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Method for preparing compound polyvinylidene fluoride super-hydrophobic porous separating membrane

The invention discloses a method for preparing a compound polyvinylidene fluoride super-hydrophobic porous separating membrane. The method comprises the following steps: uniformly mixing polyvinylidene fluoride, a split-phase polymer, a pore diameter conditioning agent and a solvent, and defoaming the mixture to obtain a membrane preparing solution; then immersing a non-woven fabric into the membrane preparing solution to be dipcoated, then scraping the non-woven fabric with a cutter and immersing the scraped non-woven fabric into a coagulating bath to conduct solidification formation and cleaning, immersing a cleaned membrane into a hydrophobic modified emulsion with the mass percent of 1-5% to be dipcoated, taking the membrane out and removing excess emulsion adsorbed on the surface, and drying; conducting vacuum heat treatment on the obtained dried membrane. According to the method, blend polymer is dipcoated on the non-woven fabric through solution by a one-step phase inversion method to obtain the porous membrane, influence on the pore structure at the later stage process is less, and high porosity rate and good permeability of the membrane are ensured; the water-based emulsion and vacuum heat treatment are adopted, so that mass application of an organic solvent influencing environment and the human body is avoided; the non-woven fabric is adopted for compounding support, and the membrane is endowed with good strength and workability.

Inorganic modified polyurethane grouting material and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an inorganic modified polyurethane grouting material. The inorganic modified polyurethane grouting material comprises a component A and a component B, wherein the component A comprises the following components in parts by weight: 85-98 parts of sodium silicate solution, 0.5-3 parts of catalyst, 1-5 parts of chain extender and 0-8 parts of water; and the component B comprises the following components in parts by weight: 10-80 parts of modified polymeric MDI-PU2101, 10-75 parts of modified polymeric MDI-PU2102, 5-20 parts of viscosity reducing agent and 5-15 parts of plasticizer. A preparation method of the material disclosed by the invention is simple, and the material is injected into a coal-rock mass through a dual-liquid grouting pump and can achieve the function of reinforcing the coal-rock mass after fast curing; compared with the conventional polyurethane grouting material, the material has the advantages of lower highest reaction temperature, excellent flame resistance, lower cost, capability of keeping the mechanical properties at a higher level, capability of still keeping the higher strength in a water environment and the like; and the material does not contain toxic, volatile and corrosive substances and can meet underground safety and environmental protection requirements of the material.

Method for Improving Oxidation Resistance of Graphite Electrodes by Chemical Vapor Deposition SIC/C Gradient Surface Coating

The invention discloses a method for improving the oxidation resistance of a graphite electrode by obtaining a SiC/C gradient surface coating through chemical vapor deposition. The method comprises the following steps of: performing surface pretreatment on the graphite electrode; fixing the graphite electrode which is subjected to surface pretreatment on a support in a water-cooled reaction furnace of chemical vapor deposition equipment, and vacuumizing in the furnace; heating the graphite electrode in the reaction furnace, and aerating CH4 gas to form a layer of pyrolytic carbon on the surface of the graphite electrode; keeping the temperature of a cavity unchanged, aerating carrier gas H2 to pass through boiling SiCl4 liquid, and reacting SiCl4 gas carried by the carrier gas H2 and the CH4 gas on the surface of the graphite electrode and depositing; and after the deposition is finished, keeping the temperature of the cavity unchanged, maintaining H2 atmosphere, performing in-situ heat treatment on the graphite electrode in the furnace, and cooling the graphite electrode to room temperature in the furnace after the heat treatment is finished so as to obtain the graphite electrodewith a SiC/C gradient functional surface protective layer. The invention has the advantages that: the permeability is high, the coating can permeate into any fine pores on the surface of a matrix of the graphite electrode, and a good effect of resisting the oxidation of surface voids can be achieved.

Raw material prescription with hydrophile ion interchange and inphase opposition ion interchange separation mode chromatographic column and preparation

The invention provides a material formulation of a chromatographic column with two separating modes including hydrophilic ion exchange and reversed phase ion exchange and a preparation method thereof. The material contains matrix monomers, ionic monomers, initiator and porgenic agent. According to the material formulation, the matrix monomers and the ionic monomers are polymerized in the presence of the porgenic agent and the initiator in a silanized capillary; after the reaction is finished, the chromatographic column is washed with methanol, and epoxy bonds on the surface of an immobile phase are immobilized by hydrolyzing with acid or base solution to obtain the hydrophilic ion exchange chromatographic column and the reversed phase ion exchange chromatographic column. Plug burning at two ends of the entire column is obviated during preparation and difficulty on filling the column is also avoided. The column has good permeability, simple preparation process and wide range of applicable separated objects, and can satisfy the requirement of high-efficiency and continuous separation of neutral, acidic and basic substances. Two different separation modes can be provided for the same chromatographic column by adjusting proportion of organic modifier in a mobile phase.

