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Antibacterial water color ink and method for preparing same

The invention relates to an antibacterial water color ink for printed matters for packaging children products and a method for preparing the same. The method comprises the following steps: firstly, according to the stated weight percentage, evenly mixing and stirring part of a water soluble resin dispersoid, an amine stabilizer, a latent solvent, a bactericidal agent, deionized water and an antifoaming agent, then adding a pigment into the mixture, and dispersing the pigment at a rotating speed of between 500 and 1,200 rpm to prepare an even water soluble dispersed slurry; and secondly, pumping the water soluble dispersed slurry obtained in the step A into a sand mill by a pump, grinding the slurry until the fineness is less than or equal to 10 microns, then adding the remaining water soluble resin dispersoid, a wetting agent and a rheology modifier to the slurry, stirring the mixture until the materials are dispersed and mixed evenly, and adjusting the viscosity to prepare the antibacterial water color ink. The antibacterial water color ink prepared by the method has good adhesive force to various base materials or textiles, and the varnish thereof is full and has certain flexibility; besides, the antibacterial water color ink has low smell and ultra-low VOC without PAE and heavy metals, and has good antibacterial and antifungus functions.

Industrial sludge treatment method and method for preparing various fertilizers by using treated industrial sludge

The invention discloses an industrial sludge treatment method and a method for preparing various fertilizers by using the treated industrial sludge. The industrial sludge treatment method comprises the following steps of: after industrial sludge is diluted, adding a heavy metal ion capturing and precipitating agent DTCR and reacting the agent with heavy metal ions in waste solution so as to generate water-insoluble chelated salt; adding a polyacrylamide flocculating agent to ensure that the chelated salt forms flocculent precipitates; and removing the flocculent precipitates to obtain sludge water, and adding potato water into the sludge water to ferment the sludge. The method for preparing various fertilizers by using the treated industrial sludge comprises the following steps of: preparing a powdery biological bacterial fertilizer by taking the sludge water obtained from the treated sludge as a raw material; and preparing a granular organic fertilizer and a fertilizer for changing saline and alkaline lands into fertile farmlands by taking the powdery biological bacterial fertilizer as a raw material. The industrial sludge treatment method has low cost and does not cause secondary pollution to the environment. The biological bacterial fertilizer and the granular organic fertilizer which are produced by the invention are used in lands of various areas, the yield is improved by 15 to 20 percent; and the fertilizer for improving the saline and alkaline lands has extremely obvious saline and alkaline transformation effect.

Full-synthetic glass grinding fluid

The invention discloses an environment-friendly glass grinding fluid, which is efficient, and long in service. The full-synthetic glass grinding fluid is prepared from an organic acid, a boride, an organic amine, a water-based lubricant, a hard water-resisting surfactant, a water-based mould inhibitor, an organic alcohol, a settling agent, a defoaming agent and water in a mixing manner. The glass grinding fluid disclosed by the invention has excellent cooling property, anti-rotting ability and lubricating abrasion resistance, and outstanding hard water resistance, can be recycled for a long period of time, can ensure the working accuracy and the service life of a tool, and has excellent cleaning performance; the blocking phenomenon of a grinding wheel can be effectively prevented; the product is good in settleability; processing is facilitated; the product is free of poison, environment-friendly, free of pollution, small in smell, good in working performance, good in compatibility with a paint of equipment, low in pH value, free of bad effects on skin and the like; the phenomenon that the paint of the equipment peels off is not generated. The grinding fluid disclosed by the invention is simple in reparation method, low in cost, excellent in performance, and good in market prospect at present.
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