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Blood pressure reduction celery tea and manufacturing method thereof

InactiveCN102370021AGood health effectHigh in ApigeninTea substituesApigeninFriedelin
The invention provides blood pressure reduction celery tea and a manufacturing method thereof. The blood pressure reduction celery tea has high apigenin content, is purely natural, can prevent and adjust high blood pressure, and has good health care effects. The blood pressure reduction celery tea is characterized in that 500g of dried celery leaves contain 8 to 20g of apigenin. The manufacturing method of the blood pressure reduction celery tea comprises the following steps of carrying out enzyme deactivation of celery leaves, adding apigenin or celery extract and yeast into the celery leaves obtained by the previous step, carrying out microzyme fermentation, heating the fermented celery leaves, kneading the heated celery leaves so that the heated celery leaves have tea-leaf shapes, feeding the kneaded celery leaves into an oven, and carry out drying. The manufacturing method of the blood pressure reduction celery tea fully utilizes celery medicinal values and completely retains active ingredients in celery. The blood pressure reduction celery tea has high apigenin content, high vegetable protein content, high vitamin content, high trace element content and high nonnutritive factor content, and has the effects of reducing blood pressure and blood fat, improving immunity and delaying aging. Through taking the blood pressure reduction celery tea, people can get enough apigenin and flavonoids containing apiin, persicarin, friedelin, luteolin flavone and the like. Therefore, the blood pressure reduction celery tea has excellent health-care and medicinal functions.

Compound emulsifier and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN108208066AEnhanced interactionMoisturizing tasteDough treatmentMono- and diglycerides of fatty acidsSucrose
The invention provides a compound emulsifier and a preparation method thereof. The compound emulsifier comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 45 to 60 percent of a filler, 4 to 8percent of mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, 2 to 5 percent of polyglyceryl fatty acid ester, 1 to 3 percent of sucrose fatty acid ester, 1 to 2.5 percent of propylene glycol fatty acid ester, 2.5to 4 percent of sorbitan monostearate, 0.5 to 2 percent of phospholipid, 0.5 to 1.5 percent of a thickener and 20 to 30 percent of vegetable oil. The mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, the propylene glycol fatty acid ester, the polyglyceryl fatty acid ester and the sucrose fatty acid ester have synergistic effect, can fully exert emulsification effect, enable cake texture to be more exquisite,and facilitate the production and preparation of food such as cakes. After the sorbitan monostearate, the phospholipid and the thickener are added, the interaction between proteins and lipid compounds in the cakes and the compound emulsifier is promoted; and the network structure of gluten is kept, and the binding force between the proteins and the lipid compounds and the compound emulsifier is increased, and edible quality is improved; and meanwhile, the compound emulsifier has complexation with amylose so as to improve anti-aging performance.

Preparation method and application of mussel oligopeptide

The present invention discloses a preparation method and an application of a mussel oligopeptide, and belongs to the field of marine biotechnology application. The preparation method comprises: adopting mytilus edulis as a raw material, and adopting an alkaline cold extraction method to obtain mussel protein from mussel freeze-drying powder; and carrying out composite enzymolysis of protein to obtain mixed polypeptides, carrying out ultra-filtration to obtain the oligopeptide, adopting aging mouse models to carry out a series of anti-aging animal experiments and behavioral experiments, and carrying out a drosophila survive experiment to prove aging delay activity of the mussel oligopeptide so as to create a new approach for achievement of scientific and high-value mussel utilization. Compared with the method in the prior art, the method of the present invention has the following advantages that: the mussel protein is extracted and prepared, the optimal protease and the preferred process are adopted to carry out enzymolysis purification on the mussel protein, decomposition on the mussel protein molecule structure due to the high temperature is avoided, the grading of the mussel polypeptide at the molecular weight level is achieved, and the obtained mussel oligopeptide has the pure and good aging delay effect.

Manufacture method of Chinese medicine for regulating catamenia

The invention discloses a manufacture method of Chinese medicine for regulating catamenia, which relates to the technical field of Chinese medicine. The method adopts a hereditary secret formula technology, and comprises the following active ingredients taking weight as a unit : 54 g of rhubarb, 54 g of dried rehamnnia root, 54 g of licorice root, 27 g of peach seed, 27 g of safflower and 27 g of astragalus root; and the raw material is smashed into Chinese medicine powder with the granularity of 100 to 300 meshes, and then manufactured into Chinese medicine honeyed pill products with 8 g of Chinese medicine powder in per pill, Chinese medicine water-bindered pill products with 4 g of the Chinese medicine powder in per pill, or Chinese medicine capsule products with 0.5 g of Chinese medicine powder in per capsule. The invention belongs to Chinese medicine for regulating catamenia. The Chinese medicine can perform catamenia regulation on 17 to 27 year female who have no emmenia to realize normal emmenia, can also regulate paramenia on 35 to 45 year middle-aged women to restore normal catamenia till menopause and correspondingly delay the menopause, and also has an anti-ageing effect. Paramenia can be regulated, the method is simple, the Chinese medicine is convenient to take, the cost is low, and the method is convenient to widely use.
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