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Novel vibration physiotherapeutic apparatus

InactiveCN105877987AEffective vibration massageGuaranteed therapeutic effectVibration massageCamEngineering
The invention relates to a novel vibration physiotherapeutic apparatus which comprises a shell. A sliding plate is arranged inside the shell; a plurality of universal balls are arranged at the bottom end of the sliding plate; left and right sliding wheels are respectively arranged at both left and right sides of the sliding plate; the left and right sliding wheels are respectively embedded in left and right chute parts; the front side of the sliding plate is sequentially connected with first to fourth push rods from left to right, which are perpendicular to the sliding plate and extend forwards out of the shell; massaging balls are respectively arranged at the front ends of the first to fourth push rods; the first to fourth push rods positioned inside the shell are respectively sleeved with spiral springs; a motor and a rotating shaft are also respectively arranged inside the shell; the right end of the rotating shaft is connected with the motor by a coupling; the left end of the rotating shaft is connected with a left wall of the shell by a left bearing; at least two cams are also fixedly arranged on the rotating shaft; the cams are in contact with the rear side of the sliding plate and are pressed against the rear side of the sliding plate. By adopting the structure, the novel vibration physiotherapeutic apparatus can more effectively carry out vibrating massaging on a human body, so that a physiotherapeutic effect of the novel vibration physiotherapeutic apparatus is greatly ensured.

Medicine taking monitoring method and system

The invention belongs to the technical field of communication, and provides a medicine taking monitoring method. The medicine taking monitoring method includes the steps that a communication terminal sets medicine taking reminding time and a verification time threshold value; when current time reaches the medicine taking reminding time, the communication terminal carries out medicine taking reminding; the communication terminal judges whether medicine taking verification information is received or not within the verification time threshold value; if the medicine taking verification information is not received within the verification time threshold value, the communication terminal sends reminding information for a medicine taking failure to a preset monitoring terminal. Accordingly, the invention further provides a medicine taking monitoring system. In this way, the communication terminal is fully used for achieving the medicine taking monitoring function conveniently and sending the reminding information for the medicine taking failure to the monitoring terminal when judging out the medicine taking failure of a patient, and therefore a guardian of the patient can obtain the medicine taking conditions of the patient in time and take corresponding measures.

Multifunctional automatic moxibustion system based on O2O health physiotherapy and moxibustion method thereof

The invention discloses a multifunctional automatic moxibustion system based on an O2O health physiotherapy. The system comprises a base, a controller, a support, an adjustment device, a plurality of moxibustion stick fixing devices and a gas collecting device, wherein the base is used for supporting the automatic moxibustion system; the controller is used for transmitting control signals to the adjustment device so as to control movement of the adjustment device; the support is arranged above the base and used for adjusting the height and the direction of the automatic moxibustion system; the adjustment device is used for adjusting movement in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction of the moxibustion stick fixing devices and rotation of the moxibustion stick fixing devices according to control signals transmitted by the controller; the multiple moxibustion stick fixing devices are distributed below the adjustment device and used for fixing moxibustion sticks; and the gas collecting device is arranged on the outer sides of the moxibustion stick fixing devices in a surrounding mode and used for discharging gas generated by moxibustion stick burning. The invention further provides a moxibustion method. According to the scheme, four moxibustion methods of the moxibustion sticks can be achieved at the same time; in addition, the height of the moxibustion sticks can be adjusted, and the moxibustion treatment effect is guaranteed.

Rectal drug administration device for gastroenterology department and with electric adjusting function

The invention discloses a rectal drug administration device for the gastroenterology department and with an electric adjusting function. The device comprises a cylinder with a hollow interior, the cylinder is composed of a spherical structure at the front end and a cylindrical structure at the rear end, a clapboard is sealably and fixedly connected between the spherical structure and the cylindrical structure, a drug administration pipe is slidably connected to the center of the clapboard in a penetrating mode, the end, away from the spherical structure, of the drug administration pipe extendsto the exterior of the cylindrical structure in a penetrating mode, and multiple drug outlet holes which are used in cooperation with the drug administration pipe are formed in the surface of the spherical structure of the front end of the cylinder. According to the device, when rectal drug delivery is conducted, the interior of the anus of a patient can be expanded, a drug administration instrument is assisted in being successfully pushed to the intestinal canal, thus a drug in the drug administration pipe can be conveyed to the part of the intestinal canal, and the therapeutic effect on thepatient can be guaranteed; meanwhile, when the rectal drug administration device conducts drug delivery on the patient multiple times, the drug administration instrument does not need to be repeatedly stretched into the body of the patient, the pain of the patient is smaller, the drug administration efficiency is higher, and the time and energy of medical personnel are saved to a great extent.

