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Method for mining sylvite in underground carnallite ore

InactiveCN102434141AAchieving Selective MiningHigh saturationFluid removalPotassiumEngineering
The invention discloses a method for mining sylvite in underground carnallite ore, which comprises the following steps of: (1) building wells, namely, taking three-pipe structures as well bodies, wherein the three pipes include a technical sleeve pipe, a production sleeve pipe and a central pipe; (2) building a groove on a single well, namely, filling normal-temperature water in annular space of the central pipe and the production sleeve pipe, and discharging dissolved brine from the central pipe; (3) mining by non selective dissolution at normal temperature; (4) selectively mining by hot melting at high temperature, namely, communicating two wells or well groups, pulling out the central pipe, filling a sodium chloride and magnesium chloride containing filler of 75 to 90 degrees centigrade into a well, and discharging the brine for processing from the other well in the well group; and (5) refilling a mother solution into the wells. The method for mining the sylvite in the underground carnallite ore provided by the invention realizes selective mining of potassium chloride; and, the method saves energy resources and reduces production cost; moreover, the refilling process of the mother solution realizes zero discharge of the mother solution and facilitates environment protection.
Owner:中水电海外投资有限责任公司 +1

Low temperature atomization lubrication cooling system

The invention provides a low-temperature atomized lubrication cooling system, aiming at providing a lubrication cooling system which can be used for reducing the using amount of a cooling lubricant and effectively improving the cooling lubrication effect and has small size and no oil deposit at a spray nozzle. The low-temperature atomized lubrication cooling system is characterized in that: a diverter pump and a pulser which are communicated with a rectifying and atomizing nozzle and an oil cup are arranged between a pressurizer and the oil cup; three groups of diverter air nozzles are arranged on the pressurizer, wherein an intermitted airflow is formed at one group of diverter air nozzles through the pulser and enters the diverter pump, and the other tow groups of diverter air nozzles are respective and directly communicated into an interlayer port of the diverter pump and an air inlet nozzle of a vortex generator; and a double-core outlet which is communicated with an interlayer ofthe diverter pump and a main cavity of the diverter pump is also arranged on the output end of the diverter pump, and vertex cold air which is generated at the double-core outlet through a double-core air pipe and a vertex generator that are connected flows into the rectifying and atomizing nozzle. According to the invention, the problems of large lubrication cooling quantity and pollution causedby waste oil discharge in the traditional machining operation are solved, oil is saved, and the using amount of cutting fluid for atomizing and lubricating is only 0.03-0.2L/h generally.

Novel production method for edible injection bone for pet

The invention relates to a production method for an extrusion injection bone for a pet. According to the production method, cowhide, pigskin, fish skin crushed particles, meat and bone meal, muddy flesh, glycerol and natural perfume are served as principal raw materials; the cowhide, the pigskin and the fish skin particles are soaked in water; or fresh skin of cattle, pigs and fish are ground into skin particles with the size of 10 to 12 meshes through a meat grinder; the skin particles are ground into skin mud through a bone mud machine; the skin mud is stirred into skin glue in a kneading machine with a high temperature and is continued to be stirred after the meat and bone meal, animal protein powder and the glycerol are added into the kneading machine; materials are took out from the kneading machine to perform air drying and cut into small blocks; the small blocks are extruded and granulated into particles through a granulating machine; and injection molding is performed on the particles through an injection molding machine after being dried. Compared with the common pet teeth cleaning bone, the edible injection bone for the pet has the advantages of being rich in nutrition, having special aroma of the skin, the meat and the bone, taking functions of food tempting, dental caring and oral cavity cleaning and being high in tenacity, easy to digest, free of starch adding, high in compactness, low in moisture and capable of being performed as snacks for the pet to clean the teeth and chew.

Generator set driven by engine

ActiveCN104847488ASolve the reflux problemBest Exhaust PathExhaust apparatusSilencing apparatusHeat balanceCylinder block
The invention discloses a generator set driven by an engine. The generator set comprises a sound proof box, an engine, a generator and an exhaust muffler, wherein the sound proof box is composed of an upper cover, side walls and a chassis; the engine is arranged on the chassis, and an engine cooling fan is arranged at the side inlet of the engine and guides cooling air into the engine; a cooling fan is arranged at the connection part of the generator and the engine to guide the cooling air into the generator; the exhaust muffler is arranged at the rear side of the generator and parallel to the axis of the generator; one end of the exhaust muffler is connected with the engine through an exhaust pipe; a hot air exhaust chamber is further arranged in the sound proof box, is composed of a side panel, a cover plate and an engine speed regulation base, and encircles an engine cylinder end, a cylinder body and one part of the exhaust pipe; an opening is formed in the rear side of the hot air exhaust chamber and is connected with a first ventilation hole at the side wall of the sound proof box. According to the generator set, the problems of noise and heat balance can be effectively solved, and the oil temperature of the engine can be obviously reduced beyond 30 degrees centigrade, thereby ensuring that reliable lubrication of the engine and the power level of the complete generator bring into correspondence with open-shelf products.

