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Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery

Disclosed is a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery wherein the energy density is improved by increasing the range of depth of discharge to be used. Specifically disclosed is a lithium ion secondary battery 20 wherein an electrode group 6 is contained within a battery case 7. The electrode group 6 is formed by winding a positive electrode plate W1 and a negative electrode plate W3 with a separator W5 interposed therebetween. The positive electrode plate W1 has positive-electrode mixture layers W2 which are formed on both surfaces of an aluminum foil and contain a positive-electrode active material. The positive-electrode active material contains lithium iron phosphate as a principal component. The negative electrode plate W3 has negative-electrode mixture layers W4 which are formed on both surfaces of a rolled copper foil and contain a negative-electrode active material. The negative-electrode active material contains a mixture of a graphite material as a principal component and an amorphous carbon material as a secondary component. The positive electrode plate W1 has a positive-electrode initial charge/discharge efficiency of e1, the negative electrode plate W3 has a negative-electrode initial charge/discharge efficiency of e2, and e1 and e2 satisfy the relation of formula e2=e1−x (10≦x≦20). This avoids usage of the high resistance region of the positive electrode plate W1.
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