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Double-hole type sucker negative pressure drainage device

The invention provides a double-hole type sucker negative pressure drainage device which is suitable for large-area wound therapy in a human body or the body surface of the human body. The double-hole type sucker negative pressure drainage device comprises multi-hole wound dressing, an integral external sucker and a biological semipermeable membrane, wherein the integral external sucker comprises a sucker body, a sucker connecting membrane, a drainage outer pipe and a washing pipe, an attraction hole is formed in the bottom of the sucker body, a drainage channel and a washing channel are arranged inside the sucker body, and the sucker body is placed on the biological semipermeable membrane provided with a through hole; the sucker connecting membrane covers the sucker body, and a position, stretching out of the sucker body, of the sucker connecting membrane is pasted with the biological semipermeable membrane; the drainage channel is communicated with the drainage outer pipe, and the drainage pipe is connected with a drainage container and a negative pressure source; the washing channel is communicated with the washing pipe, and the tail end of the washing pipe is further provided with a sealing cover. The double-hole type sucker negative pressure drainage device has the advantages that the problem that the drainage outer pipe and the washing pipe are easily blocked is thoroughly resolved, negative drainage effects and washing effects are improved, and wound concrescence can be well promoted.

Clothes drying machine and washing control method thereof

The invention discloses a clothes drying machine and a washing control method thereof. The clothes drying machine comprises a roller, a condensation device, an evaporator, a water receiving container, a water storage container, a cleaning device and a control device, the condensation device through an air inlet channel is connected with an air inlet of the roller; the import end of the evaporator through an air return channel is connected with an air return inlet of the roller; the water receiving container is used for receiving the condensation water; a water detection device is arranged inside the water storage container; a cleaning inlet of the cleaning device is connected with the outlet of the water storage container, the cleaning outlet is suitable for spraying water to the evaporator, wherein the cleaning outlet comprises a first cleaning opening and a second cleaning opening, and the cleaning device is provided with a control valve; the control device is connected with a water level detector and the cleaning device so as to control the opening and closing of the first cleaning opening and the second cleaning opening through the water level detector. The drying machine can detect the level of water condensation, different parts of the evaporator can be cleaned according to the detection information, the cleaning effect can be improved, the dander on the evaporator is cleaned, and heat exchange performance and drying efficiency are increased.

Rapid drying casting material for blast furnace iron runner, and preparation method thereof

The present invention provides a rapid drying casting material for a blast furnace iron runner, and a preparation method thereof. According to the casting material, bauxite clinker, corundum, silicon carbide powder, corundum powder, and alumina micro-powder are adopted as main materials, a binder and explosion-proof fibers are adopted as auxiliary materials, the bauxite clinker, the corundum and the silicon carbide are subjected to material preparing according to a certain ratio, and added to a mixer to carry out stirring mixing, then the explosion-proof fibers prepared according to a certain ratio are added to the mixer to stir, the corundum powder and the alumina micro-powder are added to mix, the binder is added to mix the powder, uniform mixing is performed, the mixed rapid drying casting material is filled into a moisture-proof package bag, and the bag is sealed and placed in a dry place. Compared with the rapid drying casting material in the prior art, the rapid drying casting material of the present invention has the following advantages that: the preparation method is simple, rapid construction, rapid baking and rapid iron discharging can be achieved, characteristics of good rapid drying explosion-proof performance, good slag iron erosion resistance, and good thermal shock stability are provided, material cost is reduced, the iron runner construction and maintenance time is shortened, the blast furnace utilization coefficient and the yield can be effectively increased, and a service life of the iron runner casting material working layer can be prolonged.

Steel wire rope oil stain cleaning device for fixed winding headstock gear

The invention provides a steel wire rope oil stain cleaning device for a fixed winding headstock gear. The device comprises a bracket, a deoiling mechanism and an oil coating mechanism; the deoiling mechanism comprises an upper arc-shaped housing, a lower arc-shaped housing and a small hot-air blower; the upper arc-shaped housing and the lower arc-shaped housing can be buckled together to form a hollow round tube; a first telescopic supporting leg and a second telescopic supporting leg are arranged on the outer side of the lower arc-shaped housing; a ventilating pipe penetrating through the upper arc-shaped hosing is arranged on the outer side of the upper arc-shaped hosing; the ventilating pipe is connected to the small hot-air blower through a hose; the oil coating mechanism comprises a left oil coating pipe and a right oil coating pipe; oil pushing pistons sleeve the left oil coating pipe and the right oil coating pipe. According to the device provided by the invention, oil stains on the outer side of a steel wire rope are treated by adopting two treatment modes: mechanical cleaning and heating cleaning, so that the cleaning effect of oil stains on the surface of the steel wire rope is improved, and meanwhile, the oil coating mechanism arranged on the device can coat oil to the steel wire rope within a first time once the oil stains are cleaned.

