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491 results about "Thermal contraction" patented technology

Thermal contraction is the "shrinking" of substances as they cool. Changes in temperature change the physical properties of substances- each substance does this on a different level, but with changes in temperature, substances either expand or contract.

Trilaminar co-extrusion thermal contraction resin film, manufacturing method and application method thereof

The invention discloses a three-layer coextrusion heat shrinkage resin film, a production method and an application method. The-three layer coextrusion heat shrinkage resin film is produced by taking PE(LDPE, HPPE, LLDPE, mPE), EVA, PP, PA and EVOH resins as the main materials which are matched with a functional master batch and adopting a production method of one-step huffing. The largest transverse and longitudinal shrinking rates of the product can reach 60 percent and 85 percent; the largest shrinking force of the product can reach 2.0N/cm. The shrinking rate and the shrinking force of the product can be controlled and adjusted by controlling various technical parameters to lead a package to be firm and endurable. The packaged objects are pertinently led to reach the anti-rust, anti static, illumination-resistance, anti-aging, anti-puncturing, anti-low-temperature, anti-isolation, anti-bacteria and anti-degradation effects and the like by adjusting the material composition and mixture ratio of each layer. The three-layer coextrusion heat shrinkage resin film is used for replacing the traditional paper box wrappage to reduce the packaging cost. The mechanical properties are good, the pertinence is strong, the materials are saved; when the three-layer coextrusion heat shrinkage resin film is used, the shrinking temperature is low, the power is saved and the packaging cost is saved, thus effectively reducing the production cost and having extremely high application value.

Composite coating lithium-ion battery separator and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a composite coating lithium-ion battery separator. The composite coating lithium-ion battery separator is composed of a base film, an aramid fiber coating coated on one side of the base film and a PVDF coating coated on the other side of the base film; the aramid fiber coating is obtained by an aramid fiber sizing agent after coating, soaking and drying, and the thickness of the coating is 0.5-4 microns; the PVDF coating is obtained by a water-based PVDF sizing agent after coating and drying, and the thickness of the coating is 0.1-2 microns. The invention also provides a preparation method of the separator. According to the composite coating lithium-ion battery separator and the preparation method thereof, the separator has the characteristics that the aramid fiber coating is good in thermal performance and mechanical performance and the PVDF coating has good wettability and liquid retention property for electrolytes, can effectively adhere batteries and pole pieces and is little in environmental pollution, and is beneficial for preparing lithium-ion batteries with longer cycle life and higher safety. Tests indicate that the separator has good air permeability, liquid absorption rate, thermal contraction and tensile strength, so that the cycle life of the batteries can be obviously prolonged by using the lithium-ion batteries prepared by the separator.

Road surface crack sealing and mending tape and preparation and construction process thereof

The invention relates to a road surface crack sealing and mending tape and a preparation and construction process thereof. The road surface crack sealing and mending tape is mainly used for processing thermal contraction cracks and partial structural cracks. The raw material formula of the road surface crack sealing and mending tapeis as follows: 50-70g of petroleum asphalt, 6-8g of 1301SBS, 8-10g of methyl methacrylate, 10-15g of butyl acrylate, 5-8g of acroleic acid, 1-2g of styrene, 10-15g of calcium carbonate, 3-5g of softening agent, 2-3g of polyester fiber, 3-4g of tackifying resin, 0.6-0.88g of benzoyl peroxide (BPO), 10-20mg of antioxidant and 24-32g of mixed solvent. The road surface crack sealing and mending tape has excellent high and low temperature resistance, the glass transition temperature can reach below minus 25 DEG C, the high-temperature flowing temperature can reach more than 180 DEG C, the breaking elongation can reach 300-400%, the peel strength can reach 3-5MPa, the road surface crack sealing and mending tape can perform the autohesion at the temperature above 10 DEG C, and the road surface crack sealing and mending tape and the road surface can be formed into a whole by the rolling compaction of wheels after the crack is bonded, thereby achieving favorable crack sealing effect. The invention can actually mend the road surface crack at a very high efficiency, thereby greatly improving the service performance of the road surface and prolonging the service life of the road surface. The invention can be simultaneously used for fast mending the cracks in asphalt and cement concrete road surfaces, and has the advantages of good mending quality and low cost.

Production equipment and process for large-diameter biaxial-stretching PVC pipe fitting

ActiveCN104149354ARealize continuous productionEnhanced axial mechanical propertiesTubular articlesProduction linePipe fitting
The invention discloses production equipment and process for a large-diameter biaxial-stretching PVC pipe fitting. The equipment mainly comprises a tapered double-screw extruder, an extruder head, a vacuum sizing device A, a first traction device, a reheating device, a stretching and diameter expanding molding device, a vacuum sizing device B and a second traction device which are sequentially and linearly arrayed to form a production line; the stretching and diameter expanding molding device is composed of an inflation rod, an expansion bag, an expansion sizing mould and a shaping bag; each of the expansion bag and the shaping bag is of an annular bag-shaped structure; the expansion bag is continuously expanded and retracted under the action of the inflation rod; a pipe fitting to be expanded moves by a certain distance through the action of an outer ring circular-arc surface of the expansion bag when the expansion bag is expanded once, so that each point of the pipe fitting can be subjected to annular expansion; the stretching is generated in the axial direction of the pipe fitting through a stretching ratio between the first traction device and the second traction device. By adopting the production equipment and process, the continuous production of the diameter-expanded pipe fitting is successfully realized, the thermal contraction of the pipe fitting is small and the axial mechanical property can be enhanced.
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