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Water-based paint for quick-drying alcohol-resistance plastics and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a water-based paint for quick-drying alcohol-resistance plastics, comprising the following components by weight parts: 20-80 parts of modified polyacrylic ester water dispersoid, 1-25 parts of coloring pigment paste, 0-10 parts of filler pump, 5-25 parts of film formation assistant, 0.5-10 parts of assistant for water-based paint, and 10-50 parts of water. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the water-based paint, comprising the following steps: the water, the film formation assistant, polymer water dispersoid resin and the assistant for partial water-based paint are added in a make-up tank and are stirred uniformly, and then the coloring pigment paste and the assistant for the remaining partial water-based paint are sequentially added in and are stirred uniformly, the viscosity and pH value are regulated, filtering and discharging are carried out to obtain the water-based plastic paint finished products. The water-based paint is used for coating surface of the plastics, so as to achieve good decoration effect; in addition, the performance of the water-based paint is equivalent to that of solvent plastic paint, the water-based paint has good alcohol resistance and can be dried at 50 DEG C for 10 minutes, so as to meet the process requirements of manufacturers who use the solvent plastic paint at present.

Water-based gravure ink vehicle and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a water-based gravure ink vehicle comprising the components in percentage by weight as follows: epoxy resin E-44, a ring opener, a solvent, an assistant, a waterborne polyurethane resin and a diluent, wherein the assistant is a mixture of a catalyst, an inhibitor, a chain extender, a cross-linking agent, an antifoaming agent and a flatting agent. The invention further discloses a preparation method of the water-based gravure ink vehicle. The preparation method comprises the steps as follows: firstly weighing the components, diluting the epoxy resin E-44 with ethyl acetate, reacting in a constant-temperature bath with a modifier for 4.5 h under the catalyst action, enabling the epoxy resin to open rings, and introducing hydroxyl groups; then adding the modified epoxy resin into a mixed liquor of the waterborne polyurethane resin, the chain extender and the cross-linking agent for reaction, then adding the flatting agent, the antifoaming agent and the diluent, and collecting the product to obtain the water-based gravure ink vehicle. The water-based gravure ink vehicle is free of solvent emission, safe and free of pollution; the preparation method is simple, the reaction condition is simple, and the preparation method is easy to realize; and used equipment is low in price and small in size.

Tremella-lotus seed beverage and preparation method

The invention discloses a tremella-lotus seed beverage and its preparation method. The tremella-lotus seed beverage is composed of the following raw materials: lotus seed, tremella, white sugar, rock sugar, citric acid, sucrose citrate, carboxymethylcellulose sodium, carragheenan and gellan gum. The preparation method comprises the following steps: immersion, pulp refining, preparation of tremella juice, enzymatic hydrolysis, merging, blending of tremella and lotus seed juice, PH addition, micronizing, sterilization, packaging and storage. The invention has the following characteristics: as composite salt is used for color protection, enzymatic browning and maillard reaction are effectively controlled during the production process, the color of the product is improved, and the product is milk white to cream yellow and has good glossiness; the tremella-lotus seed beverage has delicate fragrance, has a pure taste, is fine and smooth in taste, is uniformly emulsified and has no layers or deposition; and the tremella-lotus seed beverage has good fluidity, has rich nutrients, has long shelf-life and has effects of benefiting the stomach, tonifying qi, making harmonious flow of blood, strengthening the heart, strengthening the body, nourishing brain, raising spirit, beautifying the features, tendering skin, prolonging life span and the like.
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