Intelligent control system of impulse water turbines

The invention discloses an intelligent control system of impulse water turbines. The intelligent control system comprises a speed controller PLC and a stacked hydraulic servo device. The stacked hydraulic servo device comprises needle control units connected with needles correspondingly and deflector control units connected with deflectors correspondingly. The needle control units and the deflector control units are connected with the speed controller PLC. The output end of the speed controller PLC is connected with an opening side electromagnetic valve and a closing side electromagnetic valve of each needle switching valve through a power amplifier. Each needle switching valve controls an opening cavity and a closing cavity of a needle servomotor through a needle electrohydraulic converter. The invention provides the control system characterized by simple structure and high reliability and suitable for multi-needle and multi-deflector impulse units; with the unit type structural design, the digital water turbine speed adjusting system is characterized in that the hydraulic control systems of the needles and the deflectors are designed as completely identical and independently-controlled digital hydraulic units, so that intelligent hydropower station establishment is realized.

Energy-saving oil filter with replaceable filter element

The invention relates to an energy-saving oil filter with replaceable filter element, belonging to the field of a filter. The energy-saving oil filter mainly solves the problem that a filtering component of a filter element assembly can be replaced, and is provided with a connecting seat shell assembly provided with medium inlets (3) and (5); and the filter element assembly is formed by processing the filter element (10) attached on a metal inner mesh (11) and an upper and a lower sealing covers (20) and (21) into a whole. The filter element assembly is assembled on a tubular cylinder oil return pipe (12), and is fixed by a hexagon nut through sealing rings (15) and (16); the upper end thread part of the tubular cylinder oil return pipe (12) and a locating pin (7) are fixed at the rear end of thread where connecting seat shells are connected with an engine oil seat (4); then, an outer cylinder body (9) is sheathed on the sealing rings of the connecting seat shells (1) and (6), a center hole (24) of the outer cylinder body is provided with special front end external circle inner thread, and the rear end is internally provided with an inner four-angle blind hole nut (18); a sealing ring (19) and a rotating nut (18) are pressed and firmly fixed with the front end thread part of the tubular cylinder oil return pipe (12); meanwhile, the outer cylinder body (9) is compressed and closely jointed with the connecting seat shell (1). A number of outer spline steps (28) on the outer cylinder body are matched with a number of inner spline steps (38) on the connecting seat shells.

Device and method for extracting carbon source of sewage treatment plant from kitchen waste

The invention relates to a device and a method for extracting a carbon source of a sewage treatment plant from kitchen waste. The device comprises a double-shaft shear type crusher (1), a crushing grating (2), a soaking and stirring barrel (3), a gravity pipe (4) and a screw press (5). The method comprises the following steps that firstly, the kitchen waste is crushed and soaked in hot water, andsqueezing and filtering are carried out on the soaked solid-liquid mixture to obtain the kitchen waste filtrate; and then ferric chloride and lime are added into the kitchen waste filtrate in sequence, coagulation reaction is carried out under stirring, and combined treatment is carried out on the upper-layer kitchen waste filtrate and the urban sewage after precipitation. According to the deviceand method, organic carbon source in the kitchen waste is released by hot water soaking, a part of grease is removed through coagulation, and C / N and C / P of the kitchen waste filtrate are improved; and the kitchen waste filtrate can be used as the carbon source needed by nitrogen and phosphorus removal reaction of the sewage treatment plant, contribution is made to upgrading and transformation ofthe sewage treatment plant, meanwhile, foul smell generation is reduced, and the purpose of recycling the kitchen waste is achieved.

Oil-spraying rust preventing device for mechanical component

The invention relates to a rust preventing device for machinery, in particular to an oil-spraying rust preventing device for a mechanical component. The invention solves the technical problems by providing the oil-spraying rust preventing device for the mechanical component, which ensures low labor intensity, has high rust preventing efficiency, saves time and labor and saves resources. In order to solve the technical problems, the invention provides such the oil-spraying rust preventing device for the mechanical component. The oil-spraying rust preventing device for the mechanical component comprises a base, a first small bracket, a first rotating shaft, a rotating wheel, a first chain wheel, a cam, a second chain wheel, a second rotating shaft, a chain plate and the like, wherein the first small bracket is connected to the top of the base; the first small bracket is arranged in front-and-back symmetry; the first rotating shaft is rotationally connected with the upper end of the firstsmall bracket. The oil-spraying rust preventing device for the mechanical component, provided by the invention, ensures low labor intensity, has high rust preventing efficiency, saves the time and the labor, saves the resources, facilitates reduction in expenses of an enterprise, facilitates the production and the development of the enterprise, and has safe and reliable performance and a simple structure.

Electronic filter device and method of oil products in hydraulic and lubrication field

InactiveCN103807250ALow costReduce oil change frequencyElectrostatic separationLubrication elementsFiberLubrication
The invention relates to the technical field of filtration of oil products in the hydraulic and lubrication field, in particular to an electronic filter device and method of oil products in the hydraulic and lubrication field. The electronic filter device comprises a pump, a control system, a high-voltage static generator, an electronic filter element device, a high-density fiber water absorption and filtration device, a pressure sensor and a moisture sensor. An oil discharging outlet pipeline of an oil tank is connected with the inlet end of the high-density fiber water absorption and filtration device through the pump, the high-density fiber water absorption and filtration device is connected with the inlet end on the left side of the high-voltage electronic filter element device through a path of an electromagnetic valve. The outlet end on the right side of the high-voltage electronic filter element device is connected with an oil tank inlet pipe of a hydraulic system, and the high-voltage electronic filter element device generates a high-voltage positive and negative electric field. Compared with the prior art, the electronic filter device has the advantages of reducing oil exchanging frequency, achieving recycling economy because the hydraulic oil products can be recycled, reducing equipment faults and the number of maintenance times, prolonging equipment service life, achieving on-line automatic operation and on-line monitoring, reducing pollutant discharge and building environment-friendly equipment.
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