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Leuco malachite green hapten, produced antibody and application of the antibody

The invention discloses an implicit malachite green hapten which retains the characteristic structures of the implicit malachite green, active arms which have different electronic structural properties and different carbon chain length and is suitable for being coupled with macromolecule carriers derive from different chemical sites of the structure of the implicit malachite green, the active arm is R group, aromatic amine, terminal carboxyl group linear chain alkyl ether or amido link with the structure of linear chain terminal carboxyl group; an implicit malachite green artificial antibody is prepared and obtained from implicit malachite green hapten and when being used for detecting the residual quantity of the implicit malachite green and malachite green, the antibody has high specificity and sensitivity and high accuracy, the recovery rate can reach 80 to 110 percent, at the same time, the operation is simple and fast, no complicated pretreatment process is needed, a great amount of samples can be detected at one time, the cost is low, the operation has little requirements to operators so as to be convenient for on-site monitoring and be complementary to conventional methods, therefore, a sensitive, fast, efficient and economical implicit malachite green hapten immunity detecting method is successfully set up.

Telomerase activity detecting probe, reagent kit and method

The invention provides a telomerase activity detecting probe, a telomerase activity detecting reagent kit and a telomerase activity detecting method. The design of telomerase combination primers (TS) and reverse primers is simple, and TS only needs to comprise DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) enzyme sequences and restriction enzyme cutting sites of cutting enzyme and does not need any modification; the reverse primers only need to comprise sequences complemented with multiple-G sequences extending from telomerase, so the primers are easy to design, and the feasibility is high. The telomerase activity detecting method provided by the invention has the advantages that the reverse primers are only combined with TS primers extending from result telomerase, the nonspecific amplification is reduced, in addition, in the chemical luminous reaction, only amplified telomerase multiple-G sequences and DNA enzyme can be combined with hemin to form a tetramer, and chemical luminous signals are generated, so the telomerase activity detecting method provided by the invention has higher specificity and higher sensitivity. In addition, the telomerase activity detecting reagent kit provided by the invention has the advantages that the cost is low, the operation is simple, and the time is saved.

Diagnostic reagent kit for trichinosis by employing dot-immunogold filtration assay

The invention discloses a diagnostic reagent kit for trichinosis by employing dot-immunogold filtration assay. The invention has the following advantages: gold labeled SPA is taken as an antibody labeling tag, isopropyl beta-D-thiogalactoside is used for inducing the pMAL-c2X-Ts21/TB1 recombinant strain, expressing and purifying trichina Ts21 gene-encoded protein (Ts21 antigenic gene, ORF17.20, the access number at GenBank is U88239), after being purified on a nitrocellulose membrane (NCM), the Ts21 recombinant protein coats the detection point T, and human IgG coats the quality control point C, thus constructing Ts21 recombinant protein-dot-immunogold filtration assay (Ts21-DIGFA) and assembling the rapid diagnostic reagent kit for trichina with Ts21 recombinant protein by employing dot-immunogold filtration assay. The kit is simple to operate and has high sensitivity and specificity and good stability and repeatability; the detection results can be observed and judged within 1min immediately after adding samples, the diagnosis results are accurate and clear and misjudgment can not happen; and the kit is suitable for rapid diagnosis and serum epidemiological survey at the scene and is easy to popularize and apply extensively.

Fluorescent quantitative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) primer for rapidly diagnosing nosema antheraeae and application of primer

The invention discloses a specific primer for diagnosing nosema antheraeae and an application of the primer. High-sensitivity specific detection for the nosema antheraeae is realized by an SYBR Green fluorescent quantitative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) method, the optimal reaction condition includes 95 DEG C and 30 seconds, circulation is performed for 40 times under the condition of 95 DEG C and 5 seconds and 62.5 DEG C and 30 seconds, and the melting curve condition includes 95 DEG C, 15 seconds, 60 DEG C, 60 seconds, 95 DEG C, 15 seconds, 60 DEG C and 15 seconds. Detection sensitivity is improved by two magnitude orders as compared with that of disclosed PCR technology, and lower detection limit includes that each reaction system contains 0.0046ng nosema genome DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Reliability of detection results is quantized by calculating primer amplification efficiency. The specific primer effectively solves the problems of low sensitivity, late detection period, easiness in leak detection, environmental pollution caused by conventional PCR nucleic acid coloring agents and the like, and has a wide application prospect in terms of antheraeae pebrine inspection and quarantine and cocoon quality improvement.

Reagent kit for identifying breast cancer states or breast precancerous lesion and application of reagent kit

The invention relates to a reagent kit for identifying breast cancer states or breast precancerous lesion and application of the reagent kit. The reagent kit comprises primer pairs for detecting methylation levels of biological marker genes or corresponding segments in biological samples from subjects. The primer pairs are used for carrying out PCR (polymerase chain reaction) by the aid of the biological marker genes or the segments of the biological marker genes, the biological marker genes or the segments are used as templates, and the biological marker genes are treated by hydrosulfite; thebiological marker genes are selectively a type or a plurality of types of APC, BRCA1, CCND2, CST6, GP5, GSTP1, PITX2, RARB, RASSF1A and SOX17. The reagent kit and the application have the advantagesthat the methylation levels of the biological marker genes or the corresponding segments are jointly detected, the sensitivity and the specificity of breast precancerous lesion and breast cancer detection can be improved, accordingly, the correctness and the reliability of detection results can be guaranteed, and a novel quick, reliable and accurate way can be provided to predicting, diagnosing and evaluating breast cancer.

PCR primer groups and probe used for detecting human immunodeficiency virus type I, kit containing PCR primer groups and probe, and detection method

The invention discloses PCR primer groups and a probe used for detecting human immunodeficiency virus type I, a kit containing the PCR primer groups and the probe, and a detection method. The kit contains the high sensitivity primer groups and the probe. According to the detection method, multiple circulation is designed, and temperature is increased to a primer annealing temperature, and extremely high sensitivity and specificity are achieved. According to the minimum detection limit, in each time of detection, 2 copies HIV-1 DNA/ millions of cells can be realized, and sensitivity of the detection method is higher than that of other detection methods. A cell quantitative system is introduced into the detection method, so that quantification of HIV-1 DNA and cell number can be realized simultaneously in a same reaction. A quantitative standard substance is added into the kit so as to solve a problem of HIV DNA auantitative traceability in the prior art, wherein the quantitative standard substance is simple to prepare, is stable, and is reliable in traceability. The PCR primer groups, the probe, the kit, and the detection method can be used for HIV infection early detection, HIV infection screening of infants or high risk groups, HIV-1 virus repository detection, antiviral drug therapeutic effect evaluation, disease relapse control, and radical cure standard establishment; operation is simple; cost is low; clinical application prospect is promising; and it is beneficial for popularization and application.
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