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Big-tree transplantation method

The invention relates to the transplantation field of trees, in particular to a big-tree transplantation method for achieving a high survival rate. The big-tree transplantation method comprises the following steps that (1) big trees growing strongly are selected, and according to design requirements and the principle of matching species with the site, tree forms, pest and disease damage situations, growth habits, and longitude, latitude and altitude related technical indexes are selected; (2) branches and leaves of the big trees are trimmed; (3) roots of the big tree are cut; (4) the big trees are transplanted; (5) management is conducted after transplantation. According to the technical scheme, the big-tree transplantation method has the advantages that the survival rate is high, and rooting powder is applied to the roots so as to facilitate root growth and prevent rot and insect damage. The big-tree transplantation method is frequently suitable for transplanting Chinese junipers, Chinese pines, white bark pines, cedrus deodara, dragon junipers, platycladus orientalis, picea asperata, fir, pinus armandii and the like, and transplanting deciduous trees and precious flowering trees such as Chinese scholar trees, goldenrain trees, fraxinus sogdiana bunge, acer truncatum bunge, ginkgoes and magnolia denudate.

Slope crop seeding raising method

The invention relates to a novel crop seeding raising method, belonging to the field of crop seeding raising. The seedling raising method is characterized in that a seedling raising matrix or porous seeding raising hole trays filled with the seedling raising matrix is/are placed on a slope nursery bed, which has a certain inclination angle and covered or not by a barrier material on the surface, a water and fertilizer supplying facility is erected at the high end of the slope nursery bed, water and fertilizer are provided for the seedling raising matrix by utilizing the inclined guiding action of the slope to promote the crop seeds transplanted in the seedling raising matrix to germinate, root and grow, seeding raising management is carried out, and seedlings are lifted and transplanted when the seedlings achieve proper transplanting seedling age. By adopting the method, the water and fertilizer are agilely managed, the inland inundation or drought is prevented, the disease and pest are reduced, the seedling forming rate is high, and seedling domestication is carried out by inverting the seedling raising hole trays or the nursery bed, thus the strong seedlings are effectively cultured and the seedling recovering stage is shortened; and the cultured seedlings have the characteristics of flourishing root systems, strong and trim seedlings, strong viability, few or no disease plants, short seedling recovering stage, convenience for seedling taking and seedling transport for transplanting, simplicity in operation, labor saving, cost saving, high survival rate and the like.

Organic fertilizer and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to organic fertilizer and a preparation method thereof. The organic fertilizer comprises main materials, auxiliary materials and microflora, wherein the main materials comprise the following raw materials: human and animal waste, fruit residue, cane trash, grain stillage, saccharified residue, vinegar residue, starch pulp, cassava residue, citric acid residue, soy sauce residue, sodium glutamate residue, soybean curb residue, oil residue, rape cake, cottonseed and rapeseed meal and slops; the auxiliary materials comprise the following raw materials: furfur, sawdust, ricehull flour, leaves and weeds, melon vines, rice straw, pine nut shells and peanut shells; the microflora comprises the following bacteria: bacillus subtilis, bacillus megatherium, bacillus mucilaginosus, bacillus licheniformis, bacillus thuringiensis, bacillus laterosporus, bacillus mucilaginosus, streptomyces jingyangensis, mycorrhiza fungi, azotobacter vinelandii, bacillus coagulans, aspergillusoryzae and paecilomyces lilacinus. The organic fertilizer can promote the growth of crop roots, improve the fertilizer absorption capacity and reduce the occurrence of pest damage, ensures that the content of nutritional ingredients in crop fruits is high, and is simple in preparation method.

Nutrient solution for increasing survival rate of paper mulberry tree seedlings

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The invention discloses a nutrient solution for increasing the survival rate of paper mulberry tree seedlings, and belongs to the technical field of paper mulberry tree planting. The nutrient solutioncomprises the following components in parts by weight: 13-17 parts of diphenylurea sulfonic calcium, 8-11 parts of naphthylacetic acid, 20-26 parts of compound sodium nitrophenolate, 6-7 parts of o-dihydroxybenzene, 80-88 parts of glucose, 17-19 parts of inositol and 130-140 parts of water. A preparation method of the nutrient solution comprises the following steps: I, preparing the raw materialsin parts by weight; II, dissolving the diphenylurea sulfonic calcium into water of 30-40 DEG C so as to obtain a solution A; III, mixing the o-dihydroxybenzene with the glucose so as to obtain a solution B; IV, firstly, mixing the solution A with the solution B, leaving to stand for 55-60 minutes, further adding the inositol, the naphthylacetic acid and the compound sodium nitrophenolate, and mixing, thereby obtaining the nutrient solution. The nutrient solution disclosed by the invention is prepared from multiple hormones, sucrose substances, inositol and water, root system growth of paper mulberry trees can be promoted, the adsorption capability of root systems of the paper mulberry trees can be enhanced, and the survival rate of the paper mulberry tree seedlings can be increased.

