdirection of the foundation pit body, a negative-pressure area for improving flow of air in the foundation pit body is formed between the dustproof net cloth and the outer edge of the opening of thefoundation pit body, guide rail assemblies which are in moving fit connection with the shielding mechanism are laid on the two sides of the foundation pit body in the length direction of the foundation pit body, and after the dustproof net cloth is laid and shielded, the two sides of the foundation pit body in the length direction of the foundation pit body are provided with a plurality of dust fall mechanisms for adsorbing and settling of raise dust in the foundation pit body, wherein the dust fall mechanisms are adaptive to the guide rail assemblies. According to the dust fall system, through the comprehensive means of shielding, adsorbing and settling, generation of raise dust is reduced to the maximum degree.

Bottle discharge mechanical hand, bottle manufacturing machine and glass bottles

The invention discloses a bottle discharge mechanical hand which comprises a lifting shaft base, a rotary lifting shaft arranged on the lifting shaft base, and a clamping installing base arranged on the top of the lifting shaft. The lifting shaft is provided with an idler wheel and an idler wheel shaft. A sliding type claw and a claw control mechanism are arranged at the front end of the clamping installing base. The lifting shaft base is provided with a cam groove which is matched with the idler wheel and enables the lifting shaft to be rotated in an orienting mode in the lifting process. The vertical part of the bottle discharge mechanical hand is small in occupied space. When the bottle discharge mechanical hand is arranged on a bottle manufacturing machine, the clamping installing base can be arranged roughly along the tangent line of a rotating disc of the bottle manufacturing machine or the position parallel to the tangent line, the direction of moving glass bottles out can be the direction perpendicular to the rotary disc of the bottle manufacturing machine roughly, a follow-up discharging device can be arranged conveniently, arrangement space needed by equipment is greatly reduced, and the space utilization rate is increased. The invention further provides the bottle manufacturing machine adopting the bottle discharge mechanical hand and the glass bottles manufactured by the bottle manufacturing machine.

Construction method for steel-concrete combined section of deck type steel box continuous arch bridge

The invention discloses a construction method for a steel-concrete combined section of a deck type steel box continuous arch bridge. The steel-concrete combined section of the deck type steel box continuous arch bridge is characterized by comprising a cylindrical pier column, a variable cross-section steel-concrete combined section and steel box arch feet. The steel-concrete combined section is vertically mounted on the cylindrical pier column; and the steel box arch feet are embedded into the steel-concrete combined section. The construction process comprises the following steps of mounting pier column erecting steel bars and stirrups, pre-burying steel strands and mounting a pier column template, mounting four arch foot positioning steel plates, pouring concrete at the lower part of the pier column in a layered manner, erecting a pier column outer side bracket, hoisting the arch feet and positioning, mounting shear reinforcements, mountingstress and strain sensors and a temperature sensor, mounting a steel-concrete combined section stirrup, embedding a cooling pipe, mounting a steel-concrete combined section template, positioning a tensioning end of a steel strand, pouring steel-concrete combined section concrete, performing prestress tensioning and grouting on an arch foot, and pouring concrete at the upper part of the arch foot after an arch rib is mounted. The self-weight of the upper structure and the use amount of concrete of the pier column are reduced, but a large stress concentration phenomenon can be generated; and displacement of the arch feet caused by uneven external force is prevented, and construction is convenient.

Inclination-resistant oil sump for engine

ActiveCN101660436AReduce design heightFlexible layoutPressure lubrication with lubrication pumpLubricationOil storage
The invention discloses an inclination-resistant oil sump for an engine, which is arranged on the lower part of the engine and comprises an oil sump body, an oil absorbing pipe module, an oil storagechamber, a deep oil storage chamber, a shallow oil storage chamber, an oil pumping pipe module and an oil pump module, wherein the deep oil storage chamber and the shallow oil storage chamber are arranged on the oil sump body; two oil storage chambers are arranged along the length direction of the oil sump at certain distance, the shallow oil storage chamber is an oil pumping cavity, the deep oilstorage chamber is an oil absorbing cavity which is internally provided with an oil absorbing pipe module, and the oil absorbing pipe module is communicated with an oil pump of the engine and conveysengine oil to the oil pump; the oil pumping module is arranged in the oil pumping cavity; and the oil pump module, two ends of which are connected with the oil pumping cavity and the oil absorbing cavity, conveys the engine oil in the oil pumping cavity to the oil absorbing cavity. The invention can ensure that a lubrication system reliably works under the condition of high inclination of the engine, obviously reduce the height size of the oil sump of the engine and has compact structure and convenient arrangement.

Adaptive active noise control display system

PendingCN107393524AConducive to promotion and expansion of applicationsFlexible layoutSound producing devicesTransducer circuitsLoudspeakerFrequency noise
The invention relates to the technical field of active noise control, particularly to an adaptive active noise control display system, so that problems that visual displaying of the existing adaptive active noise control technique can not be realized, people can not understand and master the technique conveniently, and people can not determine and sense the noise control effect conveniently are solved. The adaptive active noise control display system is composed of a display rack, a control unit, a primary sound source loudspeaker, a secondary sound source loudspeaker, an error microphone and an LCD touch screen. The control unit controls the primary sound source loudspeaker to send out single-frequency or composite-frequency noises by controlling the key of the LCD touch screen or dial switch selection, thereby forming a primary sound field; the error microphone obtains a noise signal of the primary sound field; the noise signal of the primary sound field and an error sound channel function obtained by identification are analyzed to obtain a secondary sound source signal; and the control unit controls the secondary sound source loudspeaker make sounds to realize adaptive active noise control so as to eliminate the secondary sound field noises. And changes of noises before and after active control implementation are compared visually by observing the touch screen.

Unattended transforming plant single operation safety monitoring system

The invention discloses a safe monitoring system without duty and with one person for operation, belonging to the technical field of audio/image signal transmission, which is characterized in that: two wired local area networks are respectively arranged at a central control room and at the front-end transformer station; a video receiving device and audio receiving/ sending device connected with the wired local area networks is arranged at the central control room; a wired Ethernet is arranged between the central control room and the front-end transformer station; a portable video/audio sendingdevice is arranged at the front-end transformer station and is connected with the wired local area network of the front-end transformer station through a wireless local area network. The invention has the advantages of meeting the purpose of realizing safe operation for equipments at the front-end transformer station under the precondition of low cost due to adopting wireless local area network for transmitting sound image signal, not producing interruption for equipments of prior transformer station, realizing safe monitoring of single personnel operating process, being widely applied in areas such as operation, maintenance and safe production of transformation and distribution systems.
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