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Manufacturing method for fibrous membrane for oil-water separation

The invention discloses a manufacturing method for a fibrous membrane of an extremely hydrophobic organic macromolecule chemical compound with an oil-water separation function in the technical field of fibrous membrane manufacturing. The manufacturing method comprises the following steps: synthetizing a copolymer with excellent electrostatic spinnability by regulating the compounding ratio of a monomer and controlling the condition of a suspension polymerization technology and by adjusting and controlling the compositions of a solution, processing parameters and the temperature and humidity conditions of environment, and spinning a copolymer solution into the fibrous membrane with the advantages of uniform and small bore diameters, high porosity, large flux and extremely hydrophobic and oleophylic properties by using an electrostatic spinning technique. The obtained fibrous membrane has the advantages that the specific surface area is large, the patterns are large, the stacking structure is proper, and the fibrous membrane is in a three-dimensional bore channel structure. Compared with an existing polymer-based oil-water separation member, the fibrous membrane has the advantages that the bore channel structure is more reasonable, the separation capacity is stronger, the separation efficiency is higher, the anti-pollution capacity is stronger, the membrane bores are not easy to block, the oil-water selectivity is stronger, the mechanical strength is higher, the flexibility and the temperature resistance are better, the preparation process is shorter, the consumed energy is little, the filtering rate is higher, and the cost is lower, so that the fibrous membrane can better satisfy the requirements of industrial practicality.

High-wear-resistance water-based plastic coating and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a high-wear-resistance water-based plastic coating and a preparation method thereof. The invention belongs to the technical field of water-based paint. The invention solves thetechnical problems of insufficient adhesion and poor wear resistance of the existing water-based paint on the plastic base material. The product disclosed by the invention is formed by mixing a component A and a component B which are independently packaged when in use, wherein the component A is prepared from water-based resin A, water-based resin B, graphene and carbon nanotube composite slurry,pigments, fillers and other assistants and 5-10 parts of deionized water; and the component B is prepared from auxiliaries such as a curing agent and deionized water. According to the invention, thewater-based resin B is micromolecular resin; the water-based resin B has excellent permeability, partially permeates into a base material to form a film and increase the adhesive force, the water-based resin A is macromolecular resin and has good sealing film-forming property, and the resins with different molecular weights are compounded for use, so that the sealing property, the water resistance, the weather resistance, the mechanical property and the like of a coating film can be improved, and the coating film has excellent adhesive force.

Method for processing small-specification blending modified polypropylene light-emitting rope for fishing

The invention relates to a method for processing a small-specification blending modified polypropylene light-emitting rope for fishing, belonging to the method for processing the light-emitting rope for fishing and needing providing a method for processing the small-specification blending modified polypropylene light-emitting rope for fishing. The small-specification blending modified polypropylene light-emitting rope for fishing is processed by adopting the raw materials of PP resin, HDPE resin, light-emitting powder and assistant. The method is characterized in that a mixture of the PP resin, the light-emitting powder, zinc stearate and white oil is extruded and pelleted to obtain a blending material matrix; a mixture of the blending material matrix, the PP resin and the HDPE resin is melted and extruded by an extruding machine, a raw silk obtained through melting and extruding is cooled and pre-drafted, and a pre-drafted silk is subjected to two times of thermal drafting and then cooled with airflow; the single silk bundle is split into a blending modified polypropylene light-emitting silk for fishing, 36 light-emitting silks are twisted to a Z-direction light-emitting rope yarn, 6 Z-direction light-emitting rope yarns are manufactured into an S-direction rope yarn, and 3 S-direction light-emitting rope yarns are twisted into a small-specification blending modified polypropylene light-emitting rope for fishing in a Z direction. The invention is used for the light-emitting rope for fishing.
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