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Manufacturing method of tunable semiconductor laser and tunable semiconductor laser

Provided is a making method of a tunable semiconductor laser and a tunable semiconductor laser, wherein the making method comprises the following procedures: growing lower waveguide layer, multiple quantum trap structure, upper waveguide layer and indium phosphide layer epitaxially and sequentially on the n type substrate; growing earth silicon dielectric membrane on the epitaxial layer; dividing into active waveguide region and raster region; butting passive waveguide portion; removing earth silicon dielectric membrane and indium phosphide layer on the surface of the active waveguide region; growing ridge waveguide indium phosphide material and low resistivity InGaAs ternary layer sequentially; growing earth silicon dielectric membrane; making raster graphic of the ridge waveguide and the ridge waveguide on the raster region; etching raster of the ridge waveguide and the ridge waveguide on the raster region; growing earth silicon dielectric membrane continuously; opening the window separately on active waveguide region and raster region in order to make electrode isolation ditch; making P face and N face electrode of laser. The invention has good product property and high automation degree of the product making, which simplifies the technology process and has good product ratio.

Catalytic cracking multifunctional strengthened additive

The invention provides multifunctional catalytic cracking strengthening additive which comprises a rare earth organic compound, heteropoly acid (and salt thereof), chemical inhibitor, solvent, and the like and has the functions of resisting oxidation and preventing from scorch, dispersing, increasing the acid center, passivating the metal, and the like. When being added into a catalytic cracking lifting pipe reactor, the multifunctional catalytic cracking strengthening additive can inhibit the generation of secondary reaction such as thermal cracking reaction, dehydrogenation condensation reaction, and the like, reduces the generation of side products of net gas, coke, hydrogen, and the like, and improves the yield coefficients of products with high added values, such as liquid gas (especially propylene), gasoline and diesel. The catalytic cracking strengthening additive has the function of metal deactivator and can replace the metal deactivator, therefore, the metal deactivator needs not to be added after the catalytic cracking strengthening additive is added. The invention has the function of resisting oxidation and preventing from scorch, can inhibit a lifting pipe and a settling vessel from being coked and prevent a reaction system from scale deposit, thereby being multifunctional catalytic cracking strengthening additive.

Method of refining furfural through six-tower continuous rectification

The invention discloses a method of refining furfural through six-tower continuous rectification. A process of the method comprises the following steps of: flowing furfural steam through a steam generator and a primary tower reboiler and then feeding into a primary tower; obtaining furfural water azeotrope on the top of the tower; condensing to split phase; reflowing the water phase; feeding aldehyde phase into a washing tower; removing acidic substances in the material by the washing tower; returning the furfural solution on the top of the tower to a primary tower feed tank; feeding output at the bottom of the tower into a light component removal tower; removing light component impurities by the light component removal tower; feeding the furfural liquid at the bottom of the tower into a dehydrating tower; obtaining furfural water azeotrope on the top of the dehydrating tower; condensing to split phase and reflowing; feeding coarse furfural produced at the bottom of the tower into a refining tower; obtaining a furfural product on the top of the refining tower; feeding high boiling point aldehyde mud at the bottom of the tower into a stripping tower; recovering the furfural from the aldehyde mud in the stripping tower; returning furfural solution on the top of the stripping tower to the primary tower feed tank; and treating the aldehyde residue at the bottom of the tower to serve as a boiler fuel. The method has the advantages of high furfural product purity, high yield, low energy consumption and low pollution.

Crater-type graphical sapphire substrate and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a crater-type graphical sapphire substrate and a preparation method thereof. An ordinary commercial micrometer PSS substrate is used as an imprint template, rather than a customized imprint template is used, patterns are simple, the expense is low, and the problem that the imprint template is difficult to prepare and the cost is high can be ingeniously solved; meanwhile, an annular mask is prepared by utilizing a nanoimprint technology, a high-quality VPSS can be acquired by combining a sapphire etching technology, and the commercialization of the VPSS can be facilitated; by adopting the secondary imprint method and the IPS technology, the patterns on the imprint template are prevented from being directly transferred onto a nano imprint adhesive which is coated on an epitaxial slice in a spinning mode, and the breaking of the template can be avoided; STU is collectively imprinted by adopting hot pressing and ultraviolet imprinting, so that the output efficiency and repeatability can be improved. Compared with the ordinary micrometer PSS, the crater-type graphical sapphire substrate has more lateral epitaxial components and larger reflection area, so that the improvement of the light emitting efficiency of the LED can be better facilitated.

