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Oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material and preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material and the preparation method and the application thereof. The preparation method comprise the following steps: firstly, adding oxidized graphite to water for ultrasonic dispersion so as to form an oxidized grapheme solution with uniformly dispersed single pieces; at room temperature, dropping aniline to the obtained oxidized grapheme solution for continuous ultrasonic dispersion to from a mixed solution; at a low temperature condition, adding hydrogen peroxide, ferric trichloride and a hydrochloric acid solution dropwise to the mixed solution, and stirring the solution for polymerization; and after the reaction is finished, centrifugating, washing and roasting the obtained mixed solution in vacuum to obtain the oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material which is used as the electrode material of an electricity storage system of a super capacitor and a battery. The oxidized grapheme/polyaniline super capacitor composite electrode material with good electrochemistry performance is obtained by the method, and the specific capacity of the oxidized grapheme and the polyaniline is greatly improved. In addition, the addition of the oxidized grapheme improves the charge and discharge service life of the polyaniline.

Smashing and separating machine for kitchen rubbish

The invention discloses a smashing and separating machine for kitchen rubbish. The smashing and separating machine comprises a shell assembly, a feeding inlet, a starch outlet, a slag hole connected on the shell assembly, a machine power assembly, a conical screw for connecting a mechanical transmitting device, a variable screw pitch helical blade and a fixing blade spirally formed an angle together with the screw. An outer filter screen comprises two layers of mesh screens, wherein the meshes on the filter screen are regularly distributed and the size of the mesh can be regulated by regaling the relative positions. A screw clearance regulating unit is positioned on the tail end of the screw. The size of the outlet area of the screw is determined by the clearance size. After the kitchen rubbish is treated by using the smashing and separating machine, the materials having a grain size less than 5 mm in the starch are not less than 95%, the suspended biomass which is difficult to be anaerobic digested and some small grains, such as metal, plastic, and the like, which can not be anaerobic digested are separated so the anaerobic digestion of the kitchen rubbish is stably and efficiently performed.

Method and device for adjusting photographing parameters

The invention relates to a method and a device for adjusting photographing parameters, and belongs to the field of image processing. The method includes receiving click signals triggered in photographing view finding frames displayed in touch screens; displaying sliding adjusting control parts around click positions of the click signals; receiving sliding touch signals which act on the sliding adjusting control parts; adjusting the photographing parameters according to the sliding touch signals. The sliding adjusting control parts correspond to the photographing parameters. The method and the device have the advantages that problems of excessively high quantities of operation levels in adjusting procedures and low efficiency when photographing parameters are adjusted by users via knobs on existing touch screens can be solved; users can directly adjust the photographing parameters by the aid of the sliding touch signals on the sliding adjusting control parts, integral operation procedures can be easily and quickly carried out, and the method and the device are high in efficiency.

Method for preparing graphene-epoxy resin composite material

The invention provides a method for preparing a graphene-epoxy resin composite material, comprising the following steps of mixing epoxy resin and a graphene solution in ratio; controlling the temperature at 60-120 DEG C; stirring for 5-60min; standing for 30min to layer; pouring out an aqueous solution at the upper layer; continuously stirring graphene-epoxy resin at the lower layer at the temperature of 80-150 DEG C and reactng for 2-12h; adding an epoxy resin curing agent, curing for 1h at the temperature of 100 DEG C, and then curing for 2h at the temperature of 150 DEG C, wherein the used epoxy resin is bifunctional bisphenol A epoxy resin or bifunctional epoxy resin. The method has the advantages of no environmental pollution in aqueous-phase reaction, recyclable water at the upper layer, simple operation process and controllable loading and is easy for preparation and synthesis in large scale. The prepared graphene-epoxy resin composite material has good monodispersity. Compared with an epoxy resin composite material, the rigidity of the prepared graphene-epoxy resin composite material is increased by above 50 percent, and the impact resistance is increased by near 12 times.

