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Preparation method of titanium-based titanium dioxide nanotube stannic oxide electrode

The invention relates to a preparation method of a titanium-based titanium dioxide nanotube stannic oxide electrode, belonging to the technical field of electro-catalysis electrode preparation. The method comprises the following steps: firstly adopting an anodic oxidation method to prepare a titanium dioxide nanotube on a titanium matrix, thus improving the specific surface area of the titanium matrix; and depositing stibium and tin in the titanium dioxide nanotube by an electro-deposition method successively, and performing thermal oxidation to lead the stibium doped stannic oxide to be bonded firmly with the titanium dioxide nanotubes directly connected with the titanium matrix. The stannic oxide crystal particles prepared by the electro-deposition method are dispersed evenly, and the electrode surface is compact and has no crack. The method overcomes the defect that crack is generated on the surface of the electrode prepared by the traditional brush coating thermal decomposition method. The electrode prepared by the invention has high potential for oxygen evolution, high electric catalytic activity and long service life and the like; the preparation process is easily controlled, has low cost and lower equipment requirements; and the prepared electrode can effectively treat pollutants that are poorly biodegradable.

Field assembling optical connector

The invention relates to a field assembling optical connector, comprising: a ferrule provided with optical fibers; a connector housing; a plug with one side of a receiving part inserted and combined in the connector housing, and the other side connected with a tail sleeve part as an integration; an optical connecting element inserted in the internal of the plug; a sleeve cover connected with the tail sleeve and rotatable; and a nut on the tail sleeve part and the sleeve cover, and combining a screw. The inner side of the tail sleeve part and the sleeve cover are in an armour attachment with the external of the optical fibers inserted in the tail sleeve part, and is provided with loop projections pressing towards the optical fibers, disposed at certain distance, and arranged in plural rowsand arrays; the sleeve cover is provided with a plurality of pressing projections formed at the internal side and projecting on at least a projection toward the tail sleeve part. Via the above way, in an optical fiber connecting process, optical fibers of optical cables can be inserted in the optical connecting element in a safer and easier way, assembly of other tail sleeves used for protecting optical fibers is not needed, an armour part of the optical cable optical fibers can be firmly and fixedly connected, effect of orderly arrangement of core wires can be improved, and the optical cablewith different shapes such as a circular shape or a square, etc. can be firmly fixed, making the optical fibers be in an orderly connection, greatly improving assembly efficiency of connector, and making assembly easier.

Cargo deviation correction device for roller conveyor

The invention relates to a cargo deviation correction device for a roller conveyor, which consists of two parts, i.e. a deviation correction system and a passage width regulation system, wherein the deviation correction system consists of a transmission mechanism, an elliptical shaft, a leaned wheel assembly and a rocker arm assembly; and the passage width regulation system consists of a motor, a control box, positive and negative threaded screw rods, a guide shaft, a translation frame and a positioning shaft. The cargo deviation correction device is characterized in that the error correction system rotates by the elliptical shaft and the force is transferred to a railing by a related mechanical device so as to ensure the railing to carry out the periodic pulsation; and the passage width regulation system positively or negatively operates by the motor so as to drive a related mechanical device to move the railing, thereby achieving the effect of regulating the width of a passage. According to the cargo deviation correction device, deviated cargoes on the conveyor can be continuously and automatically corrected to the center and be neatly arranged; the width of the passage is remotely regulated to adapt to cargo cartons with different sizes without shutting down the cargo deviation correction device; and when the cargo deviation correction device is applied to a cargo conveying line below a beam of an electron accelerator, the uniformity of the irradiation dose and the efficiency can be obviously improved. The cargo deviation correction device for the roller conveyor is applicable to various production equipment with specific requirements on cargo positions on the conveyor.

Full-automatic chopsticks packaging machine

The invention relates to a full-automatic chopsticks packaging machine. The full-automatic chopsticks packaging machine is composed of the following units: a chopsticks supply mechanism, a chopsticks paper sleeve packaging device, a chopsticks inner package detection device, a chopsticks conveying mechanism, a chopsticks outer package packaging device and a control center. A chopsticks arranging device comprises a transmission chain, an arranging rack, a frame and a baffle plate, wherein the arranging rack is fixed on the transmission chain and can rotate along with the transmission chain, and the opening direction of the arranging rack is consistent with the transmission direction of the transmission chain; the baffle plate is arranged at the rear end of the arranging rack; infrared sensors are mounted on the baffle plate; a main driving wheel is arranged on one side of the transmission chain while an auxiliary driving wheel is arranged on the other side of the transmission chain; and the infrared sensors, a servo motor and a control center are connected. The full-automatic chopsticks packaging machine is simple in structure and convenient to use. Arranging plates are driven to move through the transmission chain so as to orderly arrange and put chopsticks dynamically, and therefore, the chopsticks can be conveniently packaged continuously; and paper sleeve packaging and outer package packaging process steps of the chopsticks are full-automatically accomplished.

