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Powder coating screening and grinding device

The invention discloses a powder coating screening and grinding device. The powder coating screening and grinding device comprises a machine shell, an anti-wind device, a screening plate A, a grindingmotor, a screw rod, a grinding roller and a vibration motor. The anti-wind device is fixedly mounted on a rotating shaft. The portion, inside a grinding cavity, of an output shaft of the grinding motor is connected with the screw rod. A sliding sleeve is in threaded connection to the screw rod. A connecting rack is fixedly connected to the lower side of the sliding sleeve. A rotating shaft is mounted on the connecting rack in a rotary manner. The grinding roller is fixedly mounted on the rotating shaft. A feeding opening is provided with the anti-wind device, powder backflow caused by ascending of internal airflow inside the screening cavity can be prevented, and human bodies can be prevented from being hurt by a coating while the site environment is prevented from being polluted; by means of the screening plate A, stage treatment of the powder coating is achieved, the grinding time is saved, and work efficiency is improved; and in the grinding process, the grinding motor rotates forwards and backwards to work, the screw rod is matched with the sliding sleeve, so that the grinding roller moves leftwards and rightwards on a screening plate B for grinding, and the grinding effect isimproved.

Production process and equipment for preparing fertilizer from straws

The invention relates to a production process for preparing a fertilizer from straws. The production of a straw organic fertilizer is completed through material preparation, biomass charcoal powder preparation, straw filament kneading material preparation, sterilization and pre-ripening treatment, decomposition and retting, after-ripening treatment and packaging. Straw, livestock manure, bean dregs and other waste are fully utilized; waste is turned into wealth to produce a green organic fertilizer; the green organic fertilizer can replace a chemical fertilizer to repair and improve soil, thesoil organic matter content is improved, meanwhile, waste is prevented from polluting the environment, the phenomena of unelegant environment and the like are avoided, and sustainable development of agricultural economy is realized; according to the equipment for preparing the fertilizer from the straws, efficient production of straw fertilizer production is achieved through a filament rubbing machine, a material storage room, a straw fertilizer-making machine, a pile turning groove and an after-ripening room, a traditional material storage room is only used for stacking straw filament rubbingmaterials, the straw filament rubbing materials need to be manually transported into the straw fertilizer-making machine, the production efficiency is low, and meanwhile body health of workers can bedamaged by dust and the like.

Deep treatment process of garbage percolate biochemical effluent

The invention relates to a deep treatment process of garbage percolate biochemical effluent. The deep treatment process of the garbage percolate biochemical effluent comprises the following steps: adding a flocculating agent into the garbage percolate biochemical effluent, entering a coagulative precipitation tank, mixing uniformly, standing and precipitating; enabling the precipitated garbage percolate to enter a low-temperature plasma reactor to remove most of organic matters from the garbage percolate; enabling the garbage percolate treated by the low-temperature plasma reactor to enter a biological aerated filter to remove the residual organic matters from water; enabling one part of the percolate treated by the biological aerated filter to return the to-be-treated garbage percolate biochemical effluent through a reflux pipeline, adding the flocculating agent into the coagulative precipitation tank, and repeating the cycle; and performing up-to-standard discharge on the other part of the percolate through a discharge pipe of the biological aerated filter. The process is used for treating the percolate biochemical effluent, so stable and up-to-standard discharge can be realized and concentrated liquid is avoided.

Environmentally-friendly treatment method for gutter oil

The invention discloses an environmentally-friendly treatment method for gutter oil, and the environmentally-friendly treatment method comprises the following steps: a) pretreatment of gutter oil, tobe more specific, putting the collected gutter oil on a the filter screen, spraying a collected filtered matter with hot water, heating the collected filtered matter in a heating container, and layering the collected filtered matter after standing to obtain a turbid liquid, upper oil and underlying oil; b) treatment of an auxiliary material, to be more specific, taking straw powder and plant ash according to a weight ratio of 10-20:1 to prepare the auxiliary material; c) treatment of the turbid liquid and the underlying oil, to be more specific, taking the auxiliary material, the turbid liquidand the underlying oil into a fermentation tank, then adding methane bacteria to ferment; and d) continued fermentation, to be more specific, after the end of the fermentation, discharging the liquidin the fermentation tank, dividing the excess turbid liquid into 2-5 parts, adding 1 part of the turbid liquid, the methane bacteria and the auxiliary material to the fermentation tank for post-fermentation, after the end of the post-fermentation, discharging the liquid in the fermentation tank, and repeating the above steps. The method is environmentally friendly in treatment process, enhancesthe utilization rate of the gutter oil, and has simple operation and complete fermentation process.

Energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln with size of phi 2000*18 meters

ActiveCN104880059ASimplify fuel procurement transportation and security managementAvoid polluting the environmentRotary drum furnacesAutomatic controlElectromagnetic induction
The invention relates to an energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln with the size of phi 2000*18 meters. The energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln comprises a kiln head cover, a mercury ore feeding hopper, a high-temperature alloy steel inner container kiln barrel, a wheel belt, a movable carrier wheel group, a transmission device, a gear pair, a fixed carrier wheel group, a track and cement piles. The energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln has the advantages that the energy is clean, and the problems that a mercury metallurgy rotary kiln roasted by a coal furnace is low in production efficiency, severe in environmental pollution, high in energy consumption and the like is solved. The energy is used and distributed conveniently. Compared with a mode of heating by fuel, gas and the like, the heating mode of the energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln has the characteristics that heat efficiency is high, sensible heat is not taken out by smoke or ash, and a kiln body is simple and compact in structure, small in heat dissipation area, low in heat dissipation loss, easy to control and regulate automatically and high in kiln temperature control precision, and meets requirements of a narrow calcining temperature process. The production efficiency is high, energy consumption is reduced, and emission of environmental pollutants is reduced. The energy-saving and environment-friendly mercury metallurgy electromagnetic induction roasting rotary kiln is an innovation of energy conservation, environmental protection and an equipment technology of a mercury metallurgy kiln.

Efficient industrial dust removal device

The invention belongs to the field of industrial dust removal, and particularly discloses an efficient industrial dust removal device. According to problems that existing industrial dust removal devices are not thorough in dust removal and the treatment effect of harmful gas is not good, the invention provides the following scheme: the device comprises a base, a dust suction box, a desulfurizationbox and an exhaust cylinder; the dust collection box is arranged on the upper surface of the base; a dust suction pipe is arranged at the top of one side wall of the dust collection box; a collectingbox is arranged on the upper surface of the base; a sliding chute is formed in the inner wall of one side of the dust collecting box; a sliding block is slidably connected in the sliding chute; two filter screens are fixed on the sliding block; an ash outlet pipe is connected to the side wall of the dust suction box; one end of the ash outlet pipe is connected to the collecting box; a rotary shaft I is rotatably arranged between the dust suction box and the desulfurization box; and one end of the rotary shaft I penetrates through the side wall of the dust suction box and is connected with a cam. The device provided by the invention is novel in design, and dust and toxic gas in the industrial waste gas can be effectively absorbed, so that the treatment effect is good, the environment is protected, body health of operators is guaranteed, and the device is worthy of popularization.

Multi-force-field dry magnetic separator

The invention discloses a multi-force-field dry magnetic separator. The multi-force-field dry magnetic separator comprises a feeding device, and a discharging belt which is arranged above a working surface of the feeding device, wherein a magnetic system is arranged inside the discharging belt; a charging hole is formed in the charging end of the feeding device; a tailings hole is formed in the discharging end of the feeding device; a concentrate hole is formed in the discharging end of the discharging belt; a rotary breathable magnetic roller cylinder is arranged between the working surface of the feeding device and the discharging belt, and comprises a cylinder body and the magnetic system which is eccentrically arranged in the cylinder body; breathing holes are uniformly formed in the surface of the cylinder body; an air inlet is formed in the cylinder body, and pressure gas is filled into the air inlet; the discharging belt is positioned above a weak magnetic region of the breathable magnetic roller cylinder; and the magnetic field intensity of the magnetic system on the discharging belt is greater than that of the weak magnetic region of the breathable magnetic roller cylinder. According to the multi-force-field dry magnetic separator, wind power is introduced into a material sorting process, so that the magnetic-field-dominant multi-force-field separation is realized, requirements of equipment upsizing are met, and the sorting accuracy of a magnetic material is greatly improved.

