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Tylosin is an antibiotic and a bacteriostatic feed additive used in veterinary medicine. It has a broad spectrum of activity against Gram-positive organisms and a limited range of Gram-negative organisms. It is found naturally as a fermentation product of Streptomyces fradiae. It is a macrolide antibiotic.

Monoclonal antibody and enzyme-linked immunoassay method and reagent kit for detecting tylosin and tilmicosin residue

The invention belongs to the veterinary medicine residual analysis and immunity analysis technique field and specifically relates to an enzyme-linked immunity method and the reagent kit thereof which can discern specificity monoclonal antibodies of tylosin and tilmicosin and detect the residuals of tylosin and tilmicosin at the same time; the monoclonal antibodies in the invention is secreted from hybridoma cell strain P3C4 established by the applicant; the hybridoma cell strain is preserved in China Center of Type Culture Collection; the number of preservation of the hybridoma cell strain is CCTCC No: C200719; the invention discloses the preparation method and enzyme-linked immunity detection method of the monoclonal antibody, coating antigen and immunogen. Compared with the prior art, the monoclonal antibody prepared in the invention can discern tylosin and tilmicosin at the same time and add the detecting object in the prior art. The reagent kit and the method in the invention has the advantages of simple, convenience, swiftness, sensitivity and accuracy; furthermore, the reagent kit and method in the invention can detect the residuals of tylosin and tilmicosin in an animal edibility tissue at the same time.

Detection method of residual amount of a plurality of macrolide veterinary drugs in casings

The invention relates to the fields of analytical chemistry and food safety, and provides a detection method of the residual amount of a plurality of macrolide veterinary drugs in casings. The detection method comprises the following steps of: extracting a sample with methanol or acetonitrile; purifying the obtained extracting solution by a C18 or Oasis HLB (hydrophilic-lipophilic balance) solid-phase extraction column, taking an acetonitrile-methanoic acid aqueous solution with the concentration of 0.15% as a mobile phase, and performing gradient elution by adopting a ZORBAX Eclipse C8 analytical column; and performing electro-spraying, separating by a cationic scanning mode and detecting the residual amount of seven types of macrolide veterinary drugs. The detection lower limit of the seven types of macrolide veterinary drugs is 20 mu g/kg. The recovery rates of spiramycin, tilmicosin, oleandomycin, tylosin, erythrocin, roxithromycin and josamycin are respectively 71.4-78.8, 75.7-85.6, 81.1-85.8, 78.9-83.0, 87.1-89.6, 83.7-85.4 and 75.6-81.8; and the indoor relative standard deviations for the recovery rates of the spiramycin, the tilmicosin, the oleandomycin, the tylosin, the erythrocin, the roxithromycin and the josamycin are respectively 7.7-11.1, 8.0-15.7, 10.5-16.4, 8.1-12.5, 10.5-12.4, 10.6-14.4 and 7.8-18.0. The detection limit, the recovery rate, the precision and the like meet the related requirements at home and abroad.
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