Method and production equipment for variable-pressure distillation and purification of methyl acetate

The invention relates to a method and production equipment for variable-pressure distillation and purification of methyl acetate. The method mainly comprises the following step of: carrying out variable-pressure distillation and separation on a mixed solution of methyl acetate, methanol and water through a pressurized distillation column, an atmospheric distillation column and a methyl acetate refining column. The fundamental principle is as follows: by utilizing the characteristic that the sensitivity of azeotropic compositions of methyl acetate-methanol and methyl acetate-water is changed along with the pressure variation, the separation and purification of the mixed solution of the methyl acetate, the methanol and the water are realized by adopting the distillation columns with different operating pressures and the purposes of energy conservation and consumption reduction are realized through heat integration, so that the problems that conventional processes of salt extraction, extractive distillation and the like are low in product purity, difficult in solvent recovery and higher in energy consumption and have need for introducing the third component and the like are solved. Therefore, the method disclosed by the invention has the advantages of high methyl acetate yield, high product purity, simple process, low energy consumption and the like.

Spirulina phatensis polysaccharide and extraction method thereof

ActiveCN104311685ALow costAvoid Yield ProblemsFreeze-dryingCell lysates
The invention relates to a spirulina phatensis polysaccharide and an extraction method thereof. The extraction method comprises the following steps: after multigelation and wall breaking of a spirulina phatensis powder suspension, centrifuging to obtain a cell lysate 1 and cell debris; adding ammonium sulfate in the cell lysate 1 until the saturation is 50%, after salting-out precipitation, centrifuging to remove phycobiliprotein to obtain a supernatant, and evenly mixing the supernatant and the cell debris to obtain a cell lysate 2; obtaining a spirulina phatensis polysaccharide crude extract by using a hot water extraction method; adding the crude extract to an ethanol/ammonium sulfate aqueous two-phase system, and extracting to obtain a bottom-phase solution of spirulina phatensis polysaccharide with higher purity; after the bottom-phase solution is desalted by dialysis, eluting by using a Sephadex G-150 chromatographic column and a DEAE Sephadex A-50 anion exchange column to obtain a pure spirulina phatensis polysaccharide solution; and freeze-drying, thereby obtaining a pure spirulina phatensis polysaccharide finished product. The extraction method can be used for avoiding the traditional complicated protein removal operation steps, has low cost, high yield, and high purity and activity of polysaccharide, and is suitable for intermittent and large-scale production and processing.

Remanufacturing process for piston rod of supporting type coal mine hydraulic support through induction, preheating and cladding

InactiveCN103866221AOvercome costsOvercome thermal deformationMolten spray coatingAutomatic controlWear resistant
The invention discloses a remanufacturing process for a piston rod of a supporting type coal mine hydraulic support through induction, preheating and cladding. The remanufacturing process comprises the steps of cleaning of old components, judgment and grade classification of remanufacturing characteristics, rough machining of the old components of the piston rod, induction, preheating and cladding of a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coating, subsequent fine machining, quality inspection and warehousing. According to the remanufacturing process disclosed by the invention, the induction, preheating and cladding are introduced to the remanufacturing of the old components, so that the defects that a conventional repair process is limited in processing time, poor in roughness and poor in effect are overcome; the problems that a laser cladding remanufacturing process is high in cost, low in efficiency and easy in thermal deformation are solved; the high performance and high quality of a remanufactured piston rod are achieved; the high speed, high efficiency, high yield, automatic control and low production cost during remanufacturing are realized; the service life of the remanufactured piston rod is significantly prolonged; the whole remanufacturing process is pollution-free, green and environment-friendly.
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