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Preparation and application of imprinted electrochemical sensor modified by carbon dot composite material

The invention discloses a molecularly-imprinted electrochemical sensor for detecting sunset yellow. According to the imprinted electrochemical sensor, through the electrode surface modification technology, the surface of a glassy carbon electrode is covered with prepared oxidized graphene/magnetic carbon dots/gold nano particle compounds, and then the purposes of enhancing electric signals and improving the detection sensitivity of the sensor are achieved. By means of an electric polymerization mode, molecularly-imprinted polymers with pyrrole serving as a functional monomer and sunset yellow serving as template molecules are modified to the surface of the electrode, after elution of the template molecules, holes are formed in the surface of the sensor, and the holes and the structure of sunset yellow can achieve specificity matching. The successfully-prepared electrochemical sensor is a working electrode, through specific binding of the template molecules on the surface of the electrode and the holes, the current change is generated, and specificity detection of sunset yellow can be achieved through the current change. The prepared molecularly-imprinted electrochemical sensor is high in selectivity, high in sensitivity, easy and quick to operate and suitable for detection of sunset yellow in food.

Preparation method and application of porous material with surface grafted beta-cyclodextrin

The invention discloses a preparation method and application of porous material with surface grafted beta-cyclodextrin, and belongs to the technical field of adsorbents. The preparation method comprises the following steps: preparing a polystyrene porous material by polymerizing concentrated emulsion, and then performing chloromethylation and amination reaction, feeding amino group into the surface of the polystyrene porous material, chemically modifying beta-cyclodextrin, feeding carboxyl group into the beta-cyclodextrin molecule, immersing the surface aminated polystyrene porous material in water solution of the carboxylated beta-cyclodextrin, reacting for 12-72 hours at 20-60 DEG.C under vacuum pumping condition to obtain the porous material with surface chemically grated beta-cyclodextrin. The porous material not only maintains the specific supermolecule performance of parent molecule, but also has unique macromolecule effect; since the cyclodextrin is starch fermentation product and good in environment compatibility, the cyclodextrin can be used for treating wastewater containing organic pollutant after being modified, the organic pollutant in the wastewater can be effectively removed, and the cyclodextrin is an ideal environment-friendly adsorbent.

Automatic mounting system

The invention provides an automatic mounting system comprising a feeding mechanism, a workpiece taking and mounting mechanism, a sucking disc driving mechanism, an image collector, and a controller. The feeding mechanism comprises a feeding platform; the feeding platform is provided with stations; and the stations are used for placing workpieces. The workpiece taking and mounting mechanism comprises a sucking disc and a negative pressure system, wherein the sucking disc is used for getting/putting the workpieces, the sucking disc is provided with a plurality of dot matrix holes, and the negative pressure system is connected with the sucking disc and controls the sucking disc to absorb/drop the workpieces. The sucking disc driving mechanism is used for driving the sucking disc to move. The image collector is used for collecting workpiece images. The controller is used for correcting the workpiece images, and according to the deviation value and deviation angle between the workpiece images obtained after correction and a target position image, controlling the sucking disc driving mechanism to move and rotate until the workpiece is moved to the target position, and then, controlling the sucking disc to move up and down, and thus mounting of the workpiece is realized. The automatic mounting system can carry out automatic mounting on flexible workpieces or air-permeable workpieces which are irregular in shapes; and the automatic mounting system has the advantages of high mounting precision and high mounting efficiency.

Preparation method of nanometer Fe3O4 (ferroferric oxide)/etherified bacterial cellulose composite heavy metal adsorbing material

The invention discloses a preparation method of a nanometer Fe3O4 (ferroferric oxide)/etherified bacterial cellulose composite heavy metal adsorbing material. The preparation method is characterized in that the characteristic of controllability of static fermenting culture of bacteria is utilized; sodium carboxymethylcellulose is added into a fermenting culture medium in situ, and is etherified and modified; after culturing is finished, the modified product, namely, etherified bacterial cellulose membrane material, is obtained; then, the template effect of bacterial cellulose is utilized, the frozen and dried etherified bacterial cellulose membrane is crushed, and the nanometer Fe3O4/etherified bacterial cellulose composite heavy metal adsorbing material is synthesized by a co-blending precipitation method in situ. The preparation method disclosed by the invention has the advantages that the preparation method is simple, and the implementing is easy; the prepared nanometer Fe3O4/etherified bacterial cellulose composite heavy metal adsorbing material has a good heavy metal ion adsorption effect, and easy separation, recycling effect, green and non-toxic effects, easy biodegradability, and important economic and social benefits are realized.

