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Method for preparing stevioside

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The invention discloses a method for preparing stevioside, which relates to a natural sweetening agent. The invention provides the method for preparing enzyme-modified stevioside, which is capable of improving the after bitter taste of stevioside and has low processing cost. The method comprises the following steps of: preparing maltodextrin by salt-free water or purified water to obtain 5 to 60 percent solution; adding stevia sugar of which the amount is 20 to 100 percent that of the maltodextrin to the maltodextrin solution; adding maltose-based transfer enzyme of which the amount is 0.1 to 2 percent that of the stevia sugar; performing enzymatic modification at the temperature of between 50 and 90 DEG C for 3 to 20 hours; adding active carbon to remove color and odor, and centrifugally filtering and separating the solution or filter pressing the solution by using a sheet frame so as to realize separation of slag from liquid; and making the obtained solution into a powder product by using a spray drying process. The method uses the maltodextrin as a donor and transfers a plurality of maltose molecules into the molecular structure of the stevia sugar by using the maltose-based transfer enzyme so as to form new sugar with taste closer to that of cane sugar and sweetness of 120 to 150 times that of the cane sugar. When the stevioside is used in a beverage, the stevioside can be used to partially replace the cane sugar so as to increase the ratio from about 20 percent to 70 percent.

Production process of novel yellow Maojian tea

The invention relates to a production process of novel yellow Maojian tea. The production process comprises the procedures of material sorting, withering, rolling, primary heap-yellowing, primary drying (namely fixation by hot wind), secondary heap-yellowing, secondary rolling, secondary roasting, and drying. The production process of the novel yellow Maojian tea has the beneficial effects of unique style and simple process, and is easy to handle and beneficial to popularization and application; the procedure of moist heat heap-yellowing after the fixation during the preparation of traditional yellow tea is changed into a procedure of enzymatic yellowing before the fixation in the process disclosed by the invention, and the withering procedure is added; fermentation-type fragrance, fresh taste and sweet aftertaste of the traditional yellow tea are preserved, the fragrance of the yellow tea is greatly enhanced by virtue of the yellowing procedure, and a novel product with the unique style is produced; the internal and external qualities of the traditional yellow tea are adequately embodied, the concept of people that the traditional yellow tea is weak in fragrance and taste is changed, and fixation procedure by a roller is changed into the fixation procedure by the hot wind and a primary heaping process, so that the working efficiency is greatly improved. Therefore, the production process of the novel yellow Maojian tea is very valuable and is suitable for being generalized and applied.

Laying hen feed for improving flavor of eggs and production method of laying hen feed

The invention discloses a laying hen feed for improving the flavor of eggs and a production method of the laying hen feed. The feed consists of the following raw materials in parts by weight: 250-300 parts of fermented soybean meal, 200-250 parts of brown rice powder, 180-200 parts of rye bran, 150-180 parts of maize germ, 50-60 parts of fermented ground meat, 30-40 parts of degreased fish meal, 30-60 parts of chili dregs, 15-20 parts of grape pulps, 20-30 parts of pineapple juice, 2-3 parts of semen cassiae, 1-2 parts of Chinese wolfberry root-bark, 2-3 parts of forsythia suspensa, 2-3 parts of wild chrysanthemums, 2-3 parts of dandelions, 40-50 parts of bur clovers, 30-40 parts of Chinese fanpalm leaves, 10-15 parts of antigonon leptopus, 10-15 parts of amaranthus hypochondriacus, 5-10 parts of lotus roots, 5-10 parts of common ducksmeat herbs, 100-140 parts of a 1%-1.5% dicalcium phosphate solution, and 20-30 parts of a phagostimulant. The feed disclosed by the invention has the characteristics of being concentrated, fine, fragrant crisp and the like, laying hens grow quickly, the disease resistance is strong, the laying hens lay more eggs, the raising period of the laying hens is short, and the market competitiveness is strong; the eggs are crisp, sweet and greasy, are rich in nutrition and are fresh in taste; eggshells are hard and are not easy to smash, and the storage period of the eggs is long.

Draft pineapple rice vinegar beverage and making method thereof

The invention relates to a draft pineapple rice vinegar beverage and a making method thereof. The invention aims at the problems of low sugar-free extract, deficient nutrients, single mouthfeel and light and boring taste of partial ordinary fruit vinegar beverage products. The method adopted by the invention is characterized in that the dietetic invigoration characteristic and the advantages of raw materials comprising pineapple and glutinous rice are used, glutinous rice is saccharified and after-fermented to form a general dry yellow rice wine, the general dry yellow rice wine is diluted, the diluted general dry yellow rice wine is fermented by acetic acid to form rice vinegar, a concentrated pineapple juice is added, the obtained mixture is blended, the blended mixture enters an aseptic filtering combination system, and is aseptically filtered and canned to produce the health draft pineapple rice vinegar beverage. High temperature sterilization is not carried out, so the draft pineapple rice vinegar beverage has the advantages of high maintenance of biological stability, fresh mouthfeel, soft, fresh and mellow taste, rich fruit aroma, increased content of the sugar-free extract, enhanced high nutrients and content, and reaching of the improvement of the added values of the product and increase of market demands.
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Selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake and processing method thereof

The invention discloses a selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake and a processing method of the selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake. The selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake comprises the raw materials in percentage by weight: 22-27 percent of milled rice with embryo, 18-24 percent of selenium-enriching brown rice, 16-22 percent of buckwheat, 3-8 percent of purple potato starch, 3-8 percent of pumpkin powder, 17-24 percent of maltodextrin and 3-9 percent of xylitol. According to the invention, the selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake comprises the milled rice with embryo, the selenium-enriching brown rice, the buckwheat, the purple potato starch, the pumpkin powder, the maltodextrin and the xylitol; and by screening the raw materials and controlling the contents of the raw materials, the prepared selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake is complete in nutrients and balanced in energy; and the milled rice with embryo and the selenium-enriching brown rice are rich in selenium, amino acid, carbohydrate, vitamins and other nutrient elements necessary for a human body, by combining with coarse food grains of buckwheat, purple sweet potato and pumpkin and matching with the maltodextrin and the xylitol, the mouth feel is adjusted, thus the selenium-enriching brown rice nutritional snowflake drink flake is fresh in mouth feel, can be ready to drink when being brewed, and is very convenient to eat.
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