Nature antibacterial health-care ultraviolet-proofing polypropylene fiber

InactiveCN103628168AGood permeabilityImprove oxygen carrying capacityMonocomponent polyolefin artificial filamentArtifical filament manufactureNutrient contentTransdermal absorption
The invention provides an antibacterial health-care ultraviolet-proofing polypropylene fiber. The fiber is prepared by mixing the following components in percentage by weight: 1.5-10 percent of a green plum branch and leaf extract, 1-8 percent of a pomegranate bark extract, 60-85 percent of polypropylene slices and the balance of auxiliaries through fusing, granulating, re-fusing and spinning. Therefore, the bioactivators and nutrients existing in a compound mode of the green plum branch and leaf and pomegranate bark extract components are uniformly contained in the surface layer of and inside of the fiber, various textiles which are produced by the fiber and in contact with human skins are good in skin compatibility and strong in transdermal absorption capability, can be directly in contact with human skins, can play antibacterial and ultraviolet-proofing effects on a human body, can sustainably release the nutrients which can be absorbed by skin, realizes perfect combination of fiber and skin-caring and body-building, life cultivation and health care, and is advantageous to a human body to obtain more health benefits. Furthermore, waste resources can be recycled, so that huge social, ecological, environmental and economical benefits are implied in the fiber.

Design method of T-shaped intersection of arterial highway in mountain area for traffic safety

InactiveCN103437255ALow occlusion heightGood permeabilityRoadway safety arrangementsSafety designVisibility
The invention relates to a design method for a T-shaped intersection of an arterial highway in a mountain area for traffic safety. Roadside protections are graded according to the collision energy of vehicles steering at the roadside of the intersection, and corresponding novel concrete guard bar structures are arranged; guard bars comprise herringbone collision posts and independent concrete short bases, the requirements of different protection levels of the roadside at the intersection are met by regulating the spaces, sizes and the depth embedded into a roadbed of the herringbone collision posts, and the purpose of protecting the vehicles steering at the intersection is achieved; the included angle between the herringbone collision posts and the edge line of a lane is 5-15 degrees, so that the protection area for steering vehicles is increased; PVC (poly vinyl chloride) pipes are sheathed on the outer layers of the collision posts, red-and-white retroreflection vertical face mark lines are arranged on both the collision posts and the concrete short bases, so that the visibility of the intersection is improved; 3-4 groups of vibration deceleration zones are arranged on the crossed road 3-6m away from the intersection; vibration side lines are additionally arranged at the roadside in the range of 30-50m in all the directions of the intersection. The design method is applicable to controlling the T-shaped intersection in the mountain area without signal control, and the primary road is a second-class highway or a first-class highway.

Transparent display

The invention discloses a transparent display, and relates to the technical field of electro-optic display. The transparent display comprises a TFT-LCD layer, a quantum conversion layer, a PDLC or PNLC layer, a light guide plate layer and a liquid crystal changing light layer which are arranged in sequence in a stacked mode, the TFT-LCD layer is a combined array substrate structure which contains a front polaroid and a rear polaroid; the quantum conversion layer is used for transforming an optical wavelength which is transmitted by light into light with another wavelength, which correspondingly illuminates an image under a TFT-LCD imaging pattern; the PDLC or PNLC layer is used for making penetrated light show a scattering state or a transparent state; the light guide plate layer is used for making LED strong light scatter and illuminate the image in the TFT-LCD layer; the liquid crystal changing light layer is of a layered shape structure which becomes mirror glass when electrified or becomes transparent glass when not electrified. Through the adoption of the transparent display, the contrast and the transmittance of the display are improved while the energy consumption is low and the service life is longer, compared with an ordinary scheme which relies on reflective light, the display effect is more excellent, the permeability is better, under the existing process technology, implementation is easier, and the cost is low.

Filtering aid for filtering aluminate solution and using method thereof

A filtering aid for filtering an aluminate solution and a using method of the filtering aid relate to a method of using pulverized coal ash and pulverized coal ash residue to serve as the filtering aid. The filtering aid is characterized in that the filtering aid is pulverized coal ash and pulverized coal ash residue of thermal power plants. According to the method, the source of raw materials for the filtering aid is stable and reliable, the preparation method is simple, convenient and practical, and the used raw materials are industrial waste and are low in price and convenient to use. The pulverized coal ash and pulverized coal ash residue have adsorption and entrapment effects on solid impurities and particles suspended in liquid due to different particle sizes and porous characteristics, thereby the purpose of liquid and solid seperation is achieved. The pulverized coal ash and pulverized coal ash residue are used as the filtering aid so that the filtering aid does not cause the loss of an aluminum element in the leaf filtration process, also does not introduce other impurity elements to the leaf filtration process, can keep chemical compositions of an original solution in stability and constant to the maximum limit and is easy to popularize and apply in industry.

