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Method for preparing graphene wrapped 3D flowerlike nickel sulfide/foamed nickel material

The invention discloses a method for preparing a graphene wrapped 3D flowerlike nickel sulfide/foamed nickel material. The method comprises the following steps: preparing a nickel sulfide/foamed nickel composite material by using a hydrothermal method, and performing vulcanization treatment on the surface of the foamed nickel by taking thioacetamide as a sulfur source so as to grow flaky nickel sulfide uniformly on the surface of the foamed nickel; wrapping the surface of the nickel sulfide/foamed nickel with a layer of graphene oxide through physical adsorption; performing thermal expansion and reduction on the adsorbed graphene oxide by using a rapid thermal expansion method, thereby obtaining the graphene wrapped composite material. The method is wide in nickel sulfide material source and simple in preparation process, the lithium extraction and insertion efficiency can be improved, and the electrochemical properties of the material can be improved; the conductivity and the structural stability of the material are improved, and the internal resistance of the material can be reduced; the electric conductivity of the material is improved, and effective pores can be provided for extraction and insertion of lithium ions due to C vacancy generated in the reduction process of the graphene.

Preparation method of carbon nanofiber electrode material based on MOFs derived metal oxide

The invention discloses a preparation method of a carbon nanofiber electrode material based on an MOFs derived metal oxide, and belongs to the technical field of lithium ion battery negative electrodematerials. According to the preparation method, an N-N dimethylformamide solution formed by mixing MOFs particles and polyacrylonitrile fibers is adopted as a spinning precursor. The MOFs are connected to the polyacrylonitrile fibers in series through electrostatic spinning, so that a precursor film can be obtained; the MOFs derived metal oxide and carbon nanofiber composite material is preparedthrough subsequent pre-oxidation and carbonization treatment. The MOFs-derived metal oxide can maintain the unique frame structure of the precursor MOF material to be used as a lithium ion memory; thecarbon nanofibers can promote the rapid transfer of electrons so as to improve the conductivity of the electrode material; the metal organic framework (MOFs) derived material (metal oxide) with a unique structure is embedded into the carbon nanofibers, so that a three-dimensional conductive network structure can be formed; and used as a lithium ion battery negative electrode material, the three-dimensional conductive network structure shows relatively high reversible specific capacity and excellent cycle performance.

Shielding and grounding foam tape with metal foil as base material and preparing method thereof

ActiveCN105111952AImprove electrical conductivityExcellent three-dimensional electromagnetic shielding functionNon-macromolecular adhesive additivesFilm/foil adhesivesPressure sensitiveMetal foil
The invention discloses a shielding and grounding conductive foam tape with a metal foil sheet as the base material. The tape comprises shielding and grounding conductive foam, a hot melting adhesive layer, the metal foil sheet base material, a conductive adhesive layer and a release material layer which are sequentially stacked from top to bottom. The invention further discloses a method for preparing the shielding and grounding conductive foam tape. Compared with products in the current market with conducive cloth or gauze as the base material, the shielding and grounding conductive foam tape with the metal foil sheet as the base material has the advantages that conductivity is high, electromagnetic shielding function is better, die cutting can be achieved more easily, and the phenomenon which can happen on the conductive cloth that broken filaments appear is avoided. Compared with the method according to which ordinary conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive is adopted for gluing foam to a base material, the shielding and grounding conductive foam tape with the metal foil sheet as the base material has the advantage that the rebound resilience of foam is higher, and the problem that the rebound resilience of the foam is poor due to the fact that the foam is stuck with glue during die cutting or using is solved.

Composite conductive agent and dispersion method thereof as well as positive plate and lithium ion battery

The invention discloses a composite conductive agent and a dispersion method thereof as well as a positive plate and a lithium ion battery. The particles of the components of the composite conductive agent are in graded distribution from nanoscale to micron order, and the composite conductive agent comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 30-40% of a nanoscale spherical carbon particle conductive agent, 15-30% of a sub micron order graphite particle conductive agent, 10-20% of micron order conductive graphite and 20-30% of a nanoscale linear conductive agent. According to the invention, a three-dimensional network conductive structure is formed in the positive plate by adding the composite conductive agent in the preparation process of the positive plate and effectively mixing the composite conductive agent with anode material particles in the lithium ion battery, so that the conductive performance of the anode material is greatly improved to further improve the development of gram specific capacity of active substances and improve the liquid absorption performance of the positive plate, thereby remarkably improving the rate capability, the circulating performance and the low temperature performance of the lithium ion battery, and further ensuring that the lithium ion battery has more excellent safety performance to some extent.

Conductive fabric and preparation method thereof

InactiveCN108221368AImprove electrical conductivitySolve poor washabilityVegetal fibresNatural fibresElectrically conductiveChemistry
The invention discloses a conductive fabric and a preparation method thereof. The method comprises the steps: preparing a conductive component by mixing a silver nanowire with a polymer compound solution, immersing the fabric in the conductive component, and carrying out a crosslinking reaction on polymer compound and the surface of the fabric by using a crosslinking agent to prepare a fabric withexcellent conductivity. The fabric prepared by the method fully utilizes the crosslinking effect of the crosslinking agent on the polymer compound in the conductive component and the surface of the fabric, and fixes the silver nanowires on the surface of the fabric to hinder the stripping and peeling off during the washing process of the fabric, thereby preparing the conductive fabric having excellent washing resistance. The preparation process is simple, the reaction condition is mild, and the prepared conductive fabric not only has higher conductivity, but also has good washing resistance at the same time, thereby solving the problem that the conductivity of the conductive fabric prepared by a coating method is drastically decreased as the number of washing is increased. The conductivefabric can be practically applied in the fields of wearable electronic devices, smart clothing, electrode materials and the like.
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