Water-soluble fertilizer containing amino acid and preparation technology thereof

The invention provides a water-soluble fertilizer containing amino acid. The water-soluble fertilizer is prepared from the following components of marine algal glycoprotein, complex amino acid, brassin, 4-ethyl iodophenoxyacetate, a plant growth regulator, medium element composition and mannitol calcium. The water-soluble fertilizer containing the amino acid has the advantages that the output capacity is increased, the yield increase rate is 20%, and the color turning rate of fruit is 98.1%. The invention also provides a preparation technology of the water-soluble fertilizer containing the amino acid. The preparation technology comprises the following steps of soaking by alcohol, primary activating, secondary activating, fermenting and mixing. The prepared water-soluble fertilizer containing the amino acid has the advantages that the growth of roots can be strongly promoted, and the damaged root is restored; after the water-soluble fertilizer is applied to the crop, the anti-freezing,anti-drought and anti-disease abilities are obviously improved, and the nematodes, whiteflies and aphids can be repelled; the effects of promoting the growth of crop, promoting swelling of fruit and advancing selling on market are realized, and the output is increased by 20%; the soil can be regulated, the air ventilating property of the soil is improved, and the effects of maintaining water and fertilizer, immobilizing nitrogen, decomposing phosphorus and decomposing potassium are realized.

Special organic fertilizer for cress and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a special organic fertilizer for cress and a preparation method thereof. The special organic fertilizer comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 30-50 parts of dry manure, 15-25 parts of vegetable cake, 10-20 parts of monocalcium phosphate, 5-10 parts of fish bone meal, 5-10 parts of animal bone meal, 10-20 parts of straw, 5-10 parts of potassium mineral powder, 5-10 parts of plant ash, 1-5 parts of a water retaining agent and 1-2 parts of a soil loosening agent. The soil loosening agent comprises the following raw materials in parts by weight: 1-3 parts of yeast, 2-5 parts of sodium bicarbonate, 1-2 parts of vitamin C, 1-2 parts of an emulsifier and 1-2 parts of vanillin. The special organic fertilizer provided by the invention is designed and produced according to the growth habit and the nutritional requirement characteristic of the cress, and can improve the soil structure. After the special organic fertilizer is applied into soil, the surrounding compact soil can be loosened with the regular variations of water swelling and drying shrinkage of the special organic fertilizer; the special organic fertilizer can effectively restrain evaporation of water to achieve the purpose of water conservation and increase the saturation moisture content of the soil, thereby slowing down water release of the soil and accumulating more nutrients for strengthening the roots of cress.

Special concentrated water-soluble fertilizer for blueberries as well as preparation method and application method of special concentrated water-soluble fertilizer

The invention provides a special concentrated water-soluble fertilizer for blueberries as well as a preparation method and an application method of the special concentrated water-soluble fertilizer, wherein the special concentrated water-soluble fertilizer is prepared from the following components: a macroelement nutrient solution A and a trace element nutrient solution B, wherein the macroelementnutrient solution A comprises 1.2-4.80 mol/L of ammonium sulfate, 0.6-2.40 mol/L of calcium nitrate tetrahydrate, 0.4-1.60 mol/L of potassium nitrate, 0.20-0.80 mol/L of magnesium sulfate and 0.20-0.80 mol/L of monopotassium phosphate; and the trace element nutrient solution B comprises 0.20 mol/L-0.60 mol/L of manganese sulfate, 0.10 mol/L-0.50 mol/L of boric acid, 0.005 mol/L-0.015 mol/L of copper sulfate, 0.05 mol/L-0.15 mol/L of zinc sulfate, 0.005 mol/L-0.015 mol/L of sodium molybdate, 0.10 mol/L-0.50 mol/L of ferrous sulfate and 0.10 mol/L-0.50 mol/L of ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid. According to the method, the requirements of blueberries for nutrient elements and the physical and chemical properties of soil are comprehensively considered, and the pH value and porosity of soilimprovement in the production process can be continuously stabilized. Compared with a traditional fertilization mode, the fertilizer investment is small, the absorption and utilization rate is high, soil protection is better facilitated, and sustainable production of blueberries is achieved.