Magnetic polystyrene foam and preparation method and application thereof

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The invention discloses magnetic polystyrene foam. Foam serves as a load matrix, the surface of the foam is loaded with a polystyrene slice layer and Fe3O4 nano-particles covered with hollow oleic acid, interconnected high-hydrophobic materials of a three-dimensional network structure are provided, and the loaded polystyrene slice layer and the loaded super-paramagnetic Fe3O4 nano-particles covered with the hollow oleic acid serve as adsorption and magnetic recovery carriers. The Fe3O4 nano-particles covered with the hollow oleic acid are ultrasonically dispersed in an ethanol solution, the foam is immersed in a uniformly-mixed solution of the Fe3O4 particles covered with the hollow oleic acid to be ultrasonically dispersed, magnetic foam is obtained, the magnetic foam is added and dissolved in a sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate solution to be ultrasonically homogenized, styrene and divinylbenzene are added under the N2 atmosphere, a polymerization reaction is conducted under the effect of an initiator, namely, 2,2'-azobisisobutyronitrile, and finally the magnetic polystyrene foam is obtained. The cyclic utilization rate of the magnetic polystyrene foam is high, the heat stability of an oil absorption material is enhanced, and the application range of the material is widened.

Environment-friendly heavy metal repairing agent, application thereof and slow-releasing heavy metal repairing fertilizer

The invention provides an environment-friendly heavy metal repairing agent, application thereof and a slow-releasing heavy metal repairing fertilizer and belongs to the technical field of heavy metal pollution soil repairing. The environment-friendly heavy metal repairing agent includes first-level powder, second-level powder, third-level powder and fourth-level powder which are the screened materials respectively sieved with a 200-400 mesh sieve, a 100-150 mesh sieve, a 20-80 mesh sieve and a 10-18 mesh sieve; on the basis of the weight percent, the weight of the first-level powder, the second-level powder, the third-level powder and the fourth-level powder is respectively 15-25%, 10-20%, 55-68% and 5-10% of the total weight of the heavy metal repairing agent; the metal repairing agent is prepared according to the steps of protectively roasting the oyster shell and then grinding; the roasting temperature is at 600-800 DEG C, the roasting time is 8-12min, the flow rate of the oyster shell entering into the roasting device is 0.2-0.4m3/min and the rotating speed of the roasting device is at 25-35r/min. The environment-friendly heavy metal repairing agent can be used for effectively repairing the soil polluted by cadmium and has high pertinence and excellent absorbing effect.

Mineral precursor adsorbing agent and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses a mineral precursor adsorbing agent and a preparation method thereof. A mechanical force grinding means is adopted, raw materials are placed into a grinding machine according to the matching ratios, the ratio of grinding media to materials is controlled to be 7-45, the grinding speed is 100-1200 rpm, the grinding time is 20-240 min, and the mineral precursor adsorbing agent is obtained. The precursor adsorbing agent can be hydrated on the condition of room temperature water phase stirring to obtain the set mineral phase; meanwhile, in the process of converting the precursor structure into the synthetic mineral phase, various organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants in a water solution can be captured and removed, and useful constituents in water can be recycled. Being different from the adsorption effect of common adsorbing agents, the mineral precursor adsorbing agent can greatly improve the removing efficiency for pollutants based on the reaction adsorption phenomenon of the precursor. The related preparation method is simple in technology, free of pollution, environmentally friendly and low in cost. The mineral precursor adsorbing agent can be widely applied in the fields of printing and dyeing, chemical engineering, domestic sewage purification, resource recovery and reuse and the like.
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