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Formula goat milk powder for pregnant women and preparation method of formula goat milk powder

InactiveCN103070242AProtect immune cell functionEasy to digest and absorbMilk preparationWhey manufactureNutrientChemistry
The invention relates to the technical field of dairy products, in particular to formula goat milk powder for pregnant women and a preparation method of the formula goat milk powder. The formula goat milk powder for pregnant women comprises the following ingredients in parts by weight: 500 to 600 parts of fresh goat milk, 30 to 40 parts of demineralized whey powder, 5 to 10 parts of whey protein powder, 2 to 6 parts of walnut oil, 2 to 6 parts of fructo-oligose, 0.6 to 1 part of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), 0.1 to 0.2 parts of choline, 450 to 600 parts of folic acid, 0.2 to 0.5 parts of complex vitamins and 0.2 to 0.6 parts of complex trace elements, and the formula goat milk powder is prepared according to a certain method. The DHA, the walnut oil and the fructo-oligose are added according to the nutrition requirements of the pregnant and lying-in women and the growth and development requirements of babies, and the nutrition elements including folic acid, calcium, ferrum, zinc and the like are enhanced, so the self DHA and the choline of the pregnant women are improved, the concentration in the body is maintained at a high-level state, and the excellent and sufficient nutrition can be provided in the fast development period of the brain of the babies.

Mantis shrimp mixed feed and preparation method thereof

ActiveCN103844138AReasonable feed formulaEasy to digest and absorbAnimal feeding stuffChitinNutrition
The invention discloses a mantis shrimp mixed feed which is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 25-30 parts of fish meal, 10-15 parts of bean pulp, 9-11 parts of peanut meal, 5-7 parts of beer yeast, 10-15 parts of maize puffing powder, 7-10 parts of shrimp shell powder, 0.1-0.3 part of choline chloride, 0.1-0.2 part of unshelling element, 1-2 parts of monocalcium phosphate, 0.3-0.5 part of licorice powder, 0.5-1 part of chitosan, 1-1.5 parts of fish oil, 0.1-0.3 part of dehydrogenation sodium acetate, 0.2-0.4 part of sodium humate, 0.3-0.5 part of complex enzyme, 0.2-0.3 part of complex vitamin, 2.2-2.5 parts of complex mineral salt, 0.2-0.4 part of a complex binder and 1-3 part of a complex phagostimulant. The mantis shrimp mixed feed is designed aiming at biochemical structures and nutritional requirements of mantis shrimps, and is reasonable in formula, easy to digest and absorb, high in utilization and beneficial to the survival and the growth of the mantis shrimps. The invention also discloses a preparation method of the mantis shrimp mixed feed. The preparation method comprises the following steps: (1) weighing materials; (2) premixing; (3) stirring the materials; (4) tempering and palletizing; and (5) drying and packaging. The preparation method is simple in process steps, low in cost, low in feed nutrient loss and suitable for being used in industrialized mass production.

Preparation method of compound hydrolyzed protein powder

InactiveCN109793096AFull and efficient useEasy to digest and absorbProtein foodstuffs working-upProtein proteinUltrafiltration
The invention provides a preparation method of compound hydrolyzed protein powder. The preparation method specifically includes: subjecting raw material protein to micronization through a high-pressure homogenizer, a colloid mill or the combination of the high-pressure homogenizer and the colloid mill, performing heating treatment to denature the protein, performing single protease or multi-enzymecompound hydrolysis, using bacillus subtilis, yeast and lactic acid bacteria to perform independent or joint fermentation to remove stinking smell, performing ultrafiltration and ion exchange resin desalting, evaluating and supplementing essential amino acid, performing enzymatic polymerization and reconstruction reaction, and drying or mixing after drying to obtain a high-quality protein productwhose essential amino acid proportion is reasonable and amino acid score reaches above 95. The prepared compound hydrolyzed protein powder belongs to high-quality protein, is easy to digest and absorb and suitable for people who needs high-quality protein, elder people with low protein digestion function, people who needs to recover after diseases and people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) andthe like, and has effects of resisting oxidation, lowering cholesterol in blood, strengthening constitution and enhancing immunity.

