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Method for culturing citrus trees

The invention relates to a method for culturing citrus trees. The method for culturing the citrus trees comprises the following steps that (1) preparing soil, wherein the soil for culturing the citrus trees is purple soil or sandy soil which is loose in soil texture; (2) carrying out grafting; (3) applying fertilizer, wherein (a) when the fertilizer is applied to the citrus trees before maturity, fertilizer application modes comprise root fertilizer application and foliage spray, the mode of the root fertilizer application is adopted in nitrogenous fertilizer application in spring, the modes for fertilizer application in summer and autumn comprise the root fertilizer application and the foliage spray, and lime is added in nitrogenous fertilizer when the nitrogenous fertilizer is applied in autumn; (b), when the fertilizer is applied to mature citrus trees, the fertilizer applied to the mature citrus trees comprises the nitrogenous fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, boron fertilizer, potash fertilizer and microelements, and the fertilizer application mode is the root fertilizer application; (4) carrying out irrigation, (5) removing dead leaves, frozen branches and certain sick branches and leaves; (6) carrying out winter protection; (7) carrying out pest control. The citrus trees cultured through the method grow vigorously and mature early, the absorption rate and the utilization rate of water and the fertilizer are improved, insect attack cannot occur easily, and obtained oranges are healthier and better in quality.

Water planting method for Chinese pine seeding suitable for experiment

The invention discloses a water planting method for a Chinese pine seedling suitable for an experiment. The water planting method comprises the following steps: A. seed germination pre-cultivation, namely Chinese pine seeds are disinfected with 0.1% mercuric chloride, washed by running water for further use, clean wet sand is loaded in a cultivating device, and germination pre-cavitation of the Chinese pine seeds is conducted in general sand, B. adaptability cultivation, namely after the seeds are germinated, same-size and robust seedlings are chosen and transplanted into water for adaptability cultivation till seed cases drop off, C. growth of needles, namely after the seed cases drop off, the seedlings are transplanted to nutrient solution to cultivate, and two-wheeled needles grow after twenty days, and D. seedling collection, namely seedlings are collected according to experiment requests to be used in the experiment. The water planting method for the Chinese pine seeding suitable for the experiment has the advantages that soil is replaced by the nutrient solution to cultivate Chinese pine seedlings trough seed germination to Chinese pine growth, thus control and operation are easy, the growth of the Chinese pine seedlings is faster than soil culture, the growth of the Chinese pine seedlings is good, good seedlings are provided to the experiment, when the roots of the seedlings are under stress treatment, other factors of experimental treatment is controllable, the factor is single and strong in controllability, the Chinese pine seedlings are suitable for process of the experiment, and accuracy of experiment data is improved.

Processing method for livestock and poultry died of illness

The invention discloses a processing method for livestock and poultry died of illness. The processing method comprises the following steps that livestock and poultry died of illness are disintegrated through a disintegrator; disintegrated dead bodies are loaded into an disintegrated material receiving device; the disintegrated dead bodies are put into a drying chamber and subjected to direct sterilization drying through hot gas with the temperature being 120-320 DEG C, and grease flowing out in the sterilization drying process is collected and utilized; meat, hairs, bones and other substances subjected to sterilization drying are subjected to squeezing processing; the grease and surplus materials are obtained after squeezing processing, and after being smashed, the obtained surplus materials are added with a mixture to be made into raising raw materials; 100 mass parts of the raising raw materials are added with 0.5-1 mass part of EM original liquor, the raising raw materials and the EM original liquor are mixed and then ferment for 3-5 days, and raising materials with the water content being 55 wt%-70 wt% is prepared; black soldier flies are inoculated in the raising materials, and the raising materials are used for supplying food to black soldier fly larvae; after the raising materials are converted into small-granular residues, the larvae and the residues are separated, and the black soldier fly bodies and the surplus residues are obtained; and the surplus residues are used for making organic fertilizers.

Method for quickly planting fracturing alkali soil switchgrass

The invention provides a method for quickly planting fracturing alkali soil switchgrass, which mainly aims to solve problems such as high alkalization degree, heavy texture and low fertility of fracturing alkali soil, low emergence rate of switchgrass and difficult planting. The technical scheme adopted by the method for quickly planting the fracturing alkali soil switchgrass, provided by the invention, comprises the following steps of: 1, laser soil leveling; 2, improved material application; 3, fertilizing in a composite organic and inorganic way; 4, deeply tilling and upturned soil sunning; 5, irrigating, salt leaching and alkali pressing; 6, soil preparing before transplantation; 7, seedling transplantation; 8, field management; 9, timely harvesting; 10, winter irrigating, alkali pressing and soil moisture conservation. According to the method for quickly planting the alkali soil switchgrass, disclosed by the invention, the quick planting of the switchgrass on the fracturing alkali soil can be realized, the switchgrass can well grow, a higher biological yield can be obtained at the same year when the switchgrass is planted, the method is suitable for planting the fracturing alkali soil switchgrass on Yinchuan Plain of Ningxia, the method is beneficial for resource development and utilization and biomass energy production, and obvious economic, social and ecological benefits are obtained.

