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Construction structures and manufacturing processes for integrated circuit wafer probe card assemblies

InactiveUS20050042932A1Increase mechanical complianceReduces assembly manufacturing costElectronic circuit testingElectrical measurement instrument detailsProbe cardManufacturing technology
Several embodiments of integrated circuit probe card assemblies are disclosed, which extend the mechanical compliance of both MEMS and thin-film fabricated probes, such that these types of spring probe structures can be used to test one or more integrated circuits on a semiconductor wafer. Several embodiments of probe card assemblies, which provide tight signal pad pitch compliance and/or enable high levels of parallel testing in commercial wafer probing equipment, are disclosed. In some preferred embodiments, the probe card assembly structures include separable standard components, which reduce assembly manufacturing cost and manufacturing time. These structures and assemblies enable high speed testing in wafer form. The probes also have built in mechanical protection for both the integrated circuits and the MEMS or thin film fabricated spring tips and probe layout structures on substrates. Interleaved spring probe tip designs are defined which allow multiple probe contacts on very small integrated circuit pads. The shapes of probe tips are preferably defined to control the depth of probe tip penetration between a probe spring and a pad or trace on an integrated circuit device. Improved protective coating techniques for spring probes are also disclosed, offering increased reliability and extended useful service lives for probe card assemblies.

Panchromatic micrometer LED display chip based ona gallium nitride nanopore array/quantum dot composite structure and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a panchromatic micrometer LED display chip based on a gallium nitride nanopore array/quantum dot composite structure. On the GaN blue-light LED epitaxial layer of a silicon substrate, an array rectangular mesa structure penetrating through a p-type GaN layer and a quantum well active layer to a n-type GaN layer is disposed. Each rectangular mesa structure constitutes one RGB pixel unit. In each rectangular pixel unit, a red-light rectangular sub-pixel region, a green-light rectangular sub-pixel region and a blue-light rectangular sub-pixel region are included. The adjacent sub-pixel regions are isolated by an isolation trench. Each sub-pixel region is provided with a nanopore array structure and is filled with red and green quantum dots. Panchromatic display is realized by quantum dot color conversion. A preparation method of the panchromatic micrometer LED display chip is also disclosed. The panchromatic micrometer LED display chip utilizes a nanopore structureto improve the stability and lifetime of the quantum dots, and utilizes the energy resonance transfer between quantum dots to improve the internal quantum efficiency and color conversion efficiency,and achieve panchromatic display with high resolution, high color gamut, and high contrast.

Cross folded, pressure sealed multi-page paper assembly and methods of making same

A cost effective, pressure-sealed, multi-page paper assembly is configured as a mailer-type of assembly for use as a business form, direct mail piece or other document to distribute information to end-users. The multi-page paper assembly is formed from a single ply or sheet of paper that permits use of such cost-saving technologies as laser printing and imaging of the single ply or sheet. The multi-page paper assembly includes a central transverse line of cross fold perforations and a plurality of lines of fold assist perforations that permit the single ply or sheet to be folded into a desired Z-fold, C-fold, eccentric C-fold, V-fold, double parallel-fold or other folded configuration having a number of inboard panels to serve as pages of the assembly. Deposits of pressure-activated cohesive along one or both surfaces of the single ply or sheet are placed to define those panels to serve as inboard boards and to adhere portions of the ply or sheet when folded. Cohesive deposits can form seals and thereby a secure seal multi-page paper assembly when pressure-sealed to protect contents. Use of low-tack deposits can form unsecured seals for use with direct mail pieces. Removal of stub portions of the paper assembly permits the sealed assembly to be opened in a book-like manner along the sealed cross fold perforations and access provided to the multiple of pages contained therein.

Assembly-free manufacturing method and device used for micro mechanical structure

The invention provides an assembly-free manufacturing method and a device for a micro mechanical structure. The method comprises the following steps: establishing a three-dimensional model of each part of a target mechanical structure, digitally assembling the three-dimensional model into integral machinery, carrying out hierarchical slicing on the integral machinery to obtain each layer of processing graphs, and carrying out processing path planning on graphs on each layer to generate a numerical control program; taking a workpiece substrate to deposit a first material as a sacrificial material in a micro electro-deposition mode, carrying out area-selecting removal on the deposited sacrificial material according to the generated numerical control program in a micro electrical removal processing mode, etching out an area for depositing a structural material in the next step and depositing a second material as the structural material, repeating the steps until the sacrificial material at each layer and the structural material are completely shaped; and finally, removing the sacrificial material to release the mechanical structure, thereby obtaining the target mechanical structure. The invention further provides a device capable of realizing the assembly-free manufacturing method for the micro mechanical structure.

Liner of vacuum electric heating container and electric kettle

The invention provides a liner of a vacuum electric heating container and an electric kettle. The liner of the vacuum electric heating container comprises an inner liner body, a heating device and an outer liner body, wherein the heating device is installed on the bottom of the inner liner body, the outer liner body is connected with the inner liner body in a sealed mode, and a vacuum layer is arranged between the outer liner body and the inner liner body. According to the liner of the vacuum electric heating container, the outer liner body is only arranged on the outer side wall of the inner liner body, and the heating device is arranged on the bottom of the inner liner body, namely the vacuum layer is arranged between the inner liner body and the outer liner body. Compared with the prior art, the liner of the vacuum electric heating container has the advantages that parts related to a vacuum layer on the bottom of the inner liner body are omitted, and thus the production cost is reduced; meanwhile, due to the fact that the process for machining the vacuum layer on the bottom of the inner liner body is omitted, the product manufacturing time is shortened, namely the product manufacturing efficiency is improved; the product manufacturing cost is further reduced, and the market competitiveness of products is improved.

Wheel hub with hollow structure as well as motor vehicle

The invention provides a wheel hub with a hollow structure. The wheel hub with the hollow structure comprises a rim, a plurality of spokes and an installation disc; one ends of the spokes are fixedly connected with the rim, and the other ends of the spokes are fixedly connected with the installation disc, and the plurality of spokes are uniformly distributed between the rim and the installation disc; the wheel hub is provided with a hollow structure; the hollow structure comprises a first part in a rim wall and a second part in spoke bodies; the first part and the second part are mutually communicated, and extend to the installation disc; one end of the hollow structure, which is positioned in the spokes, is sealed, and the other end of the hollow structure, which is positioned in a rim wall, is provided with an opening, and the opening is positioned on the inner wall surface of the rim; the inner wall surface of the rim is used for installing a vacuum tyre. The invention also provides an engine vehicle. A heat dissipation area of the wheel hub is increased for an empty cavity of the wheel hub provided with the empty cavity provided by the invention, and the integral weight of the wheel hub is lowered; the empty cavity and the inner part of the vacuum tyre are communicated, so that the intensity of pressure in the empty cavity and the intensity of pressure in the vacuum tyre are equal, and further the wheel hub has greater intensity; the safety of the wheel hub cannot be lowered under the condition of reducing the weight of the wheel hub.
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