Furrowing machine for forming flat-bottom sugarcane planting furrows

The invention provides a furrowing machine for forming flat-bottom sugarcane planting furrows. The furrowing machine comprises a frame and a deep scarification plough, a first rotary tillage device, afurrowing device and a second rotary tillage device which are sequentially arranged below the frame and is characterized in that the first rotary tillage device comprises a first rotary tillage shaftand first rotary tillage blades arranged on the first rotary tillage shaft at intervals; the second rotary tillage device comprises a second rotary tillage shaft and second rotary tillage blades arranged on the second rotary tillage shaft at intervals, the middles of the first rotary tillage shaft and the second rotary tillage shaft are respectively provided with a first transmission device and second transmission device, and the first transmission device and the second transmission device are connected through a transmission shaft; the first rotary tillage blades on the left side and the right side of the first transmission device are symmetrically arranged, the tail end of each first rotary tillage blade bends outwardly, the second rotary tillage blades on the left side and the right side of the second transmission device are symmetrically arranged, and the bending directions of the tail ends of two adjacent second rotary tillage blades are opposite. The furrowing machine has the advantages that a planting furrow formed by the furrowing machine has a flat bottom and contains loose soil 40-60cm in thickness, moisture and nutrition can be kept favorably, sugarcane tillering and root system growth can be promoted, and sugarcane yield can be increased.

Facility vegetable field secondary salinization soil conditioner and application thereof

The invention discloses a facility vegetable field secondary salinization soil conditioner and application thereof. The facility soil conditioner is composed of the following components in parts by weight: 70-85 parts of organic fertilizer, 1 part of mineral source humic acid and 10-30 parts of calcium carbonate. The facility soil conditioner can improve the soil structure, promote the formation of a granular structure and reduce the soil salinization and acidification degree; the content of organic matters or humus in soil can be increased, so that the nutrient holding capacity of the soil can be improved, and the fertilizer retention capacity of the soil is improved; the facility soil conditioner can also improve the activity of beneficial microorganisms in soil, optimize soil microflora, promote conversion and absorption of plant nutrients in soil, enhance the fertilizer supply capacity of soil, enhance the disease resistance of crops, increase the yield of crops and improve the quality of agricultural products. Results of the embodiment show that after the facility soil conditioner is applied, the microbial activity of soil is increased, the yield is increased by 5-15%, the pH value is increased by 0.4-1, and the conductivity of the soil is reduced by 10% or above.

Culture solution for dendrobium officinale

The invention discloses culture solution for dendrobium officinale. The culture solution comprises the following components by weight per litter: 20-30g/L of ammonium nitrate, 1-2g/L of monopotassium phosphate, 20-30g/L of potassium nitrate, 6-10g/L of calcium nitrate, 3-8g/L of magnesium sulfate, 2-4g/L of manganese sulfate, 0.5-1g/L of ferric sulfate, 0.5-1g/L of sodium molybdate, 0.5-1g/L of vitamin B1, 0.2-0.5g/L of vitamin B6, 0.5-1g/L of vitamin B5, 1-2g/L of Na2-EDTA, 0.5-1g/L of naphthylacetic acid, 0.2-0.6g/L of ferulic acid, 10-15g/L of banana puree, 3-8g/L of grape seeds, 0.1-0.5g/L of water-soluble carbon nano tube, 0.1-0.9g/L of indolebutyric acid, 5-8g/L of white sugar and 1-3g/L of agar. The culture solution disclosed by the invention has the advantages that since the grape seed powder is added into the culture medium, not only can the yield and the quality of the dendrobium officinale be improved, but also the biotransformation rate of the dendrobium officinale can be increased; since the ferulic acid is added into the culture medium, the indolebutyric acid is protected from being decarboxylated, and plays a full role in induction; the culture medium has rich various nutrient substances and plant hormones needed by rooting growth of the dendrobium officinale, extremely-high rooting rate and good growth of roots and stems of the dendrobium officinale can be ensured and simultaneously the content of crude polysaccharide can be increased.

Special harrow device for plowing and preparing farmlands

The invention discloses a special harrow device for plowing and preparing farmlands. The special harrow device is hung at the tail of agricultural mechanical equipment, and comprises a harrow frame. A suspension crossbeam is arranged on the harrow frame, a mounting seat is mounted between the harrow frame and the suspension crossbeam, a suspension bracket used for being connected with the agricultural mechanical equipment is hinged on the connecting seat, harrow tooth mounting shafts are distributed in the harrow frame, harrow tooth sleeves are fixedly sleeved on outer portions of the harrow tooth mounting shafts, harrow teeth with different lengths are distributed on the harrow tooth sleeves, two ends of each harrow tooth mounting shaft penetrate through the harrow frame to extend outwardly, and mounting shaft locking devices are arranged among the harrow tooth mounting shafts and the harrow frame. The special harrow device has the advantages that the mounting shaft locking devices can be adjusted, so that the harrow tooth mounting shafts can drive the harrow teeth to rotate on the harrow frame, the harrow teeth with the different lengths can be selected to level the farmlands, the depth of leveled soil can be adjusted according to actually planted crops, and root-taking and growth of the crops and irrigation for the crops are facilitated.
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