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Rotating-Plate Radial Turbine in Gas-Turbine-Cycle Configurations

InactiveUS20100150713A1Huge cycle thermal efficiency improvementReducing greenhouse gas emissionPump componentsBlade accessoriesTurbine bladeAtkinson cycle
A novel power-producing concept is disclosed, employing a rotating-plate radial gas turbine in various gas-turbine cycle configurations. The “rotating-plate radial gas turbine” is a rotating barrel with robust rectangular plates fitted into the turbine rotor, performing the function and the role of turbine blades, contained within a motionless rigid horizontal cylinder (casing). Combustion can take place in the spaces confined between adjacent rotating plates and the static cylinder, thus enabling a practical achievement of the Atkinson cycle (constant-volume heat addition) with improved cycle thermal efficiency. Alternatively, two or more compressor stages can be combined to feed a single rotating-plate radial gas turbine in cascades, thus gradually increasing pressure of working gas within a volume bordered by adjacent un-cooled rotating plates of the radial gas turbine and the casing. Alternatively, a single compressor may be combined with one or more stages of an axial turbine for cascade feeding of a single rotating-plate radial gas turbine. This “isochoric stuffing” effect enables achievement of significantly and even drastically improved gas-turbine-cycle thermal efficiencies. Cycle heat addition may be either isobaric or isochoric in either an open-cycle or a closed-cycle configuration. Using a sufficiently efficient radial gas turbine, it is theoretically possible to obtain 100% cycle thermal efficiency in a simple radial-gas-turbine configuration with appropriately chosen compressor-stages compression pressure ratios.
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