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Elevated bus rapid transit system

An elevated public transit bus system that increases the passenger capacity and decreases the passenger trip time of a fixed route bus service traveling in traffic on a city street to provide a high capacity rapid transit system. The high capacity buses are suspended above the motor vehicle traffic lanes by a support structure constructed in the lane adjacent to the public sidewalk. The propulsion system of the electrically powered buses run in a box beam from which the transit passenger cabins are suspended. The beams guide the buses along the existing fixed route service that is being upgraded to the carrying capacity of an elevated rail rapid transit system. The bus stops or lift stations of the elevated buses for passenger pick up and drop off is also constructed in the road lane next to the sidewalk. The lift stations house an enclosed movable platform that lifts passengers from sidewalk level to the floor level of the suspended bus. The high capacity rapid bus system makes efficient use of city streets by significantly increasing the capacity of persons per lane per hour use over that of the private vehicle. This public transportation enhancement reduces traffic congestion, energy consumption, and air pollution by making bus service more attractive, and by increasing the capacity of the street to carry more transit users without taking away business dependant road parking spaces or public sidewalk space.

Preparation method of ternary material with high cycle and stable structure

The invention is suitable for the field of positive electrode materials for lithium batteries and provides a preparation method of a ternary material with a high cycle and a stable structure. The method comprises the steps of mixing nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary material precursors with different particle sizes with a lithium source separately and doping an F salt, a Co salt and an oxide of Si to obtain ternary materials with different median particle sizes; mixing the ternary materials with different median particle sizes at a ratio; and coating the mixed material with lithium silicate to obtain the final nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary material with the high cycle and the stable structure. High material density and high capacity can be achieved by using the precursors with different particle sizes; the structure of the material is stabilized, the conductivity of the material is improved and the cycle performance of the material is improved by using the characteristic of reducing cation mixing through doping of different ions; a lithium silicate protection film can be finally formed on a surface layer of the material through coating the material with the lithium silicate; and the conductivity of the material is improved and the structure of the material is stabilized.
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