Panicum miliaceum nutrition milk and preparation method thereof

The invention relates to a panicum miliaceum nutrition milk prepared by adopting panicum miliaceum as a raw material, and a preparation process thereof, and particularly to a panicum miliaceum nutrition milk or a composite panicum miliaceum nutrition milk prepared by adopting a rust-resistant glutinous setaria italica variety Jichuang 1 panicum miliaceum as a raw material, and a preparation process thereof. The panicum miliaceum nutrition milk or the composite panicum miliaceum nutrition milk prepared by the method of the present invention has the following advantages that: the milk liquid isstable; aging solidification and precipitation can not be generated after long time storage; the milk does not require additions of any anti-solidification stabilizers, such that the milk is environmental protection and health; the product adopts foxtail millet, such that characteristics of rich nutrition, easy digesting and absorbing, and delicate taste are provided; the product is especially matched with milk protein and soy protein, such that the nutrition is balanced, the dietary tradition that Chinese people like eating foxtail millet can be inherited, and the milk can replace the meal; the product is suitable for mass consumption, is convenient for salaried person, and has low cost; with the milk, consumer groups can be broadened, the product is suitable for large-scale development,and the development of the setaria italica industry can be promoted.

Preparation method of whole grain clear juice beverage low in calories, balanced in nutrients, smooth and refreshing in mouthfeel and difficult to precipitate

The invention discloses a preparation method of a whole grain clear juice beverage low in calories, balanced in nutrients, smooth and refreshing in mouthfeel and difficult to precipitate. The clear juice beverage is prepared by the following steps: mixing black rice, glutinous rice, millet, Chinese yams, red beans, white kidney beans, lotus seeds, taros and coix seeds to obtain a mixed raw material, and performing steam boiling, pectinase enzymolysis, cellulase enzymolysis, compound amylase enzymolysis, compound protease enzymolysis, compound clarification with chitosan and bentonite, flavoring and the like on the mixed raw material. The beverage prepared by the method disclosed by the invention contains rich multiple proteins, B group vitamins, vitamin E, carotenes, hydrochloric acid, riboflavin, anthocyanin, dioscin, coixenolide and coixol, various elements including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc are proper in coordination of content, the nutrients are balanced and easy for a human body to absorb, and the beverage is delicate and refreshing in mouthfeel, good in flavor and difficult to generate precipitation and the like, has a long shelf life and low calories and cannot bring excessive burdens of calories on the organism.

High-temperature sterilized low-salt instant minced fish product

The invention relates to the field of food processing and storage, in particular to a high-temperature sterilized low-salt instant minced fish product and a preparation method thereof. The instant minced fish product is heated and formed through microwave to form a gel or porous structure and is subjected to high-temperature sterilization to keep the high-elasticity gel or porous texture; the instant minced fish product is prepared from the following steps: chopping the minced fish; drying the minced fish blocks, wherein the drying mode is cold air drying or hot air drying, and the minced fish blocks are dried until the moisture content is 50-60 percent; performing microwave heating until the minced fish is gel-shaped or porous; placing the product in flavor liquid to soak; packaging the product and then performing high-temperature sterilization to obtain a finished product. The product is heated and formed by the microwave to form the gel or porous structure, is soaked by the flavor liquid and is subjected to high-temperature sterilization to obtain the high-elasticity normal temperature circulation instant minced fish new product, so the minced fish product requirements of consumers on conditioning, convenience and gel food feature can be met better, and the defects of the prior art are made up.

Zinc-enriched formulated hard palletized feed for carp and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a zinc-enriched formulated hard palletized feed for carp, comprising such components, by weight, as: 6-8 of zinc-enriched fermentation material, 10-15 of sunflower cake, 10-15 of peanut cake, 10-15 of flour, 3-5 of bran, 4-6 of pea powder, 5-10 of rice bran, 1-2 of mineral premix, 0.2-0.3 of vitamin premix, 1.5-2 of calcium dihydrogen phosphate, 1.5-3.5 of fish oil, 1-2 of chalk, and 0.01-0.02 of rhizoma polygonati polysaccharide. The preparation method comprises inoculating zinc-enriched yeast to soy bean meal and/or peanut meal and fermenting, formulating a base feed by mixing the fermented materials with other components according to the weight parts, and conditioning and ripening the base feed at a certain pressure, humidity, and temperature by using a double-shaft differential conditioner to acquire the zinc-enriched formulated hard palletized feed; the feed of the invention has the advantages of high feed utilization rate, high destruction rate of anti-nutritional factors, high stability in water, and small feed coefficient. Water pollution can be reduced, the survival rate of the carp can be increased, and feed cost can be reduced by feeding the carp with the feed of the invention. Furthermore, grown carp fed by the feed are in good shape, have delicious fish meat, contain abundant organic zinc, can eliminate free radicals in the body, and play a role of health care for human health.
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