Automatic irrigation dust-washing machine

Disclosed is an automatic irrigation and dust-washing machine which automatically performs irrigation when the soil turns dry and automatically sprays water to wash away dust when the dust becomes thick. The humidity of soil and the thickness of dust covering flowers and trees are detected at regular intervals; if the humidity of soil or the thickness of dust exceeds the set value (the soil is too dry or the dust is too thick), an electromagnetic valve (or a pump) is started up to spray water for irrigation and dust washing, and the water spraying stops when the prolonged time for water spraying (hereinafter referred to as discharge time, which is set according to the actual situation) is up. The water spraying time is delivered with a design of double time control (namely double insurance) so as to completely eradicate the accident that the water flow can not be stopped due to machine faults. After the humidity of the soil is set, perennial management is unnecessary, and the machine can automatically regulate and control the wetness of the soil: the temperature in summer is high and the water in leaves vapor quickly, so the wetness of the soil increases; on the contrary, the wetness of the soil is reduced in winter, thereby ensuring that the flowers and trees grow well and are clean without dust. The automatic irrigation and dust-washing machine of the invention is characterized by full automation, simple use and management, low power consumption, water saving, labor saving and expenditure reduction and ensures landscaping and flower and tree management to progress towards modernization gradually.

Profitable soil microorganism mixed fermentation method

ActiveCN105316255AThe fermentation method is simple and efficientGrow wellBiocidePlant growth regulatorsFermentation brothBiotechnology
The invention discloses a profitable soil microorganism mixed fermentation method. The method includes the steps of 1) activating paecilomyces lilacinus, issatchenkia orientalis and bacillus licheniformis on a PDA (potato dextrose agar) medium, a YPD (yeast extract peptone dextrose) medium and a nutrient agar medium respectively, and transferring the three activated strains to corresponding liquid media so as to prepare seed fermentation broth; 2) inoculating 10% of each of the three strains into a mixed fermentation medium, and controlling the living bacteria count of the bacillus licheniformis to be one order of magnitude higher than those of the paecilomyces lilacinus and the issatchenkia orientalis according to the relation between the living bacteria count of the seed fermentation broth and an OD600 (optical density 600) value. The profitable soil microorganism mixed fermentation method has the advantages that a mixed fermentation medium formula is simple, production cost is reduced, equipment utilization rate is increased, and accordingly the profitable soil microorganism mixed fermentation method is suitable for large-scale production of fermented products; the fermented products are capable of improving soil flora balance, promoting growth and increasing production and can be used for producing biofertilizer and biopesticide by being compounded with organic materials, soil improvement agents and the like.

Preparation method of three-dimensional cell culture support and culture device of three-dimensional cells

InactiveCN103131636AFacilitates maintenance and proliferationGrow wellFilament/thread formingTissue/virus culture apparatusElectrospinningChemistry
The invention provides a preparation method of a three-dimensional cell culture support. The preparation method includes the following steps: (a) weighting 1-10g of polymer and dissolving the polymer in an organic solution of 10-100ml, and making a polymer solution; (b) weighting 0-500mg of a plasticizer, adding the plasticizer into the polymer solution, and mixing the solution uniformly; (c) weighting 0-2g of hydroxyapatite gel nanoparticles, 0-2g of silver nanoparticles, 0-2g of zinc oxide nanoparticles and 0-2g of chitosan nanoparticles, adding the nanopaticles into the solution treated in the step (b), mixing the solution uniformly and obtaining spinning original liquid; (d) injecting the spinning original liquid into an electrostatic spinning device and obtaining spun yarns on a receiving device of the electrostatic spinning device; (e) carrying out drying treatment on the obtained spun yarns to obtain the three-dimensional cell culture support. The invention further provides a culture device of three-dimensional cells, wherein the culture device is obtained on the basis of the preparation method of the three-dimensional cell culture support. The culture device can provide non-toxic growing environment which has biocompatibility for cultured cells, and meanwhile is suitable for culture of various kinds of the cells.