Handle table plate threaded lock pin nitrile rubber step press plate glass detection device

The invention relates to a tempered glass test inspection device, in particular to a handle table plate threaded lock pin nitrile rubber step press plate glass detection device. As the improvement, a table plate handle is arranged on the vertical surface of the back end of a test table plate; a test table plate reversible structure can be driven to be set, so that broken glass pieces can be conveniently cleared away; a broken glass recovery container is adopted, so that the broken glass pieces cannot be scattered; a support cross beam supports the back lower plane of the test table plate; lock pin rocking handles arranged at the two sides are combined; screw stud locking pins are matched with inner holes of a lock pin support seat through screw threads, so that cylindrical ball heads at the end parts of the screw stud locking pins enter screw conical stud lock holes formed in the two sides of the test table plate for locking and positioning. The defect that a transmission gear and a manual gear are matched, and a self locking function is not realized is overcome, so that in the whole process for testing a tempered glass plate, the stability and the firmness are maintained; a container material door spring is arranged between a material door hook and a container front lower hook arranged at each of two sides; a container discharging door is enabled to be tightly attached to a discharging opening of the container; the broken glass pieces are prevented from being scattered.

Impurity removing method of sticky rice

The invention discloses an impurity removing method of sticky rice. Impurity removal processing of the sticky rice is completed by fifteen processes of winnowing and removing impurities, performing vibratory screening, drying grains, removing stones, performing magnetic separation, shelling, performing husked rice separation, performing thickness grading, cleaning and reducing heavy metal, ultrasonically reducing heavy metal, centrifugally washing, drying stick rice granules, performing hierarchical arrangement, performing color storing, sterilizing as well as packaging and saving. According to the impurity removing method of the sticky rice, the quality of the sticky rice is guaranteed; particularly the sticky rice granules after thickness grading are subjected to heavy metal reducing treatment by water and a heavy metal reducing agent, and organic matters such as arsenic and cadmium in the sticky rice are gradually dissolved out by an ultrasonic washing mode, so that the content of the heavy metal such as cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, arsenic and copper in the stick rice can be greatly reduced; furthermore, in the reducing treatment process of the heavy metal, tiny impuritieswhich can be dissolved into water or floated on the water can be removed from the surface of the sticky rice, so that the sticky rice is cleaner.

Powder spraying room for electrostatic spraying

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The invention relates to the technical field of powder spraying, and discloses a powder spraying room for electrostatic spraying. The powder spraying room comprises a first room body structure and a second room body structure; the first room body structure is internally divided into a spraying area and a spraying supplementing area; the second room body structure is close to and communicates withthe spraying supplementing area; a pulse recovery device is arranged outside the second room body structure, wherein an inlet of the pulse recovery device communicates with the second room body structure; the pulse recovery device comprises a fan, a pulse filter element, a pulse solenoid valve and a powder recovery barrel; the fan is located on the upper portion of the pulse recovery device; the pulse filter element and the pulse solenoid valve are located in the middle of the pulse recovery device; the pulse filter element communicates with the fan through the pulse solenoid valve; and the powder recovery barrel is located at the bottom of the pulse recovery device and detachably connected with the pulse recovery device, and idler wheels are arranged at the bottom of the powder recovery barrel. The powder spraying room can assist in checking and guaranteeing the workpiece powder spraying quality in real time.

Glass rotation impacting detecting method implemented through gear rotary table and circular rail pressing plates

The invention relates to a tempered glass detecting method, in particular to a glass rotation impacting detecting method implemented through a gear rotary table and circular rail pressing plates. The glass detecting method is characterized by including the following steps that 1, a hand wheel swinging handle is swung with the hand, a transmission gear is driven by a manual gear to rotate accordingly, and a testing table plate is in the horizontal state; 2, a pressing-plate fixed edge, a pressing-plate left edge, a pressing-plate opposite edge and a pressing-plate right edge which are the same in structure and size are placed on the testing table plate; 3, rubber pressing sheets on the pressing plates are attached to the outer edges of the four sides of a to-be-tested tempered glass plate; 4, the height of an impacting transverse rod on an impacting stand column is adjusted; 5, detection is carried out according to the national standard, and detection of the fragment state of the tempered glass is completed; 6, locking pin swinging handles on the two sides are swung with the hands in opposite directions, and locking and positioning are relieved; 7, the hand wheel swinging handle is swung with the hand again, the testing table plate is locked and positioned, and preparation is made for a next tempered glass plate to be tested.