Method for cleaning external tubular membrane for deeply treating waste incineration leachate

The invention discloses a method for cleaning an external tubular membrane for deeply treating waste incineration leachate. The method comprises physical cleaning and chemical cleaning, wherein the physical cleaning comprises clear water cleaning, individual gas cleaning, gas-water mixed flushing and high-speed running water flushing, and a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system is adopted to control an external tubular membrane bioreactor to automatically switch among the states of running normally, cleaning physically and cleaning chemically. The individual cleaning link is additionally added, so that the damage to the tubular membrane, caused by frequently chemical cleaning operations, can be avoided under a condition that the membrane flux recovery efficiency is ensured, the service life of the membrane is effectively prolonged and the energy consumption of partial water pumps is saved; the PLC is introduced to automatically control the adding amount of chemicals during cleaning and reduce the waste; and a neutralization tank is additionally arranged to control pH value of the liquid after cleaning, prevent pollution of the discharged liquid after cleaning to the environment and achieve the environment-friendly effect. The invention also discloses a cleaning system using the cleaning method.

Cleaning device for aquatic products

The invention discloses a cleaning device for aquatic products. The device comprises a cleaning cylinder and a roller; the roller is arranged in the cleaning cylinder in a rotational connection mode; water holes are uniformly arranged on the roller; a hollow circular seat is fixed at the bottom of the cleaning cylinder; the roller is rotatably connected to the circular seat; the bottom of the roller communicates with the circular seat; the circular seat communicates with an air inlet pipe; one side of the cleaning cylinder is equipped with an axial flow-equalizing pipe; in the cleaning cylinder, a negative pressure cover is arranged on the opposite site of the axial flow-equalizing pipe; a negative pressure wheel is arranged in the negative pressure cover in a rotational connection mode; and the negative pressure cover communicates with a water tank. Compared with the prior art, the scheme arranges the roller and the axial flow-equalizing pipe to realize a uniform flushing effect, and arranges the air inlet pipe and the roller to improve a cleaning effect and cleaning quality. In a cleaning process for the aquatic products, the air inlet pipe can continuously inflate cleaning water with air, and meanwhile, the aquatic products keep turning so as to raise a survival rate of the aquatic products.

Liquid level anti-blocking device for chilling chamber of gasification furnace

The invention relates to a liquid level anti-blocking device for a chilling chamber of a gasification furnace. The liquid level anti-blocking device comprises a pressure taking pipe communicated with the chilling chamber and a flange type pressure transducer mounted at the outer end of the pressure taking pipe, wherein a flushing water ring is arranged between the pressure taking pipe and the pressure transducer; a through hole for communicating the surface of a film box of the pressure transducer with the pressure taking pipe is formed in the middle of the flushing water ring; a water inlet channel communicated with an external pipeline is formed in the side wall of the flushing water ring; a water outlet of the water inlet channel is formed in the end face of the flushing water ring on one side of the pressure taking pipe; a flushing water pipe, of which one end is connected with the water outlet formed in the end face of the flushing water ring, is arranged in the pressure taking pipe; the outlet end of the flushing water pipe is arranged in the pressure taking pipe leading to one side of the chilling chamber. High-pressure flushing water is led to one side close to the chilling chamber, so that settling of smudgy mediums can be prevented, the service life of a liquidometer can be prolonged, and the safety of gasification furnace running is improved.