Dry hot air environment simulating and monitoring device for crops

The invention relates to the technical field of detection of crops, and in particular relates to a dry hot air environment simulating and monitoring device for crops. The device comprises a crops growing control chamber, a lighting simulating unit, a hot air generating unit, a crop damage state monitoring unit, a dry hot air influence inhibition unit and a processing control unit; the hot air generating unit is used for charging dry hot air into the crop growing control chamber to simulate the generation of the dry hot air of the crops; the crops damage state monitoring unit can detect the indoor temperature, humidity, air speed, lighting temperature, soil temperature, water content in soil, crop leaf temperature and other growth environment indicators of the crops and transmitting to the processing control unit on real time so as to monitor the degree of influence of the dry hot air on the crops on real time; the processing control unit can control the dry hot air influence inhibition unit to work according to the crops growth environment indicator information so as to reduce or inhibit adverse influence of the dry hot air on the crops as well as effectively preventing the influence of the dry hot air.

Long-time preservation method of magnaporthe oryzae strain

InactiveCN104877909AAvoiding the Degeneration of Magnaporthe griseaGrow wellMicroorganism based processesMicroorganism preservationNutrientCulture mediums
The invention provides a long-time preservation method of a magnaporthe oryzae strain. Rice stalks are taken as the preservation carriers to preserve the magnaporthe oryzae; specifically, a culture medium is poured onto a culture dish flat plate; after the culture medium is solidified, the rice stalks are evenly placed on the culture medium immediately; after the rice stalks absorb the condensate of the culture medium and few nutrient substances carried in the condensate, the magnaporthe oryzae strain is inoculated to the center of the culture medium without rice stalks and enabled to grow and reproduce on the rice stalks; next, the rice stalks with the magnaporthe oryzae are dried at a constant temperature of 30 DEG C and then placed at a temperature within the range of -80 DEG C to 4 DEG C, and therefore, the long-time preservation of the magnaporthe oryzae strain is realized. The preservation method is simple, convenient and quick to operate; the treated magnaporthe oryzae strain is long in preservation period and stable in strain characters; besides, regular transplant is not required in the preservation period, and the preservation cost and the preservation space can be saved; the preservation method is safe and reliable, and also capable of activating the strain more conveniently; in short, the preservation method has important application value for study on the biological characteristics of the magnaporthe oryzae and the development of rice disease-resisting breeding.

Efficient pre-treatment device for culturing human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and related application thereof

The invention discloses an efficient pre-treatment device for culturing human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and a related application thereof. The efficient pre-treatment device comprises a turnover upper cover, a cutting assembly, a digestion assembly and a cleaning centrifugal part, wherein a cutter groove is formed in the upper cover; the cutting assembly located at an opening of a shell is composed of latticed blades and an elastic seal ring and the latticed blades and the cutter groove are correspondingly arranged; the digestion assembly is located in the middle of the shell; and the cleaning centrifugal part is located on the lower portion of the shell. The invention also provides a cell pre-treatment and culture method based on the efficient pre-treatment device. The method comprises the following six steps: human umbilical cord cutting and separating; enzymic digestion; centrifugal purification; culture medium preparation; two-dimensional culture; and subculture. The cell culture method based on the efficient pre-treatment device disclosed by the invention is stable in technology and good in repeatability, avoids the problems of low cell activity and poor yield, improves the cell activity and yield greatly, simplifies the operating process, and is flexible and convenient to use.

Efficient feed feeding device for breeding

The invention discloses an efficient feed feeding device for breeding. The device comprises a feeding machine and a storage tank which is arranged on the top of the feeding machine, a storage cavity is formed in the storage tank, and a conical cavity which extends downward is communicated with the bottom of the storage cavity; an extension segment of the bottom of the conical cavity extends into the feeding machine, a feeding part which extends downward is arranged in the feeding machine on the bottom of the conical cavity, and a discharge groove is communicated with the extension tail end ofthe bottom of the feeding part; a discharge port which is communicated with the bottom surface of the feeding machine is communicated with the bottom of the discharge groove, a sliding cavity which extends left and right is communicated with the side, close to the conical cavity, of the feeding part, and a discharge manipulation device is arranged in the sliding cavity; guide movement grooves areoppositely formed in the inner walls at the left and right sides of the discharge groove, sinking grooves are formed in the bottom walls in all the guide movement grooves, and a screening plate is insliding matching connection between the guide movement grooves at the left side and the right side. The efficient feed feeding device for breeding is simple in structure and convenient to operate andcan automatically conduct detailing work, the feeding efficiency and feeding uniformity are improved, and waste is reduced.
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