Method for manufacturing shape-controllable double-function hydrogel anode material for hybrid biological power source

The invention provides a method for manufacturing a shape-controllable double-function hydrogel anode material for a hybrid biological power source. According to the method, the hydrogel anode material is prepared by chitosan, carbon nanotube and polypyrrole, the hydrogel anode material can be taken as an anode material for the hybrid biological power source, so not only can biological electrons be generated, but also the biological electrons can be further stored, the hybrid biological power source has double functions of a microbiological fuel cell and a biological capacitor, the hydrogel three-dimensional material has open transparent large-hole structure through which mass transfer and attachment of microbes in the holes are facilitated, electrode biological compatibility is substantially improved through the chitosan, biomembranes are easy to hang, microbe attachment amount is enhanced, conductivity and electron storage capability are improved through CNT and polypyrrole, anode biological electrocatalytic activity and electron storage can be improved, and cell instantaneous output power is improved. The method is advantaged in that the process is simple, self-supporting can berealized to form multiple shapes, and the method has wide application prospects in actual applications.

Vegetable wax paint

InactiveCN108329838AExtended service lifeGood permeabilityNatural resin coatingsPolyurea/polyurethane coatingsTurpentine OilParaffin wax
The invention provides vegetable wax paint. The vegetable wax paint is prepared from the following raw materials in parts by weight: 18 to 26 parts of linseed oil, 14 to 20 parts of tung oil, 4 to 8 parts of neutralizing agent, 3 to 5 parts of lactic acid, 5 to 7 parts of turpentine oil, 4 to 10 parts of ethanol, 16 to 20 parts of waterborne polyurethane resin, 6 to 10 parts of silicone oil, 10 to16 parts of tea seed oil, 6 to 12 parts of dispersant, 8 to 16 parts of titanium dioxide, 8 to 16 parts of epoxy resin, 7 to 13 parts of palm oil, 6 to 10 parts of paraffin wax, 8 to 12 parts of kaolin, 4 to 8 parts of methyl n-amyl ketone, 5 to 9 parts of curing agent, 10 to 20 parts of pigment and 3 to 5 parts of preservative. According to the vegetable wax paint provided by the invention, theviscosity and stability of the vegetable wax paint in a construction process can be controlled very well; the vegetable wax paint is environmentally friendly and does not cause injuries to environmentand human bodies; surface gloss of wooden products can be kept for a long period and the service life of the wooden products is prolonged; the vegetable wax paint is more uniformly coated on wooden ware and sufficiently penetrates into the wooden ware; the vegetable wax paint has good permeability and can permeate through wood; the vegetable wax paint is economical and practical, and is environmentally friendly and green.

Instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses an instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad. The instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad comprises an instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad stock solution and an eye pad cloth; and the instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad stock solution is prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 50-80 parts of water, 5-20 parts of a moisturizing agent, 0.1-2 parts of xanthan gum, 0.1-3 parts of ceramide, 0.01-1 part of dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate, 0.1-3 parts of conotoxin, and 0.1-4 parts of a paeonia suffruticosa root extract solution. According to the instantaneous wrinkle-removing eye pad, through compatibility of the components, the great synergistic effect is generated, the specific dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate and the conotoxin are closely combined, the efficient moisturizing agent and the paeonia suffruticosa root extract solution are matched, wherein paeonol in the paeonia suffruticosa root extract solution can inhibit generation of O2-free radicals in cells, the skin can be whitened, a deposited pigment in the skin is reduced and faded, and sediment elimination and chloasma dissolving are achieved; and the dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate and the conotoxin can well enable the eye contour to be free of wrinkles, black eyes are avoided, irritation is avoided, and the skin is further nourished.

High-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent for thermal spraying coating and preparation method of high-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent

The invention belongs to the technical field of thermal spraying corrosion prevention, and particularly relates to a high-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent for a thermal spraying coating and a preparation method of the high-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent. Aiming at the problems of insufficient hole sealing depth, no high-temperature resistance, easiness in embrittlement and the like of an existing hole sealing agent, the invention provides the high-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent for the thermal spraying coating. The high-temperature-resistant inorganic hole sealing agent comprises the following components in percentage by weight: 30-40 percent of inorganic film-forming agent, 40-60 percent of inorganic functional sol, 1-10 percent of rare earth sol and 1-10 percent of stabilizer. The invention further provides a preparation method and a use method of the hole sealing agent. The hole sealing agent has better permeability, the hole sealing effect can be achieved more quickly, and the hole sealing depth can be increased; and meanwhile, the adhesive force is better, the toughness of the coating is better, and brittle failure after hole sealing is avoided. The invention provides a hole sealing agent with more excellent performance for the industry, and the hole sealing agent has very good economic benefits.
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