Urinary surgery flushing device

The invention belongs to the technical field of medical treatment equipment and especially relates to a urinary surgery flushing device. Aiming at the problems that a water temperature cannot be controlled and flexibility is not good, the urinary surgery flushing device is characterized by comprising a bottom plate, wherein a box body is welded to the top of the bottom plate, a water tank is welded to the top of the bottom plate, a second water pump is welded to the top of the water tank, a second water inlet pipe is welded to an inner wall of a water inlet of the second water pump, one end far from the second water pump of the second water inlet pipe is communicated with the water tank, and a second water outlet pipe is welded to an inner wall of a water outlet of the second water pump. The urinary surgery flushing device disclosed by the invention can heat liquid according to different requirements, so that use comfortableness of the device is improved; a transmission rod and a stirring blade are driven to rotate, so that quick stirring and mixing are achieved, time is saved, and the work efficiency of the device is improved; the liquid can be sterilized, so that safety of the device is improved; the height of a spray pipe can be adjusted according to different requirements, so that flexibility of the device is improved.

Novel rubber tube wire cleaning device

The invention discloses a novel rubber tube wire cleaning device which comprises a shell. Partition plates are arranged in an inner cavity of the shell and further divide the inner cavity of the shellinto a washing bin, a drying bin and a roasting bin. The top ends of the two sides of the washing bin are fixedly connected with supports, and the supports are fixedly connected with a fixed shaft. The outer wall of the fixed shaft is movably connected with a spool. A rubber tube wire is wound onto the spool. First hydraulic cylinders are installed at the bottom ends of the two sides of the washing bin, and output shafts of the first hydraulic cylinders are fixedly connected with motor bins. Motors are installed in the corresponding motor bins. Output shafts of the motors are fixedly connected with washing pipes, and the outer walls of the washing pipes are fixedly connected with water inlet pipes. Washing sprayers are arranged at the bottom ends of the corresponding washing pipes. Secondhydraulic cylinders are installed at the bottom ends of the two sides of the drying bin. Output shafts of the second hydraulic cylinders are fixedly connected with a pushing plate, and the two sidesof the pushing plate are fixedly connected with mounting racks. The mounting racks are provided with drying rollers. Steam heaters are installed on the inner walls of the two sides of the roasting bin. A steering wheel is arranged below the shell, and a fixed base is arranged nearby the steering wheel. A take-up reel is installed on the fixed base.

Refractory material for circulation system of RH furnace and method for preparing same

The invention relates to the technical field of refractory materials, in particular to a refractory material for a circulation system of an RH furnace and a method for preparing the same. The material comprises the following raw materials by weight percentage: 80 to 90 percent of magnesia, 5 to 10 percent of graphite, 2 to 6 percent of mixture comprising at least two of Ai, Si, SiC and B4C, and 3 to 4 percent of phenolic resin. The preparation method comprises the following steps of: (1) weighing up the raw materials; (2) mixing the raw materials; (3) forming a green body by a press; (4) drying the green body by a resistance furnace; and (5) mechanically processing the green body by a lathe. Compared with the prior art, by using the material, the capability of resisting the corrosion of the molten steel is improved, and the organizational structure of the product is also improved; by using the high-pressure forming method, particularly the isostatic pressing forming, the structure of the product is uniform and dense, brick work joints are reduced, the structural stability is improved, and simultaneously the assembly procedure is simplified; because the material is not fired at a high temperature, the energy consumption is lowered, the cost is saved, and the production period is shortened; and the quality and the service life of the product are improved, and because the material is chromium-free, the environmental pollution is reduced.

Bath nursing bag

The invention aims to solve the problem that in the prior art, people inconvenient to move take a bath inconveniently, and provides a bath nursing bag. The bath nursing bag comprises a bag body, wherein the bag body comprises a bottom mat and a cover mat; supporting air sacs are arranged on the bottom mat, and communicate with each other through air passing pipes; an air inlet is formed in the bottom mat; the supporting air sacs communicate with the air inlet through the air passing pipes, and communicate with an air supply device through the air inlet; a plurality of water nozzles are arranged on the bottom mat, are located between the supporting air sacs, and communicate with a water inlet in the bottom mat through a water supply pipe; the water inlet communicates with the water supply device; the bag body is flexible and waterproof; the water supply pipe and the air passing pipes are flexible pipes; a draining opening is formed in the bottom mat; a draining channel is formed betweenthe supporting air sacs to communicate with the draining opening; and a warm wind inlet is formed in the bag body. Through the adoption of the bath nursing bag provided by the invention, people inconvenient to move can take a bath conveniently, so that improving the cleanliness of the human body is facilitated, heat quantity is not liable to dissipate, and people taking the bath can be warmer andmore comfortable.
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