Cold-compress dressing and preparation method thereof and dressing paste containing cold-compress dressing

InactiveCN109674862AAchieve blood circulationAchieve blood stasisHydroxy compound active ingredientsAntipyreticDiseaseCold compresses
The invention relates to the field of dressing auxiliary therapy, in particular to a cold-compress dressing and dressing paste containing the cold-compress dressing. The cold-compress dressing is prepared from the following components in parts by mass: 250-300 parts of a gel matrix, 50-100 parts of ionized water, 20-50 parts of medicinal alcohol, and 30-70 parts of traditional Chinese medicine powder. The unique traditional Chinese medicine powder is added to the cold-compress dressing, so that blood activating and stasis dispersing to a disease part can be effectively cooperatively realized,and meanwhile, ice-cold feeling can be brought to the disease part, and pain is alleviated; after a liquid medicine is injected through a drainage short pipe, a blocking stopper is closed, so that medicine permeation can be further effectively improved, and the therapeutic effect is guaranteed; while the medicine enters, the medicine can be transitorily stored in a sucker cavity, so that a contactarea between the liquid medicine and the skin disease part is increased, and medicine permeation efficiency is improved; and while the cold-compress dressing is prepared, the medicinal alcohol is added after cooling, so that high-temperature volatilization of the medicinal alcohol can be effectively reduced, permeability of the alcohol in the dressing is improved, and the heat-absorbing effect ofthe cold-compress dressing in later use is guaranteed.

Doctor-patient interactive demonstration method and system

The invention discloses a 3D doctor-patient interactive demonstration method for the occurrence, development and therapeutic methods of diseases, possible prognosis and cost to ensure that the patients or the families can have right to know. The method comprises the following steps: receiving instruction data; obtaining demonstration rule data from a rule database and obtaining 3D model sample data from a material library according to the instruction data; and generating 3D demonstration data according to the demonstration rule data and the corresponding 3D model sample data and sending the 3D demonstration data to a demonstration terminal. Correspondingly, the invention provides a doctor-patient interactive demonstration system. On one hand, according to the method and system, the whole medical treatment processes which are difficult to understand by languages are statically or dynamically demonstrated to the patients or the families through plain, simple and straight three-dimensional and four-dimensional pictures, so that the doctor-patient communication is realized, doctor-patient disputes are decreased and a doctor-patient communication standardized flow for the medical workers is established. On the other hand, according to the method and system, more precise data models can be provided for the clinic teaching and researching.

Medical intelligent medicine box system

The invention provides a medical intelligent medicine box system which comprises a lithium storage battery, a key power supply switch, a charging socket, a medicine box, medicine bottles, a weight detection circuit, a signal sending control circuit, a signal sending circuit, a timing circuit, a counting reminding circuit, an information receiving unit, an information comparison unit and an information pushing unit, wherein the information receiving unit, the information comparison unit and the information pushing unit are application software installed in mobile phones of doctors, patients andfamily members of the patients; the lithium storage battery, the key power supply switch, the charging socket, the quality detection circuit, the signal sending control circuit, the signal sending circuit, the timing circuit and the counting reminding circuit are arranged in the medicine box; and the medicine bottles are arranged in the medicine box. When the patient does not take medicine, reminding can be given to the patient in time; the treatment effect of the medicine taken by the patient is ensured; the doctor can favorably determine the treatment effect of a recipe; and after the medicine is out of date, the patient is reminded of not taking the medicine, so that the influence caused on body health when the patient innocently takes medicine which is out of date is avoided.

Preparation of Dandengtongnao medicinal formulation and quality control method

InactiveCN101301353AEffective treatment effectComprehensive monitoring of treatment effectsComponent separationAerosol deliverySalvia miltiorrhizaAlcohol
The invention belongs to the medicine preparation field and discloses a method for preparing Dandeng Tongnao pharmaceutical preparation and a quality control method. The preparation method is as follows: firstly, volatile oil extracted from hemlock parsley is standby or cladded and then residue and kudzu root are extracted water and precipitated alcohol, filtered and concentrated into concentrated solution A; secondly, Salvia miltiorrhiza and Erigeron breviscapus are extracted alcohol, filtered and concentrated into concentrated solution B; thirdly, the concentrated solution A and the concentrated solution B are mixed, concentrated into thick paste and then dried and crushed; volatile oil clathrate powder is added into the mixture, and extracted dry medicinal powder is obtained; fourthly, or the concentrated solution A and the concentrated solution B are mixed; the standby volatile oil is added into the mixture which is then uniformly mixed and filtered, and extracted liquid medicine is obtained; fifthly, the corresponding pharmaceutical preparation is prepared by addition of auxiliary materials which can be accepted pharmaceutically by the extracted dry medicinal powder or the extracted liquid medicine. The quality control method comprises the following steps of content test and content discrimination, wherein, the content test takes puerarin and tanshinone II A as the index, and the content discrimination takes hemlock parsley contrast medicine, puerarin and scutellarin as the contrast. The method is simple in preparation technique and short in production period and is suitable for industrial production; and the quality control method comprehensively guarantees the product quality.