Method for preparing magnetic composite nanoparticles with core-shell structure

The invention discloses a method for preparing magnetic composite nanoparticles with a core-shell structure. In the method, electrostatic self-assembly and seeded emulsion polymerization are combined, wherein the electrostatic self-assembly is used to synthesize particles with the core-shell structure first and then emulsion polymerization is performed by using the particles with the core-shell structure seeds and using an initiator to prepare the magnetic composite nanoparticles with the sandwich core-shell structure which has three or more layers. The magnetic composite particles prepared by the method have a multi-layer sandwich core-shell structure, wherein in the structure, the core is a polymer microsphere, a Fe3O4 magnetic particle layer is in the middle, and different polymer layers are covered outside. The prepared particles have stable structures, strong and uniformly-distributed magnetism, smooth surfaces, controllable sizes, high stability and low cost, the thicknesses of the covering layers of the prepared particles can be controlled by nanoscale, and the adaptability of the prepared particles is high. Particles with specific surface groups can be prepared according to requirements and can be used in fields of biochemical separation, targeting preparation, immobilized enzyme, immunoassay, catalysis study and the like.

Preparation method and product of cobalt manganese sulfide electrocatalyst

The invention relates to a cobalt manganese sulfide electrocatalyst and a preparation method thereof. The preparation method comprises the following steps that 1, cobalt salt, manganese salt and ureaare weighed, the weighed cobalt salt, manganese salt and urea are dissolved in water, stirring is conducted, and evenly mixed solution is obtained; 2, the solution and carrier are placed into a reactor together to undergo a hydrothermal reaction, and supported cobalt manganese carbonate is obtained; 3, the supported cobalt manganese carbonate is put into aqueous solution containing vulcanizing agent to undergo a vulcanization reaction, and supported cobalt manganese sulfide is obtained. The cobalt manganese sulfide electrocatalyst and the preparation method have the following advantages that the adopted raw materials are cheap and easy to obtain, the preparation method is simple, operation is easy and convenient, and the cost is low; the manganese element is introduced into cobalt, binarycobalt manganese sulfide is prepared, meanwhile carbon paper, carbon cloth, foam nickel, foam copper, titanium mesh or stainless steel mesh are combined and used as substrate, the two-in-one structureof catalyst and electrode is directly formed, testing is convenient, and the catalyst is endowed with excellent electrochemical catalysis hydrogen evolution or oxygen evolution performance by means of the synergistic effect of cobalt manganese sulfide and the substrate.

Workpieces reference frame marking method based on relative measurement

The invention discloses a workpiece reference frame marking method which is based on relative measurement which is used to mark workpiece reference frame whose precision and work precision are higher; the method controls movement of robot by marking position of measuring device and original value of workpiece reference frame, and generating surface process path on surface of dummy surface, records offset of said object point by measuring coordinate of said object point, by resolving conversion matrix between original value and real value of said workpiece reference frame to accomplish marking of said workpiece reference frame; by the method, measurement can be simplified, system error of robot can be compensated, marking precision of robot reference frame and working precision can be increased.

Method for synthesizing high specific surface area ordered mesoporous metal oxide by using hard template agent

A synthesis method of order mesoporous metal oxide with high specific surface area by hard template agent belongs to the filed of the preparation of solid mesoporous materials. The prior art is difficult to control the problems of the hydrolysis rate of metal salt, easy collapse and the poor universality of channels when templates are removed by calcination, etc. In the invention, firstly, hard template agent cubic-phase mesoporous silicon oxide powder is synthetized; the silicon oxide powder is added into 50 to 95wt percent of ethyl alcohol solution of metal salt with the concentration of 0.12 to 0.40 mol/L to form mixed solution; after 90 to 120 min of ultrasonic dispersion, the product is mixed again, vaporized under the temperature of 40 DEG C to 50 DEG C and dried; and then the product is heated to 400 DEG C to 850 DEG C in atmosphere at 1 DEG C/min, and kept for 4 hours under the temperature to obtain the mesoporous oxide precursor powder; the mol ratio of the cubic-phase mesoporous silicon oxide powder and the metal salt is 7-14; 10wt percent of HF solution is used to wash, so as to remove the cubic-phase mesoporous silicon oxide template agent, and the product is dried under 60 DEG C to 70 DEG C for 20 to 24 hours. The mesoporous metal oxide of the invention is suitable to be adsorbent, catalyst, carrier, etc., and is applicable to dyes, magnetic, photoelectric materials, etc.

