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Process for spraying and coating bronze at steel and iron surface using oxygen-acetylene subsonic flame

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The invention discloses a technique process which utilizes oxygen-acetylene subsonic flame to spray bronze alloy on steel surface, belonging to the technical field of the spraying of material surface. Firstly, the surface of a steel member is proceeded the treatment of deoiling, derusting and surface roughening, the surface of the steel member is preheated by the oxygen-acetylene subsonic flame, the oxygen-acetylene is employed as combustion flame, compressed air is utilized as powder-feeding air and speed up air, and atomizing particle flow is high-speed sprayed to the member surface by a subsonic spray gun and a compress-swelling spraying nozzle with the structure of spiral gas mixing and spraying-absorbing air inletting. The surface of steel member is firstly sprayed with nickel coated aluminum composite powder which is used to be base coat, then the base coat is sprayed with aluminum bronze layer, and hole-seal treatment is instantly proceeded after being sprayed. The invention has the advantages of high spraying efficiency, high binding intensity of an interface, perfect corrosion resistance, simple operation, beautiful formation of the appearance, low cost, easy popularization and application, and the like. In addition, the technique is in particular adaptable for spraying the surfaces of outdoor large-scale formations or statues.

LED module and method for pouring glue on surface of LED module

The invention belongs to the technical field of glue pouring, and particularly relates to an LED module and a method for pouring glue on the surface of the LED module. The method for pouring the glue on the surface of the LED module comprises the steps that the LED module, the glue and a glue pouring mold are provided, wherein the glue pouring mold comprises a first mold component and a second mold component which are arranged up and down, a cavity is formed in the top of the second mold component, and the bottom surface of the cavity is a horizon plane; the LED module is fixed to the first mold component, light-emitting diodes on the surface of the LED module are made opposite to the second mold component, and the glue is poured into the mold cavity; the first mold component and the second mold component are matched up and down, so that the light-emitting diodes on the surface of the LED module are made to be downwards immersed in the glue; and after the glue is solidified, the LED module is separated from the mold. According to the LED module and the method for pouring the glue on the surface of the LED module, the surface of a glue layer formed after glue pouring of the LED module is made smooth and flat, the light-emitting diodes are better protected, and polishing is not needed after glue pouring.

Wear-resisting sand pump and casting method thereof

The invention discloses a method for casting a wear-resisting sand pump. In the wear-resisting sand pump, a pump impeller, a material inlet and a pump body are precisely cast by a vacuum lost mold; a shaft is connected with the pump impeller through an outer cone and an inner cone; and the outer cone and the inner cone are rectangular, prismatic or hexagonal and are fastened by screws. The precise casting method comprises the following process steps of: 1, partitioning a foam material to obtain main parts, and bonding by using an adhesion agent to obtain an integrated model of which the shape is consistent with the main shape of a casting; 2, coating a mica-based coating onto the outer surface of a foam model, and drying; 3, putting the dried foam model into a sand box, filling dry sand into the sand box, and performing three-dimensional oscillation compaction; 4, vacuumizing the sand box by using a vacuum system through negative pressure; 5, pouring molten metallic iron from the feeder head of the sand box to replace the position of a foam-molded model so as to obtain a corresponding main part of the sand pump; and 6, condensing. The wear-resisting sand pump has the characteristics of high casting quality, high surface precision, high rigidity, high wear-resisting property, environment friendliness and the like, and is sanitary, safe and reliable.

Waterborne polyurethane resin for synthetic leather fabric and preparation method of waterborne polyurethane resin

The invention provides waterborne polyurethane resin for a synthetic leather fabric and a preparation method of the waterborne polyurethane resin. The waterborne polyurethane resin is prepared from the following raw material components in parts by weight: 20 to 50 parts of polyhydric alcohols, 5 to 20 parts of polyisocyanate, 1 to 6 parts of an anionic hydrophilic chain-extending agent, 0.05 to 0.2 part of a catalyst, 0.1 to 0.3 part of a silane coupling agent, 1 to 4 parts of a salt-forming agent and 1 to 5 parts of a second small molecule chain-extending agent, wherein the polyhydric alcohols comprise hydroxyl-terminated polysiloxanediol, polytetrahydrofuran polyol and polycarbonate diol; the weight ratio of the hydroxyl-terminated polysiloxanediol to the polytetrahydrofuran polyol to the polycarbonate diol is (2 to 6) to (10 to 25) to (18 to 30). The waterborne polyurethane resin obtained by the preparation method provided by the invention has the advantages of good alcohol resistance, good normal temperature folding resistance and good wear resistance; a production process of the preparation method provided by the invention is simple; a large amount of toxic or harmful organic solvents in the production process are avoided, so environmental protection and physical and psychological health of a human body are benefited.

Contour machining method of metal heat conduction block

The invention relates to the field of metal matrix PCBs, in particular to a contour machining method of a metal heat conduction block. The method includes the following steps: a punch die is manufactured according to the shape of a metal block, and the design size of the punch die is larger than the size of the metal block; a copper plate is placed on the die for punching to obtain metal block workblank with the size larger than a needed size; at least two pieces of metal block workblank are overlapped and placed on a clamping platform, and a numerical control machine milling technology is used for milling the peripheral edge of the metal block so that metal block fine workblank with the needed size can be obtained; the metal block fine workblank is polished; cleaning and deoxidation are conducted on the surface of the metal block fine workblank to obtain the metal heat conduction block. In the punching process of the metal block, the edge of the metal block is prevented from being extended, being thinned and collapsing, the surface of the small size metal block which is machined and formed is smooth and clean, collapsing does not occur to the edge of the metal block, the machine-shaping efficiency of the metal block and the utilization rate of materials are improved, material consumption is lowered, and the quality of the metal block is effectively guaranteed.
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