Veterinary-use intestinal targeted antibacterial pellet and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN102600184AReduce first pass effectImprove bioavailabilityAntibacterial agentsTetracycline active ingredientsFormularyChlortetracycline Hydrochloride
The invention discloses a veterinary-use intestinal targeted antibacterial pellet. The veterinary-use intestinal targeted antibacterial pellet comprises a main drug and auxiliary drugs, wherein the main drug is composed of valnemulin hydrochloride and chlortetracycline hydrochloride; the mass of the valnemulin hydrochloride is 1-5% of that of the pellet; the mass of the chlortetracycline hydrochloride is 5-16 times of that of the valnemulin hydrochloride; the pellet sequentially comprises a valnemulin hydrochloride core, an intestinal targeted coating layer, a chlortetracycline hydrochloride drug layer and an outer coating layer from inside to outside. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the veterinary-use intestinal targeted antibacterial pellet. Through the combination of the method and the formula, the valnemulin hydrochloride and the chlortetracycline hydrochloride are adopted for preparing the pellet; the pellet is released in a gradient form in an animal digestion system; the chlortetracycline hydrochloride is firstly released and absorbed by the stomach and the intestine; the valnemulin hydrochloride is rapidly released and absorbed by the intestinal tract with the pH value larger than or equal to 6.8, so that an excellent intestinal tract sterilization effect is achieved, the drug absorbed by the colon can be prevented from suffering from the first-pass effect of the liver and the intestine, the haemoconcentration and bioavailability of the valnemulin hydrochloride can be improved, and an excellent treatment effect for systemic diseases is obtained.

Developing foam hardening agent for treating venous malformations and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a developing foam hardening agent for treating venous malformations. The developing foam hardening agent comprises two effective ingredients, namely, polycinnamyl alcohol and ultravist, in a volume ratio of 2:1. A preparation method of the developing foam hardening agent specifically comprises the following steps of: extracting the polycinnamyl alcohol and the ultravist using by using a syringe according to a formula ratio, shaking and mixing up uniformly, extracting sterile air by using another syringe, connecting the two syringes by using a medicinal three-way valve, and injecting front and back for multiple times according to a Tessari method so as to mix the polycinnamyl alcohol and the ultravist into uniform and stable foams, wherein the volume ratio of the polycinnamyl alcohol to the sterile air is 1:4. According to the preparation method, a hardening agent, namely, a polycinnamyl alcohol injection, and a contrast agent, namely, the ultravist, are mixed up according to appropriate ratio and prepared into a foam hardening agent, the foam hardening agent is more stable when being compared with a hardening agent which is prepared from polycinnamyl alcohol and air merely, and the foam hardening agent is injected into venous malformation lesion in a partial puncture mode under the mediation of DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography), so that precision, visualization and idealization in a curative effect are achieved.

Annular pulmonary artery stimulation ablation catheter

The invention relates to an annular pulmonary artery stimulation ablation catheter which comprises a catheter body, a mesh basket, an ablation treatment unit, and a blood pressure monitoring unit, wherein a driving handle is movably installed on the catheter body; the mesh basket is movably arranged on the catheter body and connected with the driving handle, and the mesh basket has a contraction state for avoiding a pulmonary artery opening and an expansion state for being tightly attached to the pulmonary artery opening; the ablation treatment unit is arranged on the catheter body and connected with the mesh basket; and the blood pressure monitoring unit is arranged on the tube body. After a part needing to be ablated is positioned, the ablation treatment unit is started, and then stimulation ablation treatment can be completed; and then the blood pressure changes of the part needing to be ablated are monitored again, and whether ablation takes effect or not can be further judged until the whole circular pulmonary artery ablation treatment operation is completed. Compared with a traditional ablation catheter, the annular pulmonary artery stimulation ablation catheter in the schemecan accurately position the part needing to be ablated through blood pressure monitoring, and the annular pulmonary artery ablation treatment effect and efficiency are greatly improved.

Rotary physiotherapy cabin

The invention provides a rotary physiotherapy cabin comprising a cabin body, a cabin rotating power device, physical field releasing devices and a net bed. An output end of the cabin rotating power device is connected to a rotating end of the cabin body, the net bed extends into the interior of the cabin body, and the inner wall of the cabin body is symmetrically provided with one or more pairs ofphysical field release devices. Each of the physical field release devices is a piece or a combination of one or two or more different physical field emitters in a group consisting of a treatment plate of a TDP therapeutic device, an infrared emitter, a spectrum generator, a microwave transmitter, a special light wave emitter, a conventional light quantum generator, a quantum shaped integrated core block, a permanent magnet and an energized coil. According to the rotary physiotherapy cabin, a condition of the rotational coupling of multiple physical fields is achieved, and a multi-physical-field coupling effect is introduced to the physical therapy or treatment of human diseases for the first time. The rotary physiotherapy cabin has the advantages of a reasonable structural design, the easy grasp of an application method and easy promotion and is particularly suitable for the physical therapy or treatment of chronic systemic diseases.
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