Human body three-dimensional data collecting system and method based on light coding technology

The invention provides a human body three-dimensional data collecting system and method based on the light coding technology. The human body three-dimensional data collecting system comprises a rotary disc. Supports are arranged on the periphery of the rotary disc, a whole-body scanner, a half-body scanner and a face five-sense-organ scanner are installed on the three supports respectively, data lines at the tail ends of the three scanners are connected into a computer, and a matched software tool for model collecting, fusing, repairing and strengthening is arranged in the computer. The human body three-dimensional data collecting system is simple in structure, low in cost, high in accuracy and short in scanning time, the advantages of the scanners in different types are combined, division operation is adopted, the aim is explicit, and high-accuracy human body characteristic three-dimensional models of the five sense organs of the human body face, the head outline, hair details, the whole-body surface outline and the like can be obtained; a high-accuracy human body three-dimensional model can be obtained by fusing and splicing the characteristic three-dimensional models collected through the different scanners through software, and follow-up model processing is avoided; the multiple scanners work at the same time, and the scanning time is greatly shortened.

Universal hoisting clamp for circular tube

The invention discloses a universal hoisting clamp for a circular tube. The universal hoisting clamp comprises a clamp, a base, a reducing motor mounted at the right end of the base, a left screw rod and a right screw rod, which are mounted in the base, and a saddle seat, wherein claws are mounted on the left screw rod and the right screw rod through threads, a groove is formed in the saddle seat, the tail ends of the claws are shaped like hooks and articulated with the groove formed at the upper part of the saddle seat, the top end of the clamp is articulated with a push rod, the top end of the push rod is articulated with the top end of the saddle seat, and the 1/3 part at the upper end of the clamp is articulated with the tail end of the saddle seat. The fastening by the clamp is adopted for replacing the conventional fastening by a steel wire rope, the clamping and the fixing against barrel pieces with different diameters can be realized, the structure is simple, and the range of applications is wide; and the claws driven by self-locking threads are used for fastening, automatic unlocking can be avoided, the operation is safe and reliable, and the surfaces of the barrel pieces can not be damaged due to friction during the hoisting process after being wound with the steel wire rope.

Preparation method of lithium iron phosphate oxide of cathode material of lithium ion battery

The invention discloses a preparation method of lithium iron phosphate oxide of cathode material of a lithium ion battery, which comprises the following steps: adding ferrous ion aqueous solution withthe concentration of 0.05-2mol/L and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate solution into a reactor according to the ratio of 1: 1; reacting for 0.2-2h under the conditions that the reaction temperature is 50-90 DEG C and the stirring speed is 400-1200rpm; adding excessive hydrogen peroxide and reacting for 0.2-2h, and ageing, filtering, washing and drying to obtain precursor iron phosphate powder; mixingthe iron phosphate powder, lithium ions in a lithium source and carbon atoms in a carbon source according to the mol ratio of 2: 2: 0.1-0.6 by taking absolute ethanol as a medium, and then putting into a planetary ball mill for grinding to obtain precursor solution of the lithium iron phosphate oxide; and then roasting to obtain the lithium iron phosphate oxide with the particle diameter of 0.5-5Mum. The product prepared by the method has even and fine particle diameter distribution, high reaction activity, simple and convenient operation process, simple device and easy control, and effectively improves the electrochemical property and reduces the cost.

A method for through-hole reflow soldering

The invention relates to a through-hole reflow soldering method. The method is characterized by printing solder at the plug-in hole positions where exposed pins can not meet the wave soldering requirement on a PCB (printed circuit board), inserting pins of a corresponding plug-in component into plug-in holes, the pins bringing part of solder paste in the plug-in hole walls and then carrying out reflow soldering. The method has the following advantages: temperature damage to the plug-in component is not easy to cause, the lack of space for manual repair soldering during manual repair solderingis avoided, cold soldering, poor soldering and other soldering defects are not easy to cause, the soldering quality is good, the reliability is high, and the soldering efficiency is high, and the method is suitable for soldering of the plug-in components with the exposed pins failing to meet the wave soldering requirement.