Dust collecting system of polishing dust removal working table

The invention discloses a dust collecting system of a polishing dust removal working table. The dust collecting system comprises a main body skeleton, wherein a working table surface is arranged on the top of the main body skeleton; a suction chamber formed by surrounding vertically arranged operation desk side plates is arranged above the middle part of the working table surface; a horizontal operation desk face plate is arranged on the periphery of the working table surface upwards and around the suction chamber; a workpiece is arranged on the operation desk face plate for polishing; the operation desk side plates, the operation desk face plate and the base plate of the suction chamber are all perforated plates; a negative pressure airflow is formed in the area of the working table surface; a plurality of spigots are arranged on the main body skeleton below the working table surface along the length direction of the suction chamber; a porous air pipe plug is arranged on an air pipe; a bottom basin is arranged on the main body skeleton below the spigots. Dust generated when the workpiece is polished can be effectively collected and processed, so that the environment is prevented from being polluted, and meanwhile the harm of polished dust to workers is reduced to the maximum degree.

Heavy metal chemical leaching waste liquid processing device and using method thereof

The invention provides a heavy metal chemical leaching waste liquid processing device which comprises an anti-skid pad, a support leg, a leaching waste liquid processing tank, a leaching waste liquidguide bucket, a leaching waste liquid processing barrel, a leaching waste liquid cleaning net, an inorganic ceramic membrane filter, a buffer heavy metal iron metal adsorption block structure, a leaching waste liquid chemical treatment barrel, a leaching waste liquid mixing treatment barrel structure, a chemical treatment agent adding pump structure, a support plate, a heavy metal salvage filtration condition net pocket structure, a cleaning cover, a quick locker, a leaching waste liquid introduction hopper and a waste gas treatment and exporting machine, wherein the anti-slip pad is laterallyglued to the lower surface of the support leg. The processing device provided by the invention can adsorb and treat generated waste gas to avoid environmental pollution and take out heavy metals after being treated in time to avoid river pollution during discharge. The using method provided by the invention is simple and easy in operation, and does not require multiple devices to be deployed, thereby reducing human and material resources and helping to improve work efficiency.

Polyacrylamide (PAM) solid compound polymer electrolyte and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to the field of materials and belongs to the technical field of preparation of an electrolyte material of a lithium ion battery. The electrolyte is composed of polyoxyethylene (PEO), high molecular weight polyacrylamide (PAM), acrylamide and ethylene glycol monomethyl ether acrylate copolymer (P(AM-co-PEGMA)), lithium salt and nanometer filler. According to the invention, high molecular weight PAM containing a polar group and having an excellent support function is used as a support phase, PEO is used as a transfer phase, P(AM-co-PEGMA) is used as PAM and PEO solubilizers, and the nanometer filler is used as an enhancer and a PEO crystallization inhibitor, so that the electrolyte, with high lithium ion transport number, high ionic conductivity, small interface resistance and good size stability, can be prepared and applied to the lithium ion battery. According to the preparation method provided by the invention, no organic solvent is added; the preparation method belongs to a clean preparation technique; evaporation solvents are prevented from polluting the environment; the resource waste is avoided; the operation is simple and convenient; the preparation cost is low; and the efficiency is high.

Dedusting purifying device for energy-saving environment-friendly melting casting furnace

The invention relates to the field of smelting equipment, in particular to a dedusting purifying device for an energy-saving environment-friendly melting casting furnace; the dedusting purifying device comprises a dedusting tank, a purifying tank and a filtering device; the dedusting tank is communicated with the purifying tank through a connection pipeline, the inner upper segment of the dedusting tank is provided with a spiral panel that spirals up along the its axis, the top of the spiral panel is provided with a plurality of support strips that are spiraled up and arranged, the top of the purifying tank is provided with a plurality of nozzles, the filtering device includes primary filter meshes, a secondary filter mesh, and a cleaning mechanism for cleaning the primary and secondary filter meshes, the primary filter meshes are arranged parallelly at intervals right above the secondary filter mesh, the cleaning mechanism includes a first retaining plate in sliding fit with the primary filter meshes, a second retaining plate in sliding fit with the secondary filter mesh, a linkage, and a driving motor, and both the first retaining plate and the second retaining plate are hinged to the linkage. The dedusting purifying device has better effect in purifying waste gas, environmental pollution by waste gas is avoided, and environment protection is achieved.
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