Strip seeding production line for raising hybrid rice seedlings

The invention discloses a strip seeding production line for raising hybrid rice seedlings. The production line is composed of a front part, a rear part and various mechanisms, wherein a driving motor, a drive device, a fertilizer applying mechanism, a subsoil mechanism, a brushing and flattening mechanism and a groove rolling mechanism are arranged on a front rack; a driving motor, a drive device, a seeding mechanism, a water spraying mechanism and a soil covering mechanism are arranged on a rear rack; and all the mechanisms are driven in a stepless synchronization manner and are respectively provided with a regulating device, so that the capacity of each mechanism can be regulated according to different needs. After an empty seedling disk passes an inlet, the drive devices convey the seedling disk into the production line, and thus the seedling disk can be driven at the bottom of each mechanism, wherein the fertilizer applying mechanism applies a thin layer of seedling strengthening agent fertilizers at the bottom of the seedling disk; the subsoil mechanism spreads subsoil on the fertilizers distributed in the seedling disk; the brushing and flattening mechanism brushes the subsoil on the surface of the seedling disk so as to flatten the subsoil; the groove rolling mechanism rolls 18 trapezoidal grooves in the subsoil on the seedling disk; the strip seeding mechanism quantificationally sows sprout seeds into the grooves in time by virtue of a strip seeding device; the water spraying mechanism firstly sprays atomized water to position the seeds in the grooves and then sprinkles water for the secondary time so as to ensure that the water is completely permeated into the subsoil; and the soil covering mechanism overlays a thin layer of fine soil on the seeds to prevent the exposure of the seeds so as to ensure that the seeds are not influenced, so that the one-time seeding is finished by the production line. The production line provided by the invention is suitable for strip seeding in the raising of the hybrid rice seedlings.

Badminton picking machine

InactiveCN102805916ASimplify complexityPrecisely control the numberBall sportsCircular discVehicle frame
The invention discloses a badminton picking machine. A vehicle frame is provided with a rotation table with a cylindrical structure; a funneled circular disc covers the rotation table; four badminton drums and four baffle plates which are arranged in the same direction as the axial direction of the rotation table are uniformly distributed along the circumferential direction of the funneled circular disc; an electric motor is connected with a ratchet wheel set consisting of ratchet wheel mechanisms which are arranged in opposite directions through a transmission shaft; the ratchet wheel mechanism D on the ratchet wheel set is connected with a sprocket mechanism through a chain B, and the sprocket mechanism is meshed with crowned teeth F on the external bottom surface of the rotation table; the ratchet wheel mechanism on the ratchet wheel set is connected with a chain wheel A on a rotation shaft of a picking mechanism through a chain A; the picking mechanism comprises the rotation shaft and a ferris wheel which is fixedly arranged on the rotation shaft, a funnel is arranged between the rotation table and the picking mechanism, and the badminton drums are always positioned below the funnel; and the collected badmintons are automatically arranged neatly by using the characteristic that the directions of the badmintons are automatically adjusted in the flying process, so that the picking process is convenient to realize and is greatly simplified.

Full-automatic paper box opening, paper box casing and adhesive tape sealing integrated machine

The invention discloses a full-automatic paper box opening, paper box casing and sealing- adhesive tape sealing integrated machine. The integrated machine comprises an arraying and grouping device, a box opening device, a device for pushing material into boxes, a quality certificate inputting device, a partition plate inputting device, a conveying belt, a box sealing device and a control device. The conveying belt is arranged on the rack, the arraying and grouping device, the box opening device and the device for pushing material into the boxes are arranged on the side edge of the input end of the conveying belt, the box sealing device is arranged on the side edge of the output end of the conveying belt, and the quality certificate inputting device and the partition plate inputting device are arranged between the input end and the output end of the conveying belt. By the adoption of the full-automatic paper box opening, paper box casing and adhesive tape sealing integrated machine, paper box product arraying and grouping, paper box opening, casing in a single or multiple layer mode, quality certificate putting-in and sealing- adhesive tape folding and covering can be finished at the same time, needed manpower and labor are greatly reduced, and the machine is compact in structure, small in occupied area, high in automation degree and production efficiency and capable of achieving high-speed continuous production.

Preparation method of zinc-doped titanium dioxide nano-tube array

The invention belongs to the technical field of photoelectric materials and specially, relates to a preparation method of a zinc-doped titanium dioxide nano-tube array. The preparation method comprises the following steps that 1, an electrolyte of a HF aqueous solution having HF content of 0.3 to 1.0 wt%, an anode of pure titanium foil subjected to surface pretreatment and a cathode of a Pt sheet undergo an electrochemical anodization reaction under direct voltage of 10 to 50V to produce a titanium dioxide nano-tube array; and the titanium dioxide nano-tube array as a cathode, an anode of a platinum sheet and an electrolyte of a Zn(NO3) solution having concentration of 0.1 to 0.5mol/L undergo an electrochemical deposition reaction under direct voltage of 0.3 to 1.0V so that zinc is added into titanium dioxide nano-tube layers and the zinc-doped titanium dioxide nano-tube array is obtained. The preparation method provided by the invention has the advantages that ion implantation time is short; and doped ions Zn<2+> can enter into a titanium dioxide nano-tube under a electric field force and capillary action so that the zinc-doped titanium dioxide nano-tube array having good photoelectric properties and a light absorption range widen to a visible light range is prepared.

Method for preparing metal-tungsten-surface nano porous active layer

The invention discloses a method for preparing a metal-tungsten-surface nano porous active layer. The method comprises the steps that the surface of a tungsten sheet undergoes pre-treatment such as polishing, oil removing and cleaning; an electrolyte is prepared by using sodium fluoride and hydrofluoric acid; a platinum sheet is taken as a cathode, the pre-treated tungsten sheet is taken as an anode, the electrodes are immersed in the electrolyte, a certain voltage is applied to carry out anodic oxidation, and a nano porous oxide layer is obtained on the surface of the tungsten sheet; and thetungsten sheet obtained after being cleaned and dried undergoes hydrogen reduction annealing in an annealing furnace, wherein the annealing temperature is 600-700 DEG C, the temperature is kept for 2-4 hours, and then after the tungsten sheet is cooled along with the furnace, the nano porous active layer is obtained on the surface of the metal tungsten. The method has the advantages that the technology process is simple, the repeatability is good, and the cost is low; and the prepared metal-tungsten-surface nano porous active layer has a nanoscale porous structure which is uniform in shape andregular in arrangement, the surface activity of the metal tungsten is greatly improved, meanwhile, the nano porous active layer is still composed of tungsten metal, the surface components are not changed, and the industrial application of the tungsten metal material is facilitated.

Soaked circuit board transfer device

A soaked circuit board transfer device comprises two supporting frames, a clamping mechanism, a transfer mechanism and a pushing mechanism. The supporting frame is located at one end of the conveying belt, a transverse plate is arranged at the end, close to the conveying belt, of the supporting frame, and supporting plates are arranged on the inner side of the supporting frame. The clamping mechanism is arranged at the other end of the supporting frame and comprises two arc-shaped rails, a linear mechanism is arranged between the two arc-shaped rails, and two clamping assemblies are arranged at the moving end of the linear mechanism and used for clamping a circuit board; the transfer mechanism comprises a bearing plate arranged on the rollers and two vertical moving mechanisms, the bearing plate is used for bearing the circuit board clamped by the clamping mechanism, and the vertical moving mechanisms are arranged on the outer side of the supporting frame and used for lifting or lowering the bearing plate; the pushing mechanism is arranged above the supporting frame and is used for pushing out the circuit board on the bearing plate; the circuit boards in the transfer trolley can be automatically transferred and conveyed to the conveying belt, the automation degree of the production line is improved, workers are prevented from making direct contact with the circuit boards soaked in water, and the health of the workers is protected.