Adipose transplantation material containing highly concentrated adipose-derived stem cells and extracellular matrix, and pure physical preparation method and application thereof

The invention discloses an adipose transplantation material containing highly concentrated adipose-derived stem cells and an extracellular matrix (ECM), and a pure physical preparation method and an application thereof; with application of a fluid vortex principle, most of mature adipocytes in an adipose tissue are broken; at the same time, with application of a flocculation sedimentation technology, oil droplets generated from breaking the adipocytes are gathered and removed. A series of mechanical processing processes are adopted, the pure physical means is adopted, and no any exogenous substances are added. The multiple physical methods are used for removing the mature adipocytes and grease affecting the tissue retention rate after transplantation. In a prepared SVF-gel, the adipose-derived stem cells and endothelial progenitor cells are highly concentrated; the concentrated stromal vascular fraction cells (SVFs) still adhere on the ECM, the number of stem cells fix-planted in local after transplantation is far greater than the ordinary adipose transplantation number; as a stem cell therapy method, the adipose transplantation material has better long-term curative effect.

Novel wire connecting terminal

The invention discloses a novel wire connecting terminal which is formed by a conductive copper piece and a copper plug. One end of the copper plug is fixedly connected to the conductive copper piece which is provided with a frame structure. The frame body is internally equipped with an elastic conductive stainless steel piece. One end of the conductive stainless steel piece elastically presses against the inner wall of the frame of the conductive copper piece to form a clamping mouth used for clamping a conductive wire. According to the novel wire connecting terminal, the conductive wire can be rapidly inserted into the wire connecting terminal to be firmly clamped, the condition that the conductive wire, the conductive copper piece and the conductive stainless steel piece can be in firm contact to be conductive is ensured, thus the cumbersome steps of installing the conductive wire into the wire connecting terminal are greatly reduced, the operation process is simple, the connection fastening strength between the conductive wire and the wire connecting terminal is high, the possibility of falling is little, the conductive performance is good, the production cost is effectively reduced, and the use value of the wire connecting terminal is greatly raised.

Method and device for icon moving

The embodiment of the invention provides a method and device for icon moving. The method and the device solve the problems in the prior art that the icon moving across screens is not accurate, operation courses are complicated and moving efficiency is low. The method comprises the steps that a dragging instruction for an icon is received, wherein preview thumbnails of all the split screens in a desk are displayed in a set area when a detection result shows that the icon is dragged into the set area in the desk; and a dragging stop instruction for the icon is received, and the icon can be moved to the split screen corresponding to a target preview thumbnail when the icon is already dragged to the target preview thumbnail at present. By the method and the device provided by the embodiment of the invention, across-screen moving becomes more accurate; operational courses are more convenient; and moving efficiency is high.

Method for preparing hydrophobic wood

The invention discloses a method for preparing hydrophobic wood, relates to a method for modifying wood, and solves the problems that a modifier has high toxicity and peculiar smell and changes wood color, the treatment process is complex and only single performance of the wood can be improved in the conventional wood modification method. The method comprises the following steps of: mixing a fluorine-containing polymerizable monomer, an unsaturated monomer and an initiator to prepare impregnation liquid; adding the wood and the impregnation liquid into a reaction tank, vacuumizing, performing pressure treatment so as to inject the impregnation liquid into a pore structure of the wood, coating a test piece and ageing at room temperature and constant pressure; and heating and performing vacuum drying to prepare the hydrophobic wood. The method is simple, the wood color is not changed, peculiar smell is absent, the parallel-to-grain compressive strength is 70 to 98 MPa, the expansion resistance rate after the wood is continuously soaked in water for 200 hours is 48 to 65 percent, the weight loss ratio after 12 weeks of fungi erosion is 6 to 13 percent, the water contact angle is more than 130 degrees, and the wood can be widely used as indoor and outdoor structural materials and decorative materials.
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