Synchronous control system of injection head and wound roll of continuous oil pipe operating machine and control method thereof

InactiveCN101644153ASync speed matchingMake sure to straightenDrilling rodsDrilling casingsSynchronous motorControl system
The invention discloses a synchronous control system of an injection head and a wound roll of a continuous oil pipe operating machine and a control method thereof, wherein the control system comprisesan injection head enclosed driving subsystem and a wound roll open subsystem. The wound roll open subsystem comprises a load sensitive variable pump, a manual proportional valve, a wound roll motor,a variable back pressure valve and an overflow valve; the variable back pressure valve is installed on an oil return channel of the wound roll motor, and the overflow valve is installed on an oil feedchannel of the wound roll motor. The control method mainly comprises two steps of pushing down oil pipes and pulling up the oil pipes. Because of the actions of the overflow valve and the variable back pressure valve in a system loop, continuous oil pipes are straightened and have certain tensile force whenever being pushed down or pulled up in the operation process, thereby realizing the synchronous and rapid match of an injection head motor and the wound roll motor. The synchronous control system has the advantages of reliable operation, simple structure, low cost and convenient installation, maintenance and adjustment.

Intelligent energy-saving type sorting machine

The invention discloses an intelligent energy-saving type sorting machine. The intelligent energy-saving type sorting machine comprises a sorting machine main body, cargo conveying mechanisms, an identification mechanism and a control system; a parcel feeding machine body and a sorting machine body are arranged on the sorting machine main body; a conveying mechanism is arranged on the sorting machine body; parcel discharging ports are formed in the two sides of the sorting machine body; flow channels which perform shunting according to the size of cargoes are arranged on the parcel discharging ports; cargo stacking areas are arranged at the parcel discharging ports; and the cargo conveying mechanisms, the identification mechanism, the parcel feeding machine body, the sorting machine body, the conveying mechanism, a weight and size detection mechanism, a positioning mechanism and a position calibration mechanism are connected to the control system. According to the intelligent energy-saving type sorting machine, the locations of the cargoes are identified through a location identification mechanism, the cargoes are sorted through the sorting machine main body according to the identification result, the cargo conveying mechanisms convey the cargoes to the cargo stacking areas so as to enable the cargoes to be orderly arranged so that the situation that the cargoes are disorderly stacked and placed or are lost can be avoided, the sizes of the cargoes can be detected by the weight and size detection mechanism, and the cargoes can be discharged from the flow channels with different widths according to the different sizes.

Automatic stacking equipment for urban buildings and working method of automatic stacking equipment

The invention relates to automatic stacking equipment for urban buildings and a working method of the automatic stacking equipment. A cement mixing device is used for evenly mixing cement, lime and yellow sand in a preset proportion, a main stacking device includes a series connection type electric fixture, and an auxiliary stacking device includes an independent electric fixture; a tipping bucketdevice is used for shovelling lime cement slurry, a rectangular wall cavity is formed in the side wall of a brick storage chamber, the wall cavity is internally provided with a horizontally telescopic electric clamping plate, and a brick passing device is arranged on the lower part of the brick storage chamber and used for adjusting the height of the brick storage chamber; and a well-shaped groove is formed in the bottom of the brick storage chamber, the well-shaped groove is matched with a well-shaped separating device, the well-shaped separating device is arranged inside the brick storage chamber, a lifting table is arranged at the bottom of the well-shaped separating device and used for adjusting the heights of storage grids, and a rotating chassis is arranged on the lower part of thebrick storage chamber and used for changing the directions of the main stacking device and the auxiliary stacking device. The irregular stacking scheme can be conveniently realized through the main stacking device and the auxiliary stacking device, the intelligent layout of brick blocks in the brick storage chamber is achieved, and the stacking efficiency is improved.

Film stretching device

The invention relates to a stretching device. The stretching device comprises a horizontal movement plate, four supporting arms are uniformly and fixedly distributed along the periphery of the horizontal movement plate, and the outer end of each supporting arm is penetratingly provided with a vertical guide shaft through a linear bearing. Four connecting rods uniformly distributed along the periphery of the horizontal movement plate are hinged to the outer edge of the horizontal movement plate, and a slide plate is hinged to the lower end of each connecting rod, slide rails matched with the slide plates are fixedly arranged on a base. The horizontal movement plate is in drive connection with an output screw shaft of a linear motor fixedly arranged on a frame through a screw nut penetratingly arranged at the center of the horizontal movement plate, and the horizontal movement plate is driven to move up and down through rotation of the output screw shaft of the linear motor so as to drive the four slide plates to move along the slide rails. Each slide plate is provided with a cam pressure rod bolt which is capable of tightly pressing a thin film pressure plate on the corresponding slide plate. The stretching device has advantages that synchronous stretching actions in four external expansion directions can be effectively guaranteed, a film stretching ratio can be controlled precisely, film stretching uniformity is improved, and elastic recovery of films is